BaronVonTop 5 Kill, Kv-220 (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War 1.61 : Kv-220 Event !

Thanks for watching!


  1. BaronVonStuka

  2. M4A3E2 Jumbo with the 76

  3. how do you get that tank

  4. What’s the name of that russian bomber

  5. A little tip for long distance shots: You can bind the rangefinder key in
    the view settings, to mesure the somewhat exact range to the enemy.

  6. I wish I can do operation S.U.M.M.E.R but the server I’m on is down

  7. why you no play with phly?

  8. Sounds like Slick is all hopped up on energy drinks.

  9. You could send your clip to gaijin for the thunder show

  10. Geraldo GamingChannel

    Just tell me… what is the song

  11. more tactical playing please *-*

  12. whats the name of that song on the replay

  13. Why did Phly and Baron stop playing together?

  14. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    You Florida boys love some T Pain.

  15. No need to give a man vodka and a ppsh to kill people, just give my brother
    a starburst and a lmg that looks like a nerf gun and he can take down

  16. When you forget that the KV-220 has the hull of a KV-3 and begin to think
    if we could get the KV-3 xD

  17. stalinium armor. ….

  18. yo baron baron! play the isu- 152 or gulag

  19. The_Black Ops_Master

    For a second I thought the KV-220 had a BT-5 body lol but never mind it’s
    the same I think

  20. can someone tell me what the music he used at the start to show the bombs
    falling, the same one from the top 5 series

  21. great vid baron i would love to have the kv220 but i just dont have the
    time for these damn events really wish they gave ppl the option to buy them
    for a limited time.

  22. Alright, that first one was just amazingly stupid.

  23. cluch game

  24. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    Oh no! OH NO! WTF! *BOOM* **Only gun and tracks broken* Russian armor

  25. I face one of those with a Sherman m4 and I killed on my 10 try right next
    to the Cannon then got sniped by a kv2

  26. KV-3 chassis op confirmed XP go soviet russia

  27. how much premium tanks you guys have?

  28. You and Slick share brain 😛 Lovly gameplay

  29. He should send that stuka kill to thunder show

  30. dude in the old days u could kill planes directly by dropping bombs in
    their faces and hitting the planes. i used to do it with medium and light
    bombers when followed climb straight up let them follow and drop and do
    roll and dive.the momentum would carry them up right into path of fighters
    before they could follow with the dive.

  31. funkierfawn budgie

    Baron pls play with Phly

  32. Zut 37

  33. I wish warthunder was on xbox world of tanks is complete 100% trash

  34. Isn’t that a T-150? Not a Kv-220

  35. William O'sullivan

    love it bra keep em coming

  36. i just noticed that the commanders cupula rotates when you rotate the

  37. Russian bias m8

  38. so.. it doesn’t kill anyone else that he looks around without holding c?

  39. Baron when you were in the ZSU you should have shot the panther. You could
    have penned him easily. Either that or stay on the hill and not drive out
    into the open where anyone can see you lol

  40. how tf does he already have it

  41. what happens when you play with soviet become immortal

  42. so am i right kv220 can penetrate tiger front armor from 500 meters and
    tiger cant penetrate kv220 what kind of BR is this

  43. plz link sexy transition music he uses

  44. how did you get it fam, is it like reward from operation summer?

  45. Librecht Van Doorselaer

    More War Thunder plane video’s please :p

  46. how did you get the bombing interface in rb
    i don’t find it in the settings

  47. Prabaditya Rahman

    baron, play KV 2 plez for da mother russian and vodka!!!!

  48. Baron you mever play t44-100 can you play it

  49. >could have took out the track of the panther then its engine
    >Get’s killed while chasing it going danger close to it with the panther’s
    sides exposed…
    Not the smartest move baron…

  50. Daniel Angcos (Hatsune Izuma)

    the Germans rocked that game

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