BAD KITTY (War Thunder Tank Request)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. Damn first comment

  2. second comment brother

  3. This is a tiger. It kills.

  4. Inguss Jēkabsons

    tiger the beast

  5. do the t34 dt 5 please

  6. play the t92! very cool looking tank ;)

  7. ItzzDustyspartan32

    Go in the Churchill Mk.3 or Mk.7.Plz

  8. 3 of my goals in WT were
    1. Get a Tiger
    2.Get a IS-2
    3.Get bored while grinding those two

  9. baron pleas use the m103 wm60

  10. the t95 doom turtle is nice

  11. “Für die Reich” isn’t correct. It’s ” Für das Reich “

  12. Sherman (76)mm W and the P40Warhawk ( number 10)

  13. m103 and m60

  14. Je suis un abonné 1

    I live in the Bulge in Belgium and near to my house, there is a Tiger
    turret and a American halftrack

  15. T25 medium tank plz

  16. Phạm Minh Thắng

    guys is that tiger h1?

  17. 458th

    Yeah, im that special

  18. king tiger 105mm

  19. Joaquim Ayrton Gancia

    19th comment!

  20. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Next time play the panther 2

  21. Time for WoT again? What about american T34 heavy?

  22. T95 USA MONSTER!!! :)

  23. what I always find with my tiger h1 is that when uptiered, my team has 2
    tiger 2s and the Russians have 20 t44 s and 10 isu 152s

  24. Hey guys do you know they will add 3 new Kv-2 ?!?

  25. Baron play the chieften

  26. I just played War Thunder to grind the Tiger and feel good about it…

  27. Do da Firefly sherman

  28. Baron why do you hate on World of Tanks so much?

  29. zis-30 stronk sniper.

  30. Der Tiger is on the prowl!

  31. you should do more tiger h1 videos i love them

  32. the jagdpanther 4-5

  33. Can you play TigerII Porche? I follow you from Italy:)

  34. play m2a2 and get a tank kill

  35. Baron plz play with the big kitty the tiger 2 Für Deutschland

  36. Wie ich einfach War Thunder liebe. Baron ist ein guter Lets Player aber er
    sollte an seinem deutsch üben ;D Dieses Denglisch von ihnen….

  37. play the m4A3 jumbo

  38. So the eternal question remains….which German tank is better, the Tiger
    or the Panther?

  39. Paplo die Pöpel Eule

    Where is that Schnitzel !!!

  40. Omg the game is shit….

  41. The American Vacuum Cleaner, T92. Go out and make all the german/russian
    tanks fear a vacuum cleaner :D

  42. BARON!!! plase take out the centurion Mk 3 my mates grandad was a gunner
    for it!!!!!

  43. Panther jäger

  44. Für das Reich. Learn the language

  45. Murphy Williamson

    Drive out the T44 (either model)

  46. someone get a gun , we have a a Bad Tiger to catch :)

  47. 4:58 Don’t you mean gun depression? :p

  48. do a reserve combo plz

  49. baron could you use the dicker max or the nashorn

  50. 0:51 baron you mean tiger phobia

  51. CHALLENGE! PT-76 in 8.0 matches please Baron lol. See how many kills you
    can get.

    KV-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*CK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  53. 2:38 And he will be the Maus?…
    Have fun

  54. Play the KV2 with the Gulag Cola skin its awesome

  55. we need the bv222 bomber, almost twice the size of the Sunderland

  56. how did you get this camouflage????

  57. Second attempt.
    M46 Tiger, use HEAT shells, destroy an IS-3.

  58. KV-2 for next video !!


    Could you do german Junkers 88??



  61. baron baron can you play the jagdpanther 1 pls

  62. PLZ take out the M18 Hellcat, the fastest of all the cats.

  63. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  64. Christian Haegler

    Might want to play with the Gepard once again?
    The German Chainsaw in terms of light tanks!

  65. Nah I was fully up tiered in this thing, same map, and got an ace. Tiger op

  66. Sherman VC Firefly plox :)

  67. Thanks Baron ^^

  68. So…

    The Tiger bounces shells now? Sweet!

  69. Pz 4 Befehlswagen

  70. Kv-2 with a backup plane of some sort

  71. Meow tiger

  72. Now Verdun needs to put in tanks and zeppelins imagine Rifle death match on
    a Zeppelin

  73. BaroVonGamez the tiger ll is better than the tiger l or panther

  74. but if u wana knobe the tiger l is beter

  75. firefly sherman please!

