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Well, some of you know me and some of you don’t. happened again and now I am back give help and support where I can to once again try to make people better at World of Tanks.

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  1. Let me know what you would like to see and what you need help with? low tier? mediums? scouting? Plese subscribe it really helps me out

    • The Raging Tanker

      I want to see videos that show players how to scout and which tanks are best for scouting! I’m so sick of seeing players in scout tanks playing like TD’s or under armored mediums! I’ve been playing since 2012 and there are so many more players at high tiers still playing like tier 1 noobs thanks to Wargaming making it too damn easy to move up the tech tree!

    • This is good to know, scouting has changed alot with the introduction of wheeled vehicles because when they are present you have to behave so differently

    • I have never seen your videos before, I heard of the community but nothing more. I started playing actively in 2017, and have played since, seemingly the time which you quit the game. Perhaps I could help you re-learn the game, or provide some insight to what the meta is currently, although my knowledge of the past is limited, I am very much on top of how people play at high levels, what their mindset is, why ertain things are meta, etc.

      I have been thinking of making guides for WoT for a while now, I made a written one with a friend covering all the very basics like settings etc but transforming that into some sort of video format would be the best way for the information to be shared. As a player, maybe I wont learn a lot from you, as you say, but by watching your guides and methods for teaching people is something I look forward to 🙂

      I suppose what I’m trying to say is that this video has inspired me to actually do it, so thank you for that.

      Best of luck and welcome back 🙂

    • I agree that LT gameplay is the one where people are making the biggest misplays and have the biggest negative impact on the team.

      One thing to point out, is that now that WG has introduced blueprints, give out 5x boosters and personal reserves left and right, there are way more new players even at higher tiers. So I don’t really see much value in videos below tier 5. I think tiers 6-8 would be the sweet spot.

    • Tier X mainly. Although I gave up on wot, went to war thunder instead.

  2. Welcome back. I myself stopped playing but for reasons of: I thought there were damn cheats, mardy whinging bastards, and just shear arsholes, oh and I wasn’t improving in the game personally. I too have recently returned and all of the above still apply, also yes as a bad player I still languish in the lower tiers, raging. So Sir Havoc I will look forward once again to your finer knowledge and instruction. All the best take care.

  3. I’ve always carried a little bit of premium ammo but I almost never “need” it. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about this game from your community over here on the NA server. It is great too see you back at it.

  4. Great to see you getting back into the game and enjoying it!

  5. glad to see you back. welcome back.
    sorry for the experience upon your return

  6. Glad to see you back

  7. Largest, and oldest! ->

  8. Glad you see you back Sir. Proud to be a wot-uni member for 2 years, although the clan has moved on as I found out when I came back a month ago and is now under a different name.

    • Kaylern yeah I think they changed the name to evo a lot of the same old faces still there, I’ll pop in and play some games with them boys soon

    • @Sir Havoc yep, i still keep in contact with a couple of them including Ltcogs and boomtastichp is running it. They’ve told me I’m more than welcome to join them on ts for a session or few which I’ll defo take them up on.

      Btw thanks for your original vids. I did improve my game…not a lot but it was an improvement.

    • Kaylern fiets is still running sessions and keep an eye on my new stuff maybe you can improve more

    • @Sir Havoc ooh cheers for the info, I’ll be sure to chase that up. Always room for improvement…or in my case loads of room lol.

  9. Great to see you back Pete, learnt a lot from your old vids, joined WUNI, then you buggered off 😀 P2W has got worse since you left, it’s not just about a F2P player not being able to afford gold spam, it’s also crew books, ‘battle passes’ and ‘bonus passes’ for enhanced quipment promos, a F2P player just has to accept lower stats are a monetary choice unless you can play no life grind hours or god level, looking forward to see your new content; don’t forget the old TS address if you need to toon for a mission, or you need someone in a training room for a vid 😉

    • Hey ty Pumpy, I think there are lots of good things about the game now, i am seeing lots of ways to beat the grind, with research books etc, i like the fact you can just get them for doing missions

  10. Sir havoc returns…………!!!! Good to see you back bruva.

  11. Макс Ћелић

    Welcome back man! Maybe you will even get me back playing….

