BANZAI TANK CHARGE – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  2. Thanks for taking my suggestion on the BONZI charge with jap tenks, :D

  3. 0:25 The Japanese Duck.

  4. I tried to flank them but there was a Ho-Ro watching that one side of the
    river XD

  5. I’m early 47 minutes early, Banzai!!

  6. Baron was pretty much the general of the charge.

  7. I’m in this video

  8. Japan should be given a truck filled with explosives that if you ram people
    with it its an insta kill

  9. 5:52 ´HA GO´ xD

  10. I like this Intro, can you do this for ever? =D

  11. Acar Boray Bıldırcın

    4:38 Bad Baron didint help his teammate

  12. chi has vs Sherman’s

  13. I need pink bush for the Emperor! How I get dis beautiful bush, comrades?

  14. TENHOU HEIKA BANZAI !!! burn the yankees and chinkies together !!! GO JAPAN
    ! the sacred unbreakable sword !


  16. His Ho-Ro Spawns in.
    Baron takes a sip of coke.
    Then Desolation.

  17. Baron guards the flank.
    D3A1 attack run.
    Baron is lit fam.


  19. Nipponium can beat Stalinium.

  20. why are all his videos poor video quality even at 1080p

  21. When will Japanese Tanks be accesseble to the general public? (I.E not
    having to buy it)

  22. Do biplanes against the Duster

  23. Just wondering Baron, did you try out the P-38L? Seems like it’s a lot
    better than the earlier models because of the boosted controls.

  24. What happened to Men of War Mondays?

  25. song of the intro??

  26. baron my men of war wont start i have re installed the game 4 times and
    still doesnt work please help

  27. 9:09 Whoa! What’s that flying across the screen?!?

  28. Japan tank sucks

  29. Japan tank too weak

  30. Good against infantry and unarmored vehicle

  31. why do all of your vids look so fuzzy

  32. i read that 2 other Japanese is being released, ke-ni and Chi-Ha but…

    Ho-ro didn’t

  33. defense of japs ground. hold the american T1 and T2 (only Sherman M4a1 and
    105mm M4a3) charge. Historical accurate

  34. Heyyy Baron Baron where doo you get your golden eagles from 😀 Can you make
    the Sturm Tiger for war thunder??? Just think about shooting at these pesky
    tu4’s with a 320mm shell!! Send the players playing that plain back to the

  35. Baron can you make a custom battle where you were driving a maus vs
    lower-tier tanks I think it would be cool thanks for the videos

  36. how about tog 2 vs. low-tier tanks

  37. Still haven’t gotten that map!

  38. Japanese civil war in Korea?

  39. hey i was in this vid yay

  40. mont and blade please

  41. Baron where are your ,,Top 5 of the week” ?

  42. Baron can you play the new Sherman in England tier aka Sherman II ?

  43. Music credit for first 30 seconds? Anyone?

  44. gotta do america vs japan on the same map

  45. Where is that place?? Korea?

  46. M4A1 Sherman. Just, ya know, try to survive RB I guess?

  47. these tanks are kinda annoying

  48. Love you video bro keep up the good work!

  49. Btw I made a YouTube account just so I could comment on your awsome videos

  50. Loved the intro!

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