Bat Chat 12t Unicum Guide/Review, Getting to 3 Marks of Excellence

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I the , a tier light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 and tier 8 Redshire battles.

The Bat Chatillon the ultimate finesse tank. Its autoloader can deal 680 damage in 6 seconds, but the BatChat often faces tier 9-10 opponents with large HP pools, so you have to pick your spots carefully and avoid trading as much as possible.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camouflage
+ Good top speed (68)
+ Good gun handling for an autoloader
+ Relatively small size
– Poor gun depression (-6)
– Poor gun elevation (+13)
– Low view range (380 base), requires Optics + Vents + BIA + 85% Situational Awareness to get to 445m
– Low HP (1000)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to ” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can send me gold in-game, or you can donate via PayPal or by shopping on Amazon:



  1. Love the vids man really helped me out with my own development of gameplay keep it up!

  2. could you do a video on the 13 105? I’m an aspiring LT driver currently LOVING the 13 90 with a current xTE of 87. I’d like your insight regarding its competitiveness, especially when stacked up to the batchat.

    • Yes, I’ll cover the 13 105. Just to set your expectation, relative to the rest of the line, the 13 105 has poor agility (turns like the Titanic) and has poor accuracy.

      I still like the tank but it can be frustrating to drive.

  3. QB HATES this tank. I think it looks cool.

    Edit: 1,337 Base exp that first game, nice number!

    • Baguette with cheese

      I dont underestand QB. Its fantastic! 😀

    • Hah, I didn’t notice that XP number.

      This tank requires a lot of finesse. I’ve grown to appreciate it but it’s not easy to play.

    • I have this tank and still grinding to AMX 30B 🙁 it’s quite frustrating sometimes but you’ll learn to love it once you have that crew with skills and good awareness of how to play this tank

      Thanks for the video man. learn something new again

    • MongooseJake : Fun & Games

      Who listens to fast fetus anyways? Just enjoy the fun tank!

  4. Seems like you miss most of your shots when you zoom out before firing. Why do it? I think its more important to make shots than to zoom out to check your surroundings

    • The zooming out happens after I left-click, so I don’t think it’s affecting the accuracy of shots. Some people fire zoomed out, but I don’t do that as the reticle tends to bounce up-and-down to account for shell arc.

  5. How about that T30 tho?

  6. I really enjoy your videos. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for this taugrim been needing some advice for the bc 12 t

  8. I had decent luck with the Bat Chat 12t. It might be the most complicated light to play in the game. You’re always calculating hit points vs clip potential + penetration probability, and the rivalry light 1v1s are complicated. At least it is a superior scout, which can carry you far at tier VIII, but the gun lacks the firepower needed to really bully at its own tier much less higher tiers.

    • I agree with everything you say here. I find playing this tank well is very satisfying. I spot, track, do damage myself all in one game. That can be incredibly powerful for the team – on the right map, of course. And there’s the rub. City maps are tough for this vehicle.

    • Agreed on everything you said. Like I wrote in the video description, this is the ultimate finesse tanks.

  9. Nice vid bro keep’em up 🙂

  10. Loved the video Taugrim! I’m working my way through french lights right now and would love to see the new French tier 10 light tank in a video in future. Thanks!

  11. Could you revisit the 13 90 since you’re last video on it was back when it was a tier 8. Otherwise I would like to see the 13 105

  12. That TK arty . lol

  13. Can you do a wz-131 vid? 🙂

    • I haven’t played the Chinese tech tree yet. If I were going to go up another LT line I’d probably go with the Soviet LT over the Chinese LT.

  14. I have always used binoculars instead of optics on this tank. The almost “490” m view range is awesome for spotting high camo tanks. Also was wondering, what was your average damage/spotting per battle? I’m currently at around 80% MoE on my Batchat and was wondering how much better I’d need to do

    • You can see my average stats toward the end of the video: 1524 dpg and 782 spotted per battle.

      In my run of 10 solo battles (8 wins, 2 losses) to get from about 91.8% to 95.4% I was averaging ~2.5k dpg and something like ~1.2k spotted.

  15. I am watching your videos for a long time now, but I want to ask you, why do you never use “gold” ammo?

    • I don’t use gold ammo in pubs because it’s very problematic for tank balance. No judgement on players who use it, it is a built-in game mechanic and is a powerful tool.

      Tanks with heavy armor give up a lot for that armor: acceleration, top speed, hull traverse, turret traverse, etc. Gold ammo greatly reduces the effective armor of such tanks while leaving those tanks with all the downsides of bearing that armor.

      For the purpose of these educational videos, I think it’s more illustrative and helpful to viewers to show how to perform well with silver ammo, as opposed to firing a lot of gold.

  16. The big problem with this tank is basicly other light tanks, because you can’t scout and then you can be really useless, accuracy is terrible and shell cost is 1000 for 170 dmg.

  17. M4a3e8 or fury please.

  18. I freaking died when that SU blapped you… OMG

  19. The fact that you dont use premium ammo are very impressive.

  20. Trying to make me not watch it, uploading it at 10 pm, love the video -ImTilt

  21. Baguette with cheese

    Love this tank <3

  22. 2 videos = 2 arty team-kills (at 9:07 and at 16:10 ). *Arty players, arty players never change…*

  23. Really nice video, thank you. Please do a review of the AMX 13105. Thx in advance!

    • Yes, I’ll cover the 13 105 eventually. I have it and am trying to carry with it, but its lack of agility and accuracy make that difficult.

  24. needs more autoaim and chat rage. But otherwise excellent.

