Balance.Waffentrager E-100 is HERE! | World of Tanks Waffenträger Auf. E-100

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of Tanks Waffenträger auf E-100 Gameplay 2022. World of Tanks The Waffenträger: Legacy – The Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2022. World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf E-100 Returns to Random Battles. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tier 10 Tank Destroyer Waffentrager Auf E-100.

I took Waffenträger out for a ride, after many years has been removed from the game… It SLAPS like crazy, but not as it used to…

What do you think?


  1. Second video today and of course, it had to be The Legendary Waffle E-100…
    Dod you try it out as well, how does it feel for you in today’s META?
    Stay classy, much love!

    • T49 is now counter meta lel

    • The wrecking crew is back! I never thought I’d see the day, and I don’t know if I even want to.
      But it seems oddly balanced for WoT in 2022. I can’t believe I said that.

    • @bla blub yeah but fate decided otherwise

    • You say you have 39% WR Dez… I have 33% in 30 battles. Absolutely bonkers, way too fast games, nearly all of the battles ended 5-15 (the typical simulator-style) and on top of that EVERYONE focusing you as soon you get spotted.
      Had FV4201 Chieftains almost in every game in the opposite team. Super tricky to find weakspots from afar..

      I would say this tank is absolutly fine in current meta, just give it E-100 hull armour then go!

      Edit: Manage to get it to 40% WR in 40 battles.

    • @Jo blo *gets two shotted before aiming starts

  2. I one clipped a minotauro in the first battle with it and in the second battle I one clipped a vz55

  3. While this tank is in the game…i wont be

  4. Its still broken af. Its like if WG wanted to show us what really op looks like so we would stop whining xd

  5. how to own it sir?

  6. Not playing anymore this Game…
    Overpowered Tank in the whole game

  7. maybe this tank can come into wot blitz

  8. WT Auf E100 is more balanced than Chieftain and 279e change my mind…

  9. The point that you have to retrain a crew to use it is such a sucker punch imho
    “here have this fun legacy tank to play around, now hand over some gold or you will suck in it”

  10. Well the grille was a good replacement untill they nerfed it to shit but now the Kind is back

  11. Back in the days I had WT auf Pz IV … almost unlock it and then they switched to Grille 15 mess tank

  12. I got 30 battles in it but no crew, don’t think I’ll have a great time playing a 75% crew at tier10 xD

  13. It just warms my heart to imagine how you peek Chieftain and dry his HP out

  14. I’ve got it for 10 battles only and I’m afraid to play it. I’m a perfectionst and collector and I’m aiming to get Ace Tankers on all the tanks that I played. And WG already broke my heart once by removing old Ob. 430 from tier X, and left it’s statistics on the list. I’m unable to fix this badge forever. It’s 2nd class forever on that tank. And I’m so afraid the same will happen to WT auf E100. If I do third or 2nd class only and will not be able to fix it.

  15. 10:55 i was under the impression you were talking about the T92 HMC

  16. Its more Balanced the 279E or Chieftan!:):)
    WTF E100 is just pure legend in WOT there is not much fun tanks then this one.
    Pls play platoon with 3X WTF E100 pls!

  17. Dez, I think you are misremembering what the deal was with this tank, it wasnt OP back then, it was Broken. You still had shit games in it because it was a huge xp pinata with a long reload. Its just a broken tank, Its a massive target with no armor, and it clips a tank for full hp, and then it reloads for half a century, and then it gets shot with HE in the turret and dies. And both players had a shit game. Its not that it exists within normal gameplay and is just better than all the other tanks, its that it completely breaks the normal gameplay for everyone involved. It has very high highs and very low lows. Its a completely useless huge shit tank that does nothing, and then it clips a heavy for full hp in 5 seconds, and then it goes back to xp pinata, it makes no sense.

  18. This brings back memories. Not good memories. Its disgusting to clip heavy tanks from 100 to 0 in matter of seconds. I think the stronger turrets and better mobility tanks really do effect how the wtf e100 works. I dont think its quite as op as it used to be.

  19. It didnt have its old menaning gun sounds though

  20. Nothing has changed. Surprised enemies are clipped enemies, and spotted WT E 100 usually is dead WT E100.

  21. I dont care if this tank is “op” just give me something that’s different.

  22. Never played as i joined game in 2015 but i think it not op for what wot is like now ….yes i dont mind if they put in game but i would say it will be prem tank or in marathon or the loot boxes in the christmas event.

  23. 𝙪𝙡𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙤

    It is still really good, but at the same time REALLY difficult to play, like, it’s probably the hardest tank to play at this moment, I’m 100% sure it would not ruin already unbalanced VIII-X tier battles.

  24. Honestly if it was added back I’d consider playing again. It might shake things up enough to make games more interesting again.

  25. The WTFE100 may be balanced, but it is no fun to play against.

  26. the gun is still too accurate with that intra-clip reload

  27. Please wargaming!!!! Let the tank to live!!! That tank was the reason why i decided to play WOT… That tank should be in my garage instead of grille15… That tank should be my first tier 10…

  28. What were the nerfs they did to the WTE before they removed it ?

  29. is it me or has the health been nerfed by 200hp

  30. Can you still use the 15cm derp

  31. you are in tier 8 battle…..

  32. The main nerf to this tank is the amount of time a battle takes. When your clip takes as long as it does on the WT, you can only really get a few off a game with how quickly they are over now. If the game pace was slower, I think it would still be super OP.

  33. The Waffentrager was considered by some to be the only OP German tank at Tier X. And Wargaming decided to remove it in the excuse of balance. Right Sergei?

  34. With German accuracy and RNG , balance my ass.

  35. Stole vehicle and crew and now what more gold too

  36. Wait couple years and they can add it to tech tech tree again as a normal tank…. But with nerfed reload between shots to 4-5 sec…. In fact they can do it now

  37. So if I got this right… They removed an really OP tank back in the day and put Grille 15. Okay… Now they are gonna probably sell it in loot boxes for New Year? Somehow still doesn’t feel right for ppl who researched this tank… They played that tank and now only way to play again with it is to give money? They should implement for those ppl who had WT back in the day to be able to switch with Grille 15 if they want for free (In thay case they should pay for Grille 15)

  38. Next ranked battles reward

  39. I spent weeks grinding the tech tree for WT E100 when it was in game. WG took it away and replaced with Grille BS. Never again will I put in my time to suffer through the same BS.

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