BABY STRUMTIGER – BRUMMBÄR 150mm DERP (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Can You Do
    M4A2 SHERMAN With B-24 Pls

  2. TheFlyingDutchman

    Isn’t it sturm instead of strum?

  3. I cant hear u sir

  4. The game is like: You hit his ammo and should be dead. Gaijin is like: Nah
    we make it RNG.

  5. Spencer Bronckaerts

    You should do more vids with baron, you haven’t played with him for ages!

  6. ludvig mortensen

    The Sturmtiger was used to destroy enemy bunkers

  7. Mister Medl (Medl)

    Hawker Hurricane MK.1

  8. ludvig mortensen

    9:42 the rockets in the background…

  9. can i have the music ??

  10. Shouldnt the Titel be Sturmtiger not Strumtiger?

  11. this thing is wreck!!!!!?????

  12. its more artilery then tank or SPG :D

  13. Phly you can measure the distance to the target, assign a button in the

  14. STRUMtiger?

  15. StrategyMasterPL

    Sturmtiger had a 380mm rocket mortar designed for U-Botts, crew was forced
    to load this mortar with a crane mounted outside the vehicle

  16. the crimson hawk moth

    btw sturmtiger is a mortar tank cx

  17. Jatesada Chindamang

    what music intro?

  18. No more dislikes peoples 69 is good lol

  19. Can’t hear your voice over the shitty music.

  20. Anything german with that kind of gun will get bs mm. But the german kv2,
    or the t34, or the kv1b all get good mm because the russian variants also
    get good mm

  21. The guy in the red tanks must be The Red Comet. They say he can drive tanks
    three times faster than other tankers!

  22. Shooterofsharp321 _

    I couldn’t hear shyte because of the music Phly. Lay it of a bit.

  23. E96x - наблюдение

    nice audio balancing

  24. yo phly you pronounce it right if you just say “brummbear”

  25. Knick-Knack Jack

    Phly, can you confirm whether or not the P-47N is premium? I’m really
    hoping it isn’t

  26. Warrior Slayer97

    Brummbär seems more like the SU-122

    I hope it doesn’t cost an arm ugh.

  28. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    I hope the port map will be fixed in that patch
    when i play it (reminder: i got a shit pc so i play on minimal with old
    card support) stuff like rubble piles, decor, metal tank traps, walls,
    undestructible stuff and all don’t appear unless i’m at about 5 meters of
    them, EVEN in scope view
    results in death of my crew by ramming walls and dirt piles and tank traps,
    shots to clrealy appearing and in the open enemies that hit a wall or a
    pile of dirt or even a building that i wouldn’t see
    and deaths by enemies that i thought were behind stuff… even in arcade
    that’s unplayable

  29. I wonder why the HE on the KV-2 is still less effective even though the gun
    is almost the same size…

  30. Sharpclawasaurus

    Wait… this is BR 5.0?

    As a Hellcat driver, I just shit myself.

  31. how i join test server?

  32. Hey dude, the music was a little too loud at the beginning– it kind of
    tuned your voice out. But great video otherwise!

  33. TheGhostWarrior_

    Yes In deed the Sturmtiger fired rockets, I’ll quickly check what rockets
    “Main Armament:
    380 mm RW 61 rocket launcher L/5.4
    (14 rounds)
    Secondary Armament:
    100 mm grenade launcher (using SMi 35 leaping mines)
    7.92 mm (0.312 in) MG 34 machine gun”

    Rip anything which gets hit by the Sturmtiger XD

  34. Dev server already? I guess no top teir Brrt brrt SPAAG then

  35. A Sturmtiger uses a 380mm rocket assisted mortar. the holes around the
    barrel of the Sturmtiger are for holding the rockets in place

  36. Jew did Nazi it Thrumping

    Get killed from a shot to the barrel setting off the shell

  37. the strumtiger is like the only tank in ww2 that has a really big exploshen


  39. Gaijin make Brummbär a non-pem!

  40. cant shoot through a tree, but everyone can shoot you through the
    ground/mountain tops.. rightttt

  41. send this klip with the flip to thunder show

  42. This new map is buggy, things pop up right in front of you all the time,
    even with good graphics

  43. this is the first artillery peice in warthunder now all they need is ships!

  44. maybe he is red for teamkill

  45. u pronounce it like “brumm-bear”

  46. Do u guys remember the KV-2 challenge to shoot down a plane???? This is
    HARD MODE!!!! Make this happen guys.

  47. Why dont you fire HE? It should be way more effective than the HEAT…

  48. Phly while you are on the dev server, show us some gameplay of the T-62
    next! :D

  49. So it’s a German su100y without the armour perceing

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