Banana Suit M14 Carnage

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Source: SirCircon

Checking out the new M14 EBR gun in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds!


  1. Wish you had an E25 to help you in this game…

  2. not first

  3. There were more one shots than when I drive my ISU-152 da

  4. I’d love to see you play more PUBG!

  5. Figure some of my audience plays PUBG and want ot see the new gun on the block the M14! Crate only and pretty impressive! 🙂

  6. More pubg vids please

  7. Circon OP pls nerf

  8. Excellent teamwork, they didn’t stand a chance.

  9. i do like me some pubg

  10. Henri Liimatainen

    I came here for wot, not this shit

  11. The Sanity Assassin

    Never fear, Bananaman is here

  12. Play more pubg

  13. All this video was missing was Elliot the meatshield.

  14. Play with Pewdiepie and fuck him up.

  15. Are you gonna 3mark the M14?

  16. thank you for this non-wot youtube
    #Poolsmedal 🙂

  17. mk 14 is not m14 lol

  18. 4:49 Leet braking skillz, yo.

  19. So that’s what Foch’s been up to 😀

  20. I watched for a while yesterday and first thing I thought was Kill Bill in the yellow suit.

  21. Fairy GoodMüller

    twas beautiful!

  22. With wingmen like SirFoch and Snooze you can show out like SirCon does. It’s so nice to have a competent team with you.

  23. That was some fine teamwork!

  24. IRL I have that revolver, the 1895 Nagant. I love that you can put a silencer on it because IRL it is the only revolver in the world that a silencer will work on. The biggest difference from IRL to ingame is that IRL the thing is absurdly inaccurate. I mean we’re talking hitting a one foot target at 20 yards max style accuracy. Probably something to do with the 24 lb trigger pull.

  25. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    Circon, please tell Foch to stop being a lazy prick and start making videos again. kthanks!!

  26. Nice to see Snooze and Foch again!

  27. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    I wonder if Warganing would make a game like this, since they got Tanks, Warships, and planes, now we need World of Soldiers! (or world of footman, or whatever)

  28. play dayz standalone?

  29. Mk14 not to be confused with the M14

  30. Nice freakin’ game ! Very cool.

  31. Only one like button to smash? YT why u do dis?

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