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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Thumbs up for barbaric noises.

  2. You know, russian balances, every single new tank/changed on this patch is op

  3. feed meeee 🙂

  4. Do you think any of the ingame premiums added in this update are worth getting? I’m leaning towards trading my FCM50t for one of the tier 8 prems, maybe amx m4 mle 49?

  5. 263 is da waeee…

  6. sexy grunts

  7. Theese ne rammig sounds where worth the patch. BTW circon please have kids.

  8. The man lives up to the title of “the meme god”!

  9. *+5% Chest hair!*

  10. Nobody likes going to the dentist

  11. A manly man’s Tank Destroyer.

  12. so uncivilised.

  13. I’m so pissed at this update… The tortoise is useless compared to this tank.


  15. Fire and ram and fire and ram and ram and fire… Very well

  16. The Chad OBJ 263 vs Virgin Waffentrager Pz 4


  18. i was having some insane deja vu until i realized that i watched this on stream. ive only seen the stream once and it was this game lol

  19. 6:05
    Shot+Burn+Ram. Wtf?

  20. TheCommoner AKA TheKingOfScrubs

    Its called silver amalgamite for cavity and root canal fillings.

  21. You recommend the 430u when someone already has the 140? Or just stick with the 140?

  22. I wish they would move this thing to T9 on console..

  23. I see this guy always put up stream gameplay but I can never catch his stream when does he stream ?

  24. Gotta go down this line, did the derp line already. The Obj 268 and 704 are alright, but this looks like it would suit my play-style better.

  25. 3-5-7 resident sleeper matchmaking in the year 2018?

  26. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    That one is Jingles worthy just for the rams and fires

  27. 100k subs? Here we come!

  28. No Russian bias here.

  29. you good sir, are a barbarian. 🙂
    (and that’s not meant as an insult)

  30. Hot damn. I felt my beard grow & thicken with every ram.

  31. skoda didnt do shit…..yet still lost all his health….then died to the last tank alive…..

    what. a. retard.

  32. I would of never seen thing video because it never popped up in my Subscription video feed :/

  33. All the squeaks and grunts is almost as funny as Norsemen on Netflicks.

  34. That german TD is probably contemplating about life right now… ???

  35. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Uuuuha… yoyyyyuaaahhhh !!! uhhhh!

  36. World of Tanks: Fair and Biased.

  37. All I can think when he makes that grunt is the mountain troll from the first Harry Potter

  38. ROLMAO 🙂 GG . TDS .

  39. Russian assault truck is the official name for this tank

  40. This video gave me +42% muscle mass. I can’t stop flexing my arms send help

  41. I love those pro-sounding ramming samples 🙂 WoT troglodyte theme 🙂

  42. Around the 5 minute to 5:30 warm was just golden to me?

  43. Need more gold? Get some in Google play app Free Gold for Tanks. With code gnz92 you get some gold to better start.

  44. R.A.T. – Russian Assault Truck.

  45. How is call your video where you make strange rumor such as blup

  46. Just what we needed, more insanly armored fast TDs which hit for 600 plus damage every 10 or so seconds … This game has became World of Arty&TDs, and Tanks are there just for them to have something to shoot at…

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