Balanced by WG | Tier 7 & 8 LOVE This Tank, LOL!

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Cobra, Tier 9 British Medium Tank – Tier 9 Battle Pass Reward Tank. World of Tanks Best Battle Pass Token Tank.

Just found out that I have not released any videos about the tier 9 British Cobra on the channel after it was made available via Battle Pass Season 8… Unacceptable, so let's fix it today!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. My final premade video for you while I am on my little mini-vacation (national holidays) and out of town, hopefully you enjoy it! Back next week, so stay tuned and beautiful!

  2. I think its time to take a loooong brake from this game again…..

  3. This tank is interesting, from what I can gather it’s actually pretty well balanced when your opponents are smart, but as soon as you decide not to pre-plan your movements/dpm you make yourself vulnerable to the Cobra’s strike. Lots of people are willing to complain about it being “broken” but I don’t think they realize how revealing it is to voice that opinion 😉

    If a cobra clipped you there are only two scenarios you could be in; you’ve already lost the game and the Cobra is snowballing, or you 100% made a mistake.

    • SanguineMalcontent

      @tomerz99 Or you could just be one of only a few people in an important early position while heavies are still in transit, and thus actually get punished for good positioning.

    • You joking or are a joke yourself. Pick one.

    • @SanguineMalcontent doesn’t sound like a good spot if you’re able to be clipped out….. I get that it’s not the same game anymore but metas always change and if you’re dying to a Cobra you’re just playing wrong.

    • @TheGrandexeno thanks buddy!

    • SanguineMalcontent

      @tomerz99 You’d be wrong,. You clearly don’t know ho to play the early game in anything with any speed if you think that. The hills on Himmelsdorf, Malinovka, and Serene Coast are perfect examples–we’re talking getting YOLOed not merely “clipped out”.

  4. Bourrasque platoons will soon be a pleasant dream.

  5. to much shxx…. try to play asia server. u will know the different. just a another shxx game

  6. Dimitri Gourgouris

    Ammunition is a huge issue for me, I tend to run out of at least one type

    • Do you make your shoots count? Looking at this guy, he got 3k dmg with 20 ish shells left. If you’re running out of shells most of the times you play, and make your shoots count, you would probably be sitting on tons of dmg/game, which would be sick. If not, I would say you gotta try make better shoots and not shoot heavy armored tanks frontally or similar and do low dmg/shel. Just my thought reading your comment without much context ^^ (pretty low ammo count tbf, but what can you do ^^)

  7. Again and again I am amazed by how you hit shots across 300m with like 50% of your aiming circle not even covering the enemy vehicle

  8. It’s real bad. Don’t play it.

  9. I love this thumbnail.

  10. Juvi no surname given

    Missed 2 good ram opportunity

  11. Balance? Lmao

  12. I’ve had this thing pen the front of my E50M 3 out of 4 times from 300meters, what a joke this tank is

  13. Tiers 5 and 6 are looking very nice these days

    • SanguineMalcontent

      Yup, because 3 m44s, lefs, and even 304s are so much better to deal with, not to mention the legion of 85ms.

    • @SanguineMalcontent dont forget the many different derpguns which can either one or twoshot you! Or the ultrafast reloading tanks like the M10 orWolverine or the T67. Much much much more fun to play against I guess
      Tier 4 on the other hand… after 00:00 and vs 12 bots its realy enjoyable 🙁

  14. I hate when WG “balances” a tank with its ammo amount… like the BC, Manti, this tank, Caliban and so on. We have some tanks that have so much ammo they can’t even attempt to run out. Not sure why WG does it… also the 780 has low ammo amount.

  15. SanguineMalcontent

    These tanks (Cobra, Bourrasque, Skoda heavies and meds), that unload immense damage in only few seconds are somehow making this game even worse. It doesn’t matter if their gun stats are shit, you have to play against them like RNG will bend you over, or they can just brainlessly YOLO and delete you and, not infrequently still manage to run away and survive.

    • The Cobra and Skoda T56/the tier 8-10 tech tree heavies, I don’t mind as much because at least the mobility is not very good. But the Bourrasque and the TVP T 50/51 have mobility in addition to the ability to unload very quickly, which is incredibly annoying.

    • SanguineMalcontent

      @Max C But the heavies have insane burst potential (especially the 8) in addition to decent mobility, hp, an armor.

      The Bourrasque is the worst offender IMO, as it absolutely ruins LT gameplay (no to mention lower tier med and even heavy), especially early game, on many maps, particularly ones that LTs excel on, because, you know, wheelies didn’t make LT lives difficult enough already.

    • @SanguineMalcontent light tank gameplay is also being ruined by all the high pen HE shells being added to tanks like the new czech td and the cobra. HE at this point only serves as incentive for players to play heavies and RU style/hulldown meds rather than lights.

    • SanguineMalcontent

      @James Dow Don’t necessarily disagree, although I think reliable high burst is a bigger issue and the Shrek in general is not good for any class with its insane DPM, acc, camo, mobility, AND pen combo.

  16. Should not meet tier 7, and should not be able to snipe like this…

  17. Comment for something

  18. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    I planned to go for Lorraine 50t and K-91-PT and 3 Bounty Equipment units for tokens this year (F2P Battle Pass). I knew Lorraine was going to be weak, but I did not expect to also dislike the K-91 I just got in season VII. And Cobra after rebalancing turned out to be this insane powerhouse. I’m starting to regret a bit.