  76. I killed you

  77. Baron I love you #Bramry

  78. play as the panther or jadpanther

  79. FW 190 D13 and Tiger 2 P

  80. How do you get tank skins?

  81. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    kv2 vs tigre and pnacer 3

  82. Play doom turtle piz

  83. I often wonder how we ever helped in winning WW2… Technically, out shit
    was well…. shitty, compared to the Germans and Russians.

  84. pls use english tank !

  85. The M22 locust little light tankuse it to flank and spank the enemy for

  86. 3 inch gun carrier

  87. You should do the hellcat next, or the super hellcat

  88. M60…M60…gogogo or u go to my Gulag and i make u pay hard sirBaron

  89. you buy this tank in game or on the website

  90. Guilherme Meneses

    lol….pun game real XD

  91. hey Baron take out the werblewind and E-100

  92. the more i watch your videos the more i realise how shit you are at this

  93. Who else thinks this tank would be better suited at 5.3? I mean, we do have
    the KV-85…

  94. plz use the Panzer IV F2

  95. Use the doom durtle and the M4E8 Sherman next please.

  96. Ya any day i dont get penetrated I consider a good day to baron…

  97. David “SwissCowboy87” Akeret

    i will a schnitzel too!

  98. The German KV1-B? Stalin’s stolen baby.

  99. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    play the konigstiger! H!

  100. How about playing the ZIS-30 with dem bushes on you?

  101. Btw it tigerphobia

  102. I’d like to see you play some other WW2 games, maybe something like project
    reality ww2?

  103. baron could you play the t34 pleas

  104. lets play a game of cat and mouse, you be the house cat and I’ll be the 200
    ton Maus. ;)

  105. am i the only one that thought war thunder was planes

  106. Play the M103

  107. Do the m103!!!! please

  108. YAY, I’m youtube famous now, I was the m4a1 in front of slickbee on
    Karelia, my breech was dead and no repair kit

  109. The BR might make you the clubber or club-ee, but if you’re Baron, you’re
    always the club-ee

  110. nothing more frustrating when you go out on a night and ya don’t manage to

  111. Baron it took you 3 shots to kill that AI. you could have done it in one.
    That’s not German efficiency.

  112. Do the su-100

  113. Vitárius László

    so a t34 took out a tiger and a panther from the front damn that is some
    stronk russian tank…

  114. m3 lee

  115. Pick the nashorn

  116. ac iv thunderbolt, and put in the boomerang too if you dare

  117. ferdanad with the plane of your choice

  118. Baron why don’t you and Phly play together no more?

  119. *winning as a German* “One for the good guys”

  120. Play the m10. or the mighty Ferdinand!

  121. NegaSkydoesminecraft

    What do you use to record War Thunder?

  122. Für DAS Reich not die Reich and yes I am a Grammar Nazi XDD

  123. Azka '02 McGamerson

    Use the Lil’ Gun,the ZIS-30

  124. Hej Baron, you completely Rektum XD I hope you understand

  125. Shall the bush tiger be next?

  126. Use the t 28 baby land battleship

  127. that camouflage is battle scared

  128. Panzermadels – Tank Dating Simulator do it do it now

  129. Maybe the Tiger 2 Sla 16. I got it today, just wanna see some decent pro
    gameplay of it

  130. Comrade Baron. You have failed to launch an attack agaist the uprising
    german army as ordered by our glorious Comrade Stalin. The big Boss is mad
    at you. But you have been given a second chance. Our glorious and precious
    mothership T35 and our antifascist TB3 are under your commands. Put them in
    good use, Stalin accepts nothing but full victory comrade.

  131. Is there a IS-7 in war thunder? If there is can you please play it looks
    like a badass tank.

  132. Baron, oh Baron. Still an arcade noob

  133. is-4

  134. Baron. You can only help repair squadmates. Not teammates. Squadmates. The
    lime green guys. Not the blue guys. The green guys. Greeeeeeeeeen….

  135. Meow

  136. 22:17
    oh look, a gun barrel

  137. What skin is that?

  138. M10 and 105 Sherman , hard hitting, slow turret rotating freedom combo.

  139. Baron, toravish, note from Soviet High Command.

    You have been placed in command of a T-44-100 prototype, and we expect you
    to perform excellent well using it!
    Make Zhukov and Comrade Stalin proud!
    (including lenin, his ghost is watching, comrade.)

