^^| Bagel Panzah Stream Highlight

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Source: Circonflexes

It’s time some AW highlights!


  1. Begleitpanzer looks like the Luchs of AW. Germans make the cutest tanks confirmed!

    Looks like it’s built on the Marder IFV with a fairly simple turret, and that 57mm packs a potent punch. Imagine if it was like a Tier 9 or 10 light in WoT…It would be so OP…

  2. BagelPanzer ololol

  3. Kinda sad that the Bagleitpanzer only carries 10 ATGM when the BMD-1 and BMP-1P can carry 30. Get in a tier 5 PVE and those things can ruin your day in a hurry.

  4. surprise buttsecks

  5. How did you get that outgoing/incoming damage thing?

  6. “stones outa the washing machine” LOL YES

  7. Good play in the End…but big missplay in the start that tank in that position is just wasted…that game do not needed to be that close if you would use that tank to its strength and would use that excelent dmg dealing Gun properly.

  8. couldnt even drag myself to watch beyond 1/3 of the video

  9. Any chance of you doing a playthrough of fallout 4? I’d watch that shit.

  10. You camped so hard xD

  11. How d’ya get the hitlog in the upper left?

  12. Hey Circon, anyone ever told you that voice levels on your videos are really low (and now that i think of it, on stream as well)? I mean surely just #firstworldproblems over here, but its kinda annoying when watching all kinda videos on youtube, and when yours come along, i must quadruple the sound levels…
    ps. guess what happens after that, when moving on to videos someone else made… RIP mah ears.

  13. to bad after this tank complete line is total shit.

  14. dat bagel carry

  15. you should really get more HE and use smoke when in danger; you can fuck up all modules of a MBT with 1 HE clip with additional 300-500 damage

  16. lmao moves 30 meters from spawn and starts camping

  17. name game???

  18. Ermergerd I hate this tank…so frickin evil beyond belief. Nothing like getting shot through the turret front by this in a Chieftain mk5…

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