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  1. phly can you play the Daimler mk2 but instead of playing it at 1.3 play it at 3.0 in my opinion it’s better than the puma

  2. Hey phly I sm so saaaad, the biggest plane in the world,no not the bv238 or as I call it the beevee not that, the Antonov 225 has been badly damaged in Ukraine… Noooooooooo it got carpet bombed!!!!!

  3. All of a sudden, these Russian jokes aren’t ageing so well…

  4. Very irrelevant but where can I find the 4.7 line up shown here?

  5. I wonder if.. they ever will add the double tracks to the T-28.. single track mode was ment for ease of transportation of the tank on cargo transport ships / railroad.. once they got to where they need to be deployed they would add the added tracks.. from what I’ve read bout these tanks.

  6. I think sturer emil 3.83kg HE can kill a tutel upper plate? Is it hmmmmm🤔🤔

  7. 366: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  8. ZoFifthBatch Gaming

    i really miss the chat feature 😔 Also i thought i was banned from chat when they remove chat😅😅

  9. I love how phly just says everything we’re thinking and honestly he’s not wrong other then the fact it harms the passive players as well who don’t care about anything but the game in the moment for instance I wouldn’t have gotten killed if I could talk to my teammates but I couldn’t cause Russian communist acts aka silencing the people

  10. You know ive been noticeing this while playing the tiger. I had a su twin engine heavy fighter whatever the hell bomb me with that i think was 4 250s or a mix of 3 250s and a 500 or somthing. Either way both land besides me on two different runs and dont kill me. Which just left me super confused

  11. Lmao they disabled the chat? Now that sounds like a Russian company

  12. GiggityGiggityGu lmao

  13. Literally half as fun w/o chat. Spreading my dumb makes wartinder fun

  14. It funny how one 50. Cal kill plain easy, but 6, 50. Cal sometimes do nothing to planes

  15. 11:15 you could move if you cancelled your repair just to kill the tiger then start it again

  16. *certain kilogram mass*

    Ah yes, very fond of the unknowingly mass of an bomb

  17. Can we do a phlyday where you chill or play something like phasmophobia?

  18. Hello Phly. Please take out the I-16 TYPE 10, been requesting for over 3 years now. (since Sept 2018)
    Thank you.

  19. Disabling chat is so candy ass. They don’t even have the sack to tell you why.

  20. phun phact: I have actually killed phly like months ago and I accidentally sent him a friend request

  21. Phly: “This guy is right for me”
    me: Suprised Pikachu face
    not that there’s anything wrong with that, you do you Phly 🙂

  22. At least it’s a soothing engine sound as you gently skootch along the battlefield.

  23. Phly just a tip, you can assign your mg so that the main cannon doesn’t follow it, useful if you’re holding a corner and you want to use your mounter mg to kill a plane. (The mg also gets a sight)

    • nah he knows it i bet, it’s just that it’s annoying to switch back and forth, cos maybe there’s a guy in front of you and you need to reaxt

    • @I Forgor 💀 Not really, you can just assign a key to sync back the mg with the main gun and that’s it, way better than turning your turret then next thing you know there’s a tank in front of you

    • @ArtilleryShell i always do that, but never if i’m in open spaces, i won’t go to the mg, might depend where your reset key is, cos i have the dot, so i can’t go all the way to the other side of the keyboard to reset, i’d be already ded

    • @I Forgor 💀 You can set it on C, since being on mg is basically the same as being in freecam

    • @ArtilleryShell bruh how is that not uncomfortable xd, i’ll try it later

  24. *Bomb lands in front of you* Run as slow as you can!

  25. woahh, you make me want to play war thunder o.o
    Then i actually play it, realize i suck, realize this game sucks, realize my life sucks, and sit annoyed and sad in an dark room for the rest of the day


  27. Day 11 of asking for Amx-13

  28. I have 11000 kills/2000 deaths on this T28 😁 Maximum kills in 1 battle 14 without deth. Playing only RB.

  29. We all expected this tank coming up next😂

  30. Yea i was thinking why the chat is not working 😆 lol

  31. Jakejian Villason

    Phly aka boris the turtle tortise

  32. Tutels!

  33. Day one of asking to play the VFM5

  34. Haven’t played in a few months. Never thought I’d miss war thunder haha

  35. They say USA has very good CAS and very powerfull. But at the same time Germany has better armor, cannon, SPAA and way better planes. As in video, you get bombed with a American tank but we can’t see any friendly planes because they get deleted everytime….

  36. Hey step-bro what you doing there

    hey, issa tortel 🙂

  37. Call that fucking lucky noice

  38. İlker Eryılmaz

    Gaijin should make Premium vehicles not up-BR’ed. They should only be down-tiered. Imagine a T-28 at 5.3… Excellent pay-to-win vehicle 👍

  39. Sinister Media Productions

    Love the content man but you gotta stop it with those click baity thumbnails. Makes you look foolish

  40. Tiny we aren’t going around the house we are going through it, so hit the gas

  41. Hey phly could u do a video about the ikv 72. It has 20° depresion up and down

  42. Phly, question. Why don’t you bind machinę gun on a key?

  43. 0:28 Ukrainian citizens when they survive a cruise missiles attack in a residential area.

  44. you know war thunder is owned by the same people that are killing civis in ukraine

  45. Do some more unedited WT videos.. new series idea 💡 Js. Do some with best and worst tanks n planes.

  46. When life gives you lemons find someone who’s life gave them vodka and have a party

  47. I think one of the only tanks that can pen the T28/95 without chemical rounds is the Tiger II 10.5cm with apcr within 300m

  48. I must say, Phly’s singing always removes all stress from my mind, making me realize that it is okay to be insane.

  49. mo the kid from hell

    hey Phly why cant y tipe in chat

  50. phly I have and idea, can you play and record with your grind account just for once?

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