BAGEL PANZER | This tank feels dirty (War Thunder Tanks 1.73 Gameplay)

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BAGEL PANZER | This feels dirty (War Thunder Tanks 1.73 Gameplay)


  1. LOVING THE UNLOVED:play the ISU-122

  2. challenge take out the do 17 Z-7 and the kpz-70 and get 3 kills with the do 17 Z-7’s cannon

  3. bagel comes from jingles when he saw it in armored warfare


  5. I know you’ll never see this, but I love you and hope you keep up with your great work. I love your channel. Please like this so he sees.

  6. During the very early days of the Korean war, the U.S. used many Fighter planes for defense. Planes ranging anywhere from the F-9F Panther to the F-86 Sabre. but before these planes were developed and deployed in large numbers. The U.S. was still dependent on using the P-51 Mustang as a front line fighter. The Mustangs, along with most other propeller aircraft, were displaced by jets, but a large number served in the Korean War, mainly in ground support missions. The re-designated F-51 was out-performed by the newer jet aircraft, but in 1951, two Mustang pilots shot down the first MiG-15 downed over South Korea.

    You will now do the same Phly, You are allowed to bring along a wingman to assist you, but you must score a Mig kill in a P51 Mustang and live to tell the tale by successfully returning to base and landing your bird afterwords.

    Attempt #8

  7. It’s be cool if they’d make it so trhe gun breach recoils

  8. next on loving the unloved the first and only french tank the Independent on the British line

  9. Jared From Statefarm

    Why Hello There, *CHALLENGE TIME!*
    *Sniper Challenge*
    Play the duck with the max ranging available.(I believe its like 800-900)

    Attempt #3

  10. This is pretty much a bradley and i think theyll add that soon im hyped

  11. Phly cant you pen uaing atgm rocket?

  12. KPZ got reload or RoF nerf. American still has the usual 6 RoF/min

  13. I will never understand how so many muricans and british people struggle so much even TRYING to pronounce things right in other languages. I mean there are languages out there like greek or italian – languages with character – where, when it comes to perfect pronounciation of a german word e.g., it still has some charme to it even tho it sounds wrong, but with such an “easy to handle and speak” language like english, it simply sounds so fucking derp when their natives aren’t even capable of reading the easiest 5 letter german words anywhere near properly. Feelsbadman

  14. The ATGM is expelled from the tube by a small booster rocket, then the main rocket lights once it has traveled a safe distance away from the tube. It looks like Gaijen is replicating that behavior, which causes the rocket to drop a bit in the first couple meters of travel, then level out when the main charge lights off.

  15. Phly! you should try the S.O.4050. EVERY single game i play this thing comes in and just SHHHHOOZZZSSS….. aaand its gone and noone can catch it.. Try it!

  16. 14:25 that even happens on the kpz-70 even if you’re aligned and good to shoot, the atgm will just randomly pop out in some direction sometimes

  17. 14:25 lol phly an atgm is literally a son of a gun

  18. Fun thing is that I have always called this tank “Bagel Panzer” before… and I guess everyone does anyway. Back in Armored Warfare, I remember calling them bagel panzers cause they were as weak as bagels and sounded like bagel so anyway… let’s just enjoy that video

    So much god damn grinding

  20. More like an APC


  22. 5:40

  23. So we have a bagel and a waffle now XD

  24. 3.3 Italy Combo!
    Take out the P.40 and the P.108A serie 2 and do what you always wanted with the 102mm gun: shoot tanks!
    Attempt 1

  25. Looks like a M1128 from the thumbnail.

  26. Well, as for the 57MM bagel hole thing…lets think about it…a 25mm gun is pretty close to a 1 inch gun…so, a 57mm is slightly larger than a 2 inch gun…i dont think it could pass through a bagel hole, but if you lined it up, there would still be most of a bagel.

  27. Intro was liiiiiiit ???

  28. Johnbot & co. gaming

    the new symbol to show what teams are playing represents the allies vs the axis or European powers

  29. Use arty* next time!

  30. The BagelDank is super dangerous, because it doesnt kill you.. It hurts your feelings.

  31. can someone tell me if fulda is toptier and/or US server only ? im at 5.7 br in EU and never played on it since release…

  32. Lol mikegoesboom got rekt

  33. The problem is the games hit feeling is nonexistent. I feel nothing when i hit somthing. Its like shooting at towels.


    Missiles are slow. If we fired and killed it before you got there, its because we saw and fired before you even started engaging. Go fuck yourself before fucking with others.

  35. Hey phly play the m41 “armour is not always best”atempt 1

  36. I heard the name bagel-panzer from Jingles on one of his OLD Armored Warfare.

  37. You should try out the new BMP-1 modification with the TOW missile!

  38. Dude… These ads in the middle of your videos are getting SUPER annoying and are jarring at times. Personally I just don’t want to be subjected to it anymore. I’ll check back in a few months to see if be anything changes.

  39. that moment when you realize you’l probably never have this tank but it will definitely ruin your day

  40. Team kill off in RB?

  41. this thing is a fucking railgun

  42. Here’s a simple, yet impossible CHALLENGE, Get an ace in the OSU2 Kingfisher. Attempt # 9

  43. oh look its a bagel panzer “drive fast while shooting bagel round”

  44. Take out the C.205 serie 3 it’s very enjoyable!!!! #Attempt 4

  45. classical apartment short cause method fire alarm enhance over category.

  46. I don’t like the small map rotation in high tier

  47. 5:40

    *ATGM hits the side skirt *
    HEAT jet: wait I forgot something.
    *flies away*
    *comes back*
    HEAT jet: I’m back b!tch!
    *kills the tank*

  48. 1:18 – Phly only asks the most important questions…


  50. And germany is back on the top at 9.0 no one can sey russian bies at thet br , the t-10m is almoust un playebel at 9.0 games and it gets them 95% of the time it shoud be at 8.0 not 8.3

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