  140. Is it just me or does the tiger in world of tanks look ugly


  142. I hope that you play a tank ls

  143. This entire first gameplay I was thinking

    If this was me I was dead
    If this was me that shot would have bounced

  144. Tiger and panther on kursk ww2 chronicle

  145. Baron PLEASE play da Baby Pershing! I’ve been dying to see some gameplay on
    the T25 since it was released.

  146. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Kv152 or whatever it is called and say I am a little babby baron playing a
    little babby tank

  147. Diabetic Dickhead

    War Thunder likes to be historically accurate but do you think they could
    simulate how well crewed the different powers were (example) T-34 brilliant
    tank often poorly crewed, German tank crews taking out multiple not an
    uncommon story. So could that be implemented and how much upset would it
    cause ?

  148. Diabetic Dickhead

    How good of a player you think Michael Wittmann would have been on this

  149. time for the greatest tank destroyer of all time the Dicker Max! the one
    tank were all you have to do is look at the tank and they die.

  150. That Panther camo is beautiful! The red one.

    time trying)

  152. lol 7:55

  153. You should play Panzermadels lol

  154. I stepped in a pile of dog schnitzel the other day, had to scrape my shoes

  155. I request an IS-3 but could you try to put an awesome authentic skin on it?

  156. Play the tea kettle a.k.a. the British challenger tank

  157. American T-25, the precursor to the M-26. Keep up the good work!


  159. Andrew Castellano

    Für den Führer, drive out the E-100 Wunderpanzer and the Ho-229

  160. play the kugelblitz and the He 176, the underdogs

  161. if you dont like a slow cat then bring out the fast one. play the m18
    hellcat or blackcat

  162. flamingcat gaming

    my kind hell kitty

  163. gg

  164. KV2 in celebration for the new KV2’s!

  165. I request is 3 or the mighty yagdtiger

  166. juanito jr cadalzo

    ISU-122 please.

  167. panzerkampfwagen achtundfünfzig mutz

    Sherman tank crews every time they saw a tiger they would say “oh shit it’s
    a tiger”

  168. juanito jr cadalzo

    ISU-122 and Yak-3 please

  169. play the Chieftain with the cannonberra

  170. Baron can you play the T-95 or the Su-100y. I would really appreciate it
    and it would make my day.

  171. I always wondered do other players see your skin?

  172. How about the Jagdtiger? time for some sweet sniper kills.

  173. KV-2 for the new KV-2s coming to WT

  174. Firefly combo. I think it is self explanatory but the firefly tank and

  175. play the PzIII-L it’s a baby Tiger! & you haven’t played it yet!

  176. Go ahead and take out the Tier V Russian Tank destroyer, the stronk SU
    122-54 with the 400 mm heat round! Or go to Gulag, Baron!

  177. B 24 gameplay pls or B 29

  178. Carlo Emmanuel Bejasa

    white tiger
    us that

  179. If you’re on last man I think you should be able to if you can get back to
    spawn pickup a new crew member or a whole new crew. Or they could remove
    last man standing entirely

  180. G’day Baron – if your going to constantly use our Aussie accent (which you
    do a pretty good job of – considering your a Yank) – then at least do us a
    favour mate. Do the flamin British Comet Tank. It’s a hell of a tank. It
    runs on Beer.

  181. King tiger plzzz

  182. do the m4 Sherman

  183. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    0:22 exactly th ereason I love this kind of games

  184. IS-3

  185. cobra king! for uncle sam!!!

  186. Can anyone give me tips on how to play the Tiger please??

  187. Hey Baron! I noticed how much you messed that German! You spoke it fine,
    but the easiest way to really speak German is SOUND OUT all the syllables,
    And the thing is, German allows it! In the future, I’d suggest learning the
    German alphabet (It’s the same as English with added umlauts) But, the ONE
    thing that really tilted me, and how most Germans tell between someone
    speaking and an american speaking German, is the way you pronounce R. In
    German R is soft “air” but in English it’s sharp RRR. Anyway, thanks for
    reading! Love to see you still tankin on!

  188. +BaronVonGamez its the “Tigerphobia”

  189. do the Panzer IV pls

  190. Captain_Australia

    stop with the Aussie accent plz!!! but maus and the unicorn

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