Baron Saves THANKSGIVING from the Germans – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. my grandmother sprayed me with holy water. what does it mean???!!!!!

  2. let’s bring out that dusty kv-2 ya?

  3. Drive the doom turtle aka the t95

  4. Happy thanksgiving baron!!! oh and MURICA!!!

  5. next do the Shermans vs the t34s

  6. Gregory W Trump Legion

    This year thanksgiving belongs to the Nazis fuck you BaronVonCuck

  7. za yag. tiga (attempt 2)

  8. baron fam, why dI’d you and phly stop playing???

  9. Hey Baron, I’d just like to say thanks for giving Slick somewhere to go for
    Thanksgiving, nobody deserves to be alone on this day of thanks.

  10. Take out the American kv2 the M4 105 with heat rounds.

  11. t28 or t95

  12. Baron do the American M2 in a tier 5 game because freedom and play with
    PhlyDaily more please

  13. Wavelength RenegadeReef

    My vote:
    Take out the great, the grand, the glorious… Der Maus. See if it’s even
    any good anymore after the addition of ATGMs. Bring along an Me 262 A-1/U4
    (the cannon one) for backup in case the shit hits the fan.

  14. M26E1. High velocity 90mm hello from ‘Merica ??

  15. “Bushes”

  16. Damn Nazi’s they took our turkeys..

    Great joke right? (Misses maus in the battlefield)

  18. Go Detroit Lions! Baron


  20. I had my first real mince-meat pie tonight! It had Venison in it!
    …It was good.

  21. I wanna see a youtuber play the M-22 Locust!

  22. Thatoneguyfromfacebook D:

    drive out the Hetzer

  23. Is-3 po-2?

  24. Gefroce “Gefroce”

    Shermans XD For thanks giving

  25. Revenge the german’s! Tiger E!

  26. Baron! We are in urgent need on the French front! Churchill has ordered all
    Crusader mk. III crews. The French air force has offered D.520’s to aid you
    in your push. Best of luck commander!
    BR 2.7 Crusader Mk. III
    Premium BR 3.0 D.520

  27. Play the M18’s cousin or M10’s Brother who lives across the pond. The 4.0
    British Achilles!

  28. Take out the m19 or the m42 duster

  29. Personally, I think the game is unbalanced but more in the sense of armour.
    I know when I am in my Sherman, when I see a tiger, I just load ap and
    shoot his driver. I think that between the Russians and Americans they are
    very Fair but I feel that the Germans are missing something. Anyway Baron,
    great work! This thanksgiving I am thankful for your joy and happiness.
    Please play the Tiger 2 H and the Do 335!!!

  30. Not a suspicious knife

    After America day… the Panzers have cleared… but the Luftwaffe is still
    active! Save the day with the P51 D-5!!!!!

  31. Play the t29 because just because

  32. LOL

  33. happy thanks giving baron.

    how come you stayd Clear of all the Japanese devblogs lately? you need to
    start the hype Train up :-)

  34. I was shot and killed by one of those last time I played war thunder and i
    was in an American tank from the movie Fury

  35. My favorite dish is turkey with apple sausage stuffing, and you should play
    the Dicker Max!

    Are you giving tanks?

  37. Play the M36 90mm GMC

  38. Learman at War thunder


  39. Hi m8s you are epic

  40. play the T-44, T-44-100, js-4, any of those pleas!!

  41. M36 or t95 since you used m18 the m36 is preferable

  42. bill nye the nazi spy

    next: T 34-57 and yak9-k

  43. Thanksgiving. the day Americans let illegal immigrants from Europe.

  44. At high tier, you can’t drive a tank coz IT1 and can’t fly any plane coz
    Shilka and those tanks take no skill to play!

  45. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and yams….nom nom nom….and
    later some egg nogg

  46. M60 Clamshell with a Thunderjet! Let’s see some American bias!

  47. IS-7 or IS-3

  48. A Churchill and plane with anti tank gunz like the tempest 47 (I believe)MM
    . Fire them teacups to bring them into probing position :);)

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