BABY TIGER – PZ.II H German Tank! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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BABY TIGER – PZ.II H Tank! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. I loved this video very much! Keep on your good working!!

  2. 200mm tiger 1 armor? The Pz. Bfw. VI (P)! Is-2 rounds cannot penetrate that
    much spaced armor!

  3. Vengeance Personalifier

    So…the same vehicle was played by baronvongamez several days ago…copy
    ca- i mean dog much?

  4. phly can you make a me 410 50 mm ground pound video because all me 410 50
    mm videos are about shooting bombers

  5. Pz III N. Give it some love!

  6. I’ve waited 2 years for Phly to play this tank AND IT’S FINALLY HERE

  7. Pls, play with the Jagdpanther it looks so OP.

  8. tiger h1 5.7 vs 6.7 , 7.0

  9. PyroTheManiac115

    Why not take the t92 out for a spin with sabot&cheatfs combo

  10. Lee Harvey Griswold

    pz4g and hs129b2 1st mk103 in the tech tree and the f2’s unsung cousin

  11. Play the Pz.Kpfw. Tiger II mit 10.5cm KwK and shows those allies what a
    German 10.5cm could do

  12. Take out the Panther A. Gotta love that balanced 6.0 br

  13. do the t-34

  14. Play the Maus! Make WT great again!

  15. Brendan Christian

    try tank you have not use in the youtube! please

  16. Clockwise Whooves

    T-34-100 Pls, Mother Russia needs you!

  17. Legend Pinuy_Gaming7

    baron didnt see my tank req like dis =(

  18. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    do the m36 andif the is2s give u a hard time launch operation uranus at

  19. we want to fly with you phly so make a video about war thunder tonight

  20. It’s not the baby Tiger. It’s the baby Hellcat.

  21. play tier 1’s

  22. Love the tank RBs Phly keep ’em coming.Maybe some more tier 1 panzer
    action? Stub barrel Pz. IV would go down a treat ??


  24. your position on jungle is the best ever, every time im getting there im
    carring my team as fuck

  25. The Penetrator 9000

    New intro music, wow

  26. T.V, the panther with russian bias!

  27. Maybe…KV-2?

  28. Ludvig Juel Martens

    i want that music playin in my ear forever…its just so nice

  29. I fucking hate those bushes!

  30. A13 mk 1 XD seal club ftw

  31. a nuu, sneaky breeki i v damke !

  32. RIGHT PHLY WHERE ARE THE BRITS? We need your love! On the ME 262 50 mm
    video requested a Crusader MK.III and it got nearly 100 likes. Let’s see

  33. German kv1!

  34. M103 ?

  35. t54 the russian bias with the pe nuke

  36. do a video with tank skins from girls und panzer from WT skins

  37. Phly believing the bullshit on the stat cards…good going.

  38. TheTerrarianNinja


  39. nice edits


  41. Fly the Mig 9/L with its new br ^^

  42. take out that sneaky breeki zis 30 for yourself

  43. take out that sneaky breeki zis 30 for yourself

  44. PHLY !! GO higher — enter the TANK SIMULATOR REALM !! roll with the giants
    .. use the TIGER 10.5CM ! or any tier 5 heavy tank

  45. I love this tank! In custom realistic battles I one-shot a Chieftan through
    front of the turret ring with the Pz. II H.

  46. Croak vggHillier78th

    comrade Philly for mother Russia pick the t 60 and PE 3

  47. Andrew Sichting (AwesomeHawk11)

    DCS WORLD IN VR!!! FLY THE f-15 and go moc 1!!

  48. xX_T3ank6scop0r_Xx

    Do Maus and the best German Bomber think its the HE-200 or He-100

  49. that ending tho

  50. Fly the HUNTER plez

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