BACK in Meta? – 121 LINE + Type 59 (G) Buffed in World of Tanks Update 1.14.1 Patch

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 121, WZ-120, Type 59, Type 59G and other Chinese Tanks Buffed. World of Tanks Chinese Medium Tank Line Buffed. World of Tanks 121 Gameplay, Tier Chinese Medium Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.14.1 Patch Test Server Review.

Information from: https://.eu/en/news/general-news/1-14-1-CT1/

All the tanks starting from tier 5 all the way up to tier 10, the 121 were buffed. Is this enough to bring them back into meta?

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Would you like to see me covering the Field Modification changes as well?
    Keep it cool, stay awesome and have an *ABSOLUTELY MEGA* weekend! 😉

    • Ofc,, give it a go.

    • I like to see everything you cover

    • Hi, I’ve been revisiting some of your older videos lately and you might wanna update on the max view range. The field modifications pushed rhm and sheridan up to 654m but you can get 663m in 121B. They all share the same base view range of 420m but 121B can get the medium buff of +3% while the lights can get only +2% from field mods.

  2. can we have WZ 120 with 5 gun depression not just 3

  3. All Wargaming needs to do for the 121 is to change its gun to a 130mm to give it a gimmick (medium tank with 490-560 alpha) and ti give it better horse power per ton than the Tier 9 so it isnt more sluggish.

  4. I think the Gun Depression of the WZ-120 should be buffed to at least 5 degrees.
    Also I think the Chinese Mediums could be Balanced Like in WoT Blitz. There they have horrible Dispersion on the move BUT their aiming time is god Like (you can get the aiming time of the WZ-120 down to what would be 0,66 Seconds in WoT) so you cannot Shot on the move but aiming is Just insanely quick

  5. T-34-2 is now one of the best tier 8 meds. It was one of the worst, it had 175mm of pen, now its 212.

  6. WG forgot to buff Type 59 pen 185 to 196 like they did on the other pmm tanks. My Type 59 will still getting dirt on garage since there is no point playing it when WG doesnt make things decently.

  7. thank you very much, i have a few of these tank’s, i did not see a buff to the type59 shell pen?

  8. Cries in 121B…

  9. Chinese mediums buffs became monthly
    While Patton and Centurion lines suffer in mediums Maus Type 5 and Pz.VII suffer in heavies.

  10. I think they should up the penetration on the type 59 and the speed on the type 59.

  11. yes all the chinese tanks are well past due for some love, but then gonna have to buff the russians to be even better war gaming

  12. What about the VIII, IX and X Chinese lights? They won´t even be buffed? I think they are very subpar compared to the others.

  13. Buff 121B gun depression

  14. i would give 121 a 121mm gun 😛 that spreads covid 19 to enemy tanks crew that it hits

  15. T-34-3 got screwed here… It has needed a buff for half a decade.

  16. secret under cover soviet ally buff… crafty red bastards lols

  17. Wooow this is going to completely change 121. This is game breaking.
    (It won’t do jack shit)
    Yet another balance patch with tiny tiny improvements to dispersion and aim stats. Give 121 490 Alpha damage. That would make it way more interesting and make sense since WZ-120 already has 440 alpha

  18. 121 was my first tier 10 tank. I had no idea what I was doing other than that I’m married to a Chinese person so I thought it was funny to collect Chinese tanks (wz 132-1 was my next tier 10). Only in the last few months did I actually learn to play it and start getting my win rate well over 50%. Glad to see a buff.

  19. Will they buff the 112? The pen is horrible. 196 is barely workable in t8-9 these days. Not to mention it just never seems to pen.

  20. We need the rinoceronte buff

  21. wz 120 is still horrible stock grind! you need like 200k exp just to unlock top gun!

  22. Is there an English translation?

  23. my poor amx 30B needs gun pen and accuracy buff :C,

  24. 2 more degrees of gun depression on the 121 along with 25mm more front turret armor and I think the 121 would be in a nice space. Still less than the 121B, but competitive

  25. wargaming needs to buff mauschen and i think that buff should be the removal of the cupola. the turret cheeks and lowerplate are enough for weakpoints and it might even be competitive

  26. Ethan Marcus C. Perez

    Perfect! About to get my 121

  27. WOT became an unstable game like Armored Warfare where vehicle characteristics are changed monthly or faster. I hated that, and that why i left it and had moved to Wot.

  28. The rhino just needs its first shell (18-20) second reload down to 15-17 , and a slight armour increase to its turret

  29. Wargaming making things up as they go.

  30. Question is:They are better then Russian tanks after those buffs?

  31. You can’t report that as buffs to 121

  32. Buff stII line its so weak

  33. When they gonna buff 122tm?

  34. clickbait ass thumbnail

  35. Wg is buffing, nerfing without a clear concept

  36. So they forget about Light Tanks? Why no buffs to them?

  37. Tier ix dont need any bufff ……it only need extra 2 degree gun depression wg how is that possible that the tank having similar layout of the mantlet have different gun depression angles like make it atleast -5 …..-3 is horrible horrible

  38. I think the constant buffing is making the game faster and worse…

  39. Patriot REALY needs a gun buff

  40. will the 121B get the same buffs as the 121?

  41. oh wow those are some actually nice buffs…

  42. wargaming should seriously think about not only buffing but also nerfing vehicles. Otherwise we will soon be driving around in a maus driving 70Km/h and having 300mm armour all around.

  43. boring buffs specially for the higher tiers, we want to see something that makes the Tanks more unique like more alpha or something that feels like change not just a symbolic buff!

  44. So Type 59 is still useless for money grinding, no buffs to basic penetration. Useless updates for a tank which playing has no point.

  45. stop simpin for this piece of shit game

  46. I hate wg more and more. They just need to nerf a lot lot lot of tanks. Not buffing.

  47. Dont enjoy the game anymore but like too watch the videos from dez. 👍

  48. Type should have need at least 195 mm pen az a pref MM tank, or 212 as a non pref one.

  49. WarGaming keeps buffing everything, instead they should nerf entire tank lines in many tech trees. The game gets faster and faster and less and less enjoyable because of this.

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