BALANCED CAS? | MIG-15 ft. TINY IVANS (War Thunder Jet Gameplay)

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  1. German planes are better

  2. Good wood spoiler for t64

  3. intro music #bringworldatwarback

  4. As a russian i say – FUCK YEAH! suka blyat! ))

  5. Using Vodka as explosives I guess

  6. I know this is late Phly, but can you please bring the issue of the German P-47s to light. It is currently ruining all 3.7 range BR matches. Most German teams now run at least 4 P-47s, although I’ve seen as many as 8 on one team. The air-spawn and the 3.7 BR makes it easy to control the game from above. This needs to stop.

  7. haaaaaaaaccckkkkkssss

  8. What is the best nation war thunder? Help a noob pls! Also, Phly play some more tank realistic airplane strikes!!

  9. Like for the COD WAW soundtrack, It’s just awesome for russian bias.

  10. During the very early days of the Korean war, the U.S. used many Fighter planes for defense. Planes ranging anywhere from the F-9F Panther to the F-86 Sabre. but before these planes were developed and deployed in large numbers. The U.S. was still dependent on using the P-51 Mustang as a front line fighter. The Mustangs, along with most other propeller aircraft, were displaced by jets, but a large number served in the Korean War, mainly in ground support missions. The re-designated F-51 was out-performed by the newer jet aircraft, but in 1951, two Mustang pilots shot down the first MiG-15 downed over South Korea.

    You will now do the same Phly, You are allowed to bring along a wingman to assist you, but you must score a Mig kill in a P51 Mustang and live to tell the tale by successfully returning to base and landing your bird afterwords.

    Attempt #27

  11. Got more SIM in tank SIM. Your boss at rb can you still be boss in the cockpit tho?

  12. Phly, will you play railway empire when it comes out?

  13. MiG 15 with FaF rockets …

  14. I’m a missile, lol.

  15. PHLY! I believe you have only shown this tank only once before. But it was only a custom battle. Take out the anti everything wirbelwind, with its pzgr 40 rounds with 64mm of pen and eradicate the cancerous m18 spammers with your x4 20mm blaze it cannons! (Attempt #3)

  16. All I could say was: “No way.”

  17. Love the music.

  18. Phly, why are you so good at this game…

  19. Russian bias! Ypa!

  20. Those rockets ammo rack everything when it’s a direct hit

  21. How much do you actually get paid to tell us to download shitty mobile games

  22. Phly, what do you think is a good way to earn lions?

  23. Whenever music starts playing, phly either pulls off some crazy stunt or fails epicly

  24. don’t know if rockets that kill with shrapnel can be called “balanced”, didn’t they change it so that we would actually need to hit to get the kill? then again, everyone knew of the problem with the CAS spam and yet Gaijin chose to add the scout mechanic that makes it easier to spawn aircraft in Ground RB, still there’s one thing you can always be sure, Russian BIAS won’t go away for a long, long time

    • Armando Rodrigues Only the occidental rockets were nerfed (HVAR and Tiny Tim). Russian equivalents were not even touched.

  25. oh no not sponsership now

  26. I hate turn based games, its boring

  27. Marshal Phly, the Kaïser is not satisfied by your lack of performance in the quest of bringing back some gold in the mighty Prussian Treasury.
    Beware, if you don’t execute the given order, you will be sent to gul-… to some futur camp involving germany few years later.
    Jump in your Mortar Sturmpanzer II and bring the hell upon the head of the enemy of the Reich, on top tier game (BR 7.3+, could be arcade if you want, the important is to make mortar kill)
    Your objective is tobring 60’000 income to the Prussian Treasury using the Mortar !
    May Germania Rise again !
    Attempt #3

  28. carlo miguel Saratan

    What are those things on the sides of the t-64? Someone TELL ME cuz I’m so curious

  29. There’s a hole in your left wing!

  30. Do any tank carrying just ONE shell at a time. Go for ace without dying.

  31. True bias combo, Gaz 4m and i15 bis (with rbs rockets) taken out at 7.0 or higher. Vodka won’t deliver itself

  32. Phly entering massive sellout mode!!!!! Just kidding, love you phly, keep doing what you’re doing, ad revenue sucks the days. But if it keeps your awesome videos goin, I say do whatever it takes to accomplish that, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  33. Phly, there aren’t just 2. there are atleast 3. the japanese rockets are just as good as old HVAR’s.

  34. You should try out the british Typhoon Mk Ib/L, dont think its been on the channel before. (Only the 7.7mm has)

  35. phly plz do battle royal in war thunder with ru 251

  36. Shud haw calld it tiny ivan s with vodka

  37. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    SGM – Stalin guieded missile

  38. Look, a shitty mobile game

  39. Rusian Bias, Stalin Guided Rockets, Russian Theme,Epic

  40. Phly, take out the Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. H and the M.C. 202 Folgore, use their superior speed and fire power to claim victory over the Allies. Make Germany proud 😀


  42. OMFG that rocket kill!! I WANT TO HAVE KIDS FROM YOU PHLY1111

  43. 911 comment awww I ruined it

  44. I can’t say I agree really. I mean, it’s definitely not as bad as it used to be, but still two kills on people who could be in great positions or even be in a flanking spot. And they basically have no way of defending themselves (well, technically the MBTs have the 20mm on top). And to top if off, these rockets fly fast and straight.

    CAS is just simply completely broken. I so wish there was some way to play without cap and fly people who just get free kills with little to no effort.

  45. phly how do you measure range?the key

  46. War Thunder is dying so quickly, after nearly 5 years playing, I’m going to afk and delete this game permanently. Gaijin fucked up.

  47. Don’t forget that you have the german anti air rockets on the G-6 and a couple of the DW190s. The blow up a tank with a hit a couple of meters away from it, and are relatively accurate once you get used to them.

  48. Aurelien Costabeber

    Introduction confirm the implementation of AA missiles!

  49. Phly take the AMX 30 and the Vautour

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