BABY IS HERE – My Pregnant Wife Role Plays A German Brumbar Gunner

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BABY HERE – My Pregnant Wife Role A German Brumbar Gunner


  1. *This video was recorded before she gave birth! We didn’t time travel! Hope you enjoy 🙂 And thank you for supporting new baby boy <3*

  2. your alien is adorable!! congrats on fairchild. welcome to fatherhood.

  3. Grats with baby Phairchild Philly Dilly Jr

  4. Never thought that I would someday make it into an official PhlyDaily video and even be called out by name. Also I would have never used my sikrit hand of Stalin guided ammunition (also known as MD-8 fuze) if I had only known that Phly was just giving gaming lessons to his wife. Tell Laura I deeply regret shooting her up (professionals have standards after all) and all my best wishes for you and your beautiful family Phly!!

  5. More face cam daddy phly

  6. Damn Laura u just had a baby, you shouldn’t be carrying the whole team on your back so soon. (Congrats w your baby)

  7. So your wife has two children now….m

  8. congrats man

  9. Suspended Animation


  10. amaury forceville


  11. average scandinavian

    congradulations on the baby steve! been watching since 2015. i’ve seen you grow through the years and this is simply a monumental part of anybodies life. im so happy for you

  12. Congrats im so happy for u

  13. Alessandro Schmidt

    Congratulations from germany phly 😇😊😊

  14. I’m crying man! Love you to the moon and back Phly! So proud of you two!

  15. Congratulation Fly form the father of two. Your journey just began so hold on but it is rewarding.

  16. Babyphly is here!!!!!!!! well done you my guy

  17. Congrats my dude enjoy it while it last they grow up fast dude

  18. Babies are proof that God exists: they’re little miracles.

    Congrats, Phly. Love to Laura.

  19. Congratulations!

  20. Congratz on the baby boy. Great job to your wife being the gunner. Plus, love her face when you destroy a tank.

  21. Congratulations

  22. Congrats!

  23. Congrats Phlee!!

  24. Concrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  25. really joke picture come on at least they have positive thinking go go go

  26. while im watching it feels like im back at driving school

  27. I know its been over a week but congrats!

  28. 🥳 CONGRATS 🎉

  29. Thank You for sharing your happiness with us, PhlyDaddy! <3

  30. Yehuda Josebashvili

    Phly I barely know you and I love you so much

  31. Kev the Green Rex

    Congrats again Fly! Glad to hear you’re kid is doing well so far!

  32. Congrats man, ps: shave that moustache

  33. Best greetings from Russia 😎
    Best regards for you and your baby!

  34. Jonathan Thompson


  35. Congratulations. And thanks for the great video. 😁

  36. I love Phly’s patience and honesty

  37. Phly’s child: *Is born

    Meanwhile Gaijin: “We shall watch your career with great interest.”

  38. Congrats Mate!!! So happy for you!!!!!! Father of two little ones here.

  39. Imagine if the baby just died lol

  40. The Tank Commander

    6 pounds 15 ounces? That’s funny, PHLY! Because I was 4 pounds 15 ounces and 7 1/2 weeks premature!

  41. “That’s an R3, also known as cancer.”

    Me: “Good. Spread the word.”

  42. Congrats

  43. Congratulations welcome to the dad club!

  44. Ey phly congrats man🍻

  45. Congrats man… Prepare for the rest of your life.. It will be beautiful, hard, stressful, dificult and fustrating AF.. BUT! It will the best time of your life.. I raise my glass for you and your family.. Cheers

  46. I love playing war thunder but my pc wont support the graphics of the game anymore 😭.. i need higher RAM and Video Card but i don’t have money to buy it huhu

  47. Congrats! May there be many more!….😉

  48. Imagine getting killed by pregnant woman in Brummbär 😂

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