  12. Glad to see you back in the saddle Pete. Lots of new players in need of your wisdom. Perhaps a series of tutorials for each class.

  13. lets lemming valley

  14. Welcome back!
    You are sorely needed. 🙂

  15. Great to see you back: you have been missed

  16. wb, and good luck

  17. Welcome back, all the best.

  18. Really looking forward to this! I’ve played about 5k games but I’m still pretty bad!! Thanks man

  19. Welcome Back 🙂

  20. Stupidity is indestructible. Your resistance is futile…

  21. Really looking forward to this!

  22. Welcome Back Pete, good to see you again good sir

  23. Welcome back! I can’t wait to see your Manticore play.

  24. Great to see you back with renewed love for the game. Looking forward to the WoT content.
    Love the History Project btw

  25. I have fond memories of your streams that sparked every now and then 🙂
    Great to see you again Havoc!

  26. welcome back glad to see you and i get more help =)

  27. Tomasz Szyłkowski

    King of The North!

  28. Awesome to have ya back Sit Havoc!!! Looking forward to your content already.

  29. To many people AKA my shite doesn’t stink rage at others because they believe that they are the GODS of tanks and everyone else that plays are just morons, idiots, scumbags and special needs players that should all uninstall the game.. The people that get raged at just retaliate and play even worse because they are tired of these Dickwads claiming they are the best..

  30. Simon Wilkinson

    Great to see you back tanking

  31. Welcome back!

    When I started WoT, your videos were the first ones I found and watched a bunch of them. Unfortunately I soon realized that you had disappeared somewhere and there was no new content coming out. Was always a bit bummed not to see your videos when they were new and most relevant, so now I finally get a chance to do that.

    GL with the come back and enjoy the games!

  32. So good to see you again and hear your voice Pete. We are still trying to carry on your vision here in North America with the World of Tanks University W-UNI that you started and will have our 5th birthday in early June. (rocket2me)

  33. welcome back, I am still a member and loving it.. thank you so much SirHavoc scotmich from N-UN2

  34. IS THAT SIR HAVOC? Welcome back my man

  35. Welcome back sir, you have been missed

  36. UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    Looking forward to the videos. I think I play a little too passively so I want to break that habit. Hopefully the vids help with that.

  37. I’d love to see your work.. I know I will be paying attention, but in terms of WoTs over all…. so many tomatoes who won’t care a lick.

  38. Great to see you back and looking forward to more tutorials. Your history educational efforts look amazing, it is sad the schools can’t afford to teach it, one of my memories of being at primary school just outside of London was going to see the Bayeux tapestries and learning about the Norman invasion. My parents took us to all the castles that were open to the public and I soaked up all the history of the War of the Roses, Roundheads and Cavaliers and the rest.

  39. Wow, my weekend has been made seeing Sir Havoc back in WoT. You were the first guy I ever watched to learn the game. I still remember to this day to know & count the seconds when a tank fires its gun. I didn’t play anymore as I made a promise to God & myself not to play. But I will be watching your videos and plan to be a big support in your endeavor.

  40. You have an uphill battle sir. The real problem is created by WG itself. By selling tanks to anyone, even to someone that have never played. We now have players with less than 100 games in tier 8 tanks. This makes Random Battles broken.
    Hope if I meet you on the battlefield that you are in a green tank!

  41. Henrik U Jensen

    Nice you are back

  42. Welcome Back Havoc 🙂

  43. Welcome back Pete.. So good to hear your voice again though i miss the beard 😉 Mango

  44. patrick ter ellen

    Good to be back! This plan of yours is exact what we need! Teach and learn from eachother!

  45. Fushihiru Mikheilaav

    looking forward to your videos 🙂

  46. Great to have you back. And 100% support protecting a work/life balance.

  47. Khaled Al Hamdan

    welcome back !!

  48. Good to see you back Pete. I used to play in Havoc 2 back in the day 🙂

  49. Just recently I started thinking where did you go and when. Nice to see you’re well anyway. “There’s still work to do”. – There sure is lol

  50. Linus Thunderhorse

    Never unsubbed. Great seeing you back man.

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