    As for the tank itself, again, a machine that is either black or white. Polarizing, not good for the game’s health. It can either clip you for 2k or splash for 400 and you are left with no time for reaction. We had tanks like that before, this one is on top of all overtuned (balacing it would propably make it utter trash, so WG purposely wrote themselves into the corner here).

    • Man,the K 91 PT was the best purchase for me,even after I bought AE Phase 1 I didnt like it,I had like 6 Aces with K 91 PT in like 20 games,the tank is sick

    • @DivljiVepar amazing gun, camo, speed, even when played carefully armor. It’s fantastic when you get a feel for it

  19. I think you’re right. I mean shit we still have it for Console and it sucks in comparison to the meta.
    Where as the BatChat has been at the top somehow for its entire existence

  20. social3ngin33rin

    WalletGaming 😛

  21. Just adding that Krol means King in Polish
    So we have actual King of the battlefield
    And he did more damage than his entire team combined…

  22. I’ve have yet to run out of ammo. Matches are to fast, I’m too old and slow lol

  23. in fairness i dont find cobra being completely broken. at least not the ones I face

  24. I don’t play anymore and seeing this tank confirms my choice to quit. Why haven’t more people left this awful game I don’t know.

  25. Ammo limits are lame

  26. Thomas Ritzinger

    Situational absolutley broken, but if ur able to roll 2k dmg in 4.5 sec like nothing, Leo PTA compared, has to do quite some work for it. So its OP either

  27. The Cobra is the tank I now hate more than the E-25.. even less fun to fight in a tier 6 or 7 tank.

  28. world of BOTS PATENT-kisly =GONDOM-PEDERAST!!!

  29. Cobra and FV4005/183. If you’re the first target, it’s not good news but with 15 peeps that’s 7% chance. Less than fire. Maybe wg need a premium consumable that pings a 300m circle around the tank you select. 20k credits to know what flank FV is on when you’re grille… yes pls

  30. AusTankie Gaming

    The last part is typical for 90% of WoT players because as we know “Kills Rule” & they will always do it. Apart from that if you kill it then your fate is in your hands the other may miss or be reloading & then well …. You Die.

  31. He could ram !

  32. The n-th fucked up tank no one felt the need

  33. marquitoescort2011

    From reality to fantasy? Since when are tanks with a health pool real? Are you on drugs dude? This game was never intended to be a sym. And yes you can balance tanks, by many factors. Wgs speciality is even putting various values that afect the tanks gameplay and dont even show them in game. So yes they can balance them by a multitude of factors. Its just not on theyr interest. They bring this new tank hype, to push the player base to invest in battlepass to get the tank quicker. Easy money.

  34. Kelvis Shandei Musik

    All I want is balance .Is that so fcking hard.

  35. I’ve had mine for 3 or so weeks now and haven’t played it for this reason.

  36. Hate this god damn thing. Being a stock tier 8 and running into this sucks. And even a fully stocked tier 9 could just get insta dead. They took the Wafftrager out. This feels like a road to another one. I’m sick of being beaten into the dirt by people that funnel money into the game on a regualr basis. This thing only works if you use gold ammo. You only have enough tokens if you haven’t spent any for years. Or you payed for the extra ones and still didn’t really use them. It’s at the point now where you should not bother going down 80% of the tech trees in the game.

  37. Pls share yr equipment setup thks

  38. 56 Holiday Villages


  39. Disappointed that he didn’t ram-kill that Progetto after using up his last shell.

  40. I cant wait until more people have this tank. 3 – 5 Cobras per team like the CharFuture meta… I hope that I have finished all my tier 7 and 8 grindes till than!!!!!

  41. +/- 2 Matchmaking needs to go.

  42. In the beginning i tried playing with mostly heat the regular rounds, i could not pen most of the enemy but once i started playing with hesh and even he, my whole game changed, actually making some difference in a match

  43. I’m waiting for the broken soviet version wg is most deffinetly gonna invent for the game.

  44. this kind of tanks could use separate MM. Like OP/toxic MM, when you are into those kind of battles. I am nostalgic about battles which took 10-15 minutes, no premium ammo and HP difference at the end was under 500HP in tier 10.

  45. Classic complaints and “drawbacks” of OP tanks:
    1. The tank is so OP that I feel frustrated if I am not rofl stomping everyone right away. (I know the tank has 2000 clip potential but 2 of my shots didnt pen so I ONLY did 1000 damage in 1.5 seconds)
    2. Low ammo. I am constantly doing 8k damage and running out of ammo, there just isnt enough for me to always kill everything before everyone else.

    The tank is a mixed bag really, sometimes you do really well and destroy everything, but other times you just only do better than every other tank. It evens itself out, its kinda meh really.

  46. ill say it till im blue in the face why dont i get these games? usually ill miss 2-3 shots to RNG on even fully aimed shots. and for some reason the HEAT has an intense desire to just randomly bounce and as my last concern. somehow, the standard b’s turret is impenetrable by cobra rounds. all of them. its like a leopard thats had sex with an IS2-S lol multiple occassons that tank straight up has negated my best effort. also its too slow to stay alive if you find yourself left behind by your team. i really dont see how its OP. basically a higher damage TVP/progetto. both have ruined my life. now i get to slap them back when they try to. 🙂

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