  25. I found that using food in lights gives you an insane advantatge (much better camo, much better view range). Because you don’t want to get hit anyways, the fire extinguisher is not so useful… if you ever need that, you know you’ve been doing something wrong. And the outspotting other tanks when you have that extra camo and view range is amazing

  26. Hey, i got 11 k spots in This tank xDI love its scouting potential, makes me hyped for elc even 90

  27. Why this video just after I used all my free exp to pass this sh** 🙁

  28. Could you do a review of TVP T50/51?

    • I can, eventually. I did recently purchase the TVP T50/51 by applying the level 10 holiday reward discount, and I’ve crewed it with a new female commander and fresh gold crew.

      I suspect the tank will function almost identically to the Skoda T50, but with more burst that is more compact.

  29. Hi Taugrim, can you please make some videos about Cromwell or T34/85 ? Thank you very much (also i learned how to play light tanks prop. btw. do you know that german t4 pz. 38 n.a.) is awesome against t6 too ? )

    • I did a review on the Cromwell a while back:

      One caveat is that I did go mid road on Lakeville, which is very high risk.

      I haven’t played the Pz 38 NA, but it looks like fun.

  30. in EU you get teamkilled by arty when you were circling the T34 atleast it happens to me in most battles they even ask you to leave the tank so they can hit it but when you are outcircling their turret and cannot leave without being hit … yeah … you’re boned i’ve uploaded atleast 10 video’s to replaywebsite with this happening so it happens alot.. Also im close to 3rd marking the bc 12t but i run food consumable…

    • That’s really annoying. The 1st rule of arty is that a player shouldn’t risk a shot if it could kill a friendly. Especially in my situation as I could have kept circling the T34 given that it’s so slow.

      Running food is a good idea to help get to 445m view range, given that it’s somewhat difficult to get there unless you have a good crew. Although it is a bit of a drain on credits.

    • well sometimes i don’t give much about spending credits and i do really well on it on average and still with food often make profits in it especially with the 48% christmas bonus. i have a 3 skilled male normal crew with BIA, Camo, Snap/smooth, and 4th skill currently learning with repairs, the commander needs 400K crew xp to learn the 4th skill which will be situational awareness.

      first i had my 5th skilled BC 25T crew in it which was amazing at spotting i had it at 480 meters View range with a 38% driving camo thats simply amazing on open maps it pings up shooting enemies whilst being unspotted driving in their 350-445 meters range you will be unspotted unless you start to shoot ofcourse but with the autoloaders i managed to remain patience and clip when the need is the most. i play a 3.2K wn8 on average on the vehicle

  31. Ugh Taugrim you’re such a noob! If you want to be unicum just load full gold!!!
    Jk lol. But I’m planning on soon grinding up to the AMX 13 105. How is the French light line so far?

    • The French light line is excellent up to tier 9. The tier 10 French light badly needs buffs – the tank has very poor agility and the accuracy is poor.

  32. Oh yea, please do a M-4 vid, derp gun is a must!

  33. Just what I wanted for Christmas, Taugrim telling me stuff about tanks and tank strategies…

  34. Out of those options, review the T28 Proto please. I’ve gotten better results using it as a pocket heavy than a tank destroyer. It’s certainly not as one dimensional as people think. It has been quite a long time since you reviewed a tank destroyer, which would make it extra special.

    • > I’ve gotten better results using it as a pocket heavy than a tank destroyer


      If you have armor, it’s good to leverage it. I find that when I’m not tanking damage, my squishier friendlies end up eating it.

  35. Great video T. Hope to see you in game.

  36. AMX 13 105 plz

  37. Hey Taugrim, great video as usual. I’m continually impressed by the level of quality you are able to maintain in every single video you produce. Good job.

    I’m currently at the 13 75 and I’ve finished the grind. I have a full female crew in it for the reasons you mentioned. I’m very close to the 3rd mark and will do a couple try hard sessions once x5 is over.

    I think a T30 video would be highly interesting.

    I’m glad you’re back to WoT.

    • Thanks!

      A full female crew really helps for the 3-crew French tanks. I have full female crews for the Bat Chat 25t, AMX 13 90, and AMX 13 105.

  38. Another tip when you are pulling up to those bushes is to park yourself with your rear towards the enemy. Because of the centerline mounted turret on the batchat 12t it has the same gun depression over the rear as the front. Parking with your rear to the enemy means that when you fire and get spotted you can immediately accelerate and back off compared to how you had to turn around in order to retreat. Saves you a lot of hits and damage taken in the long run.

  39. Amx105 would be great i seriously feel the batchat does everything better except depression and mobility

    • One other thing the AMX 13 105 has over the Bat Chat 25t is a more manageable clip size of 3. The Bat Chat 25t is more agile than the 13 105, which makes no sense.

    • Taugrim yes … thats why we need your help 😉 congrats for your nice vids really cool to keep some tips in underpreassure situations

  40. any advice for the amx 13 75 binos or optics???
    should i use food???

  41. Taugrim – I really enjoy your vids. They’re just no nonsense, and you use words like egregious which is too notch.

  42. Just noticed you are not in the WORLD clan anymore. May I ask why ?

    • Over half of the clan took the free transfer to AU/NZ. I miss those guys, and it’s depressing to be in a clan that has lost critical mass.

  43. Hey i saw ur light tank Guide and you using ur team and telling them where to be the problem is tho. I play on the european server and 90% of the ppl dont speak english so thats kind of a problem, most of the ppl are salty polish ppl

  44. “The red guy” Classic and classy response.

  45. I love this tank. Isolate tank and do 700 dmg. I marked him in 80 battles.

  46. Since the removal of the fun gun on the 59-16 I’ve been looking for tanks to fill its void. May have to finish grinding out the 13 75 now. Keep up the excellent work Taugrim

  47. Thx man, all of those tanks 🙂

  48. Hahahaha it was so funny when this arty teamkilled you by shooting too fast…
    You reaction on the video was even more funny. “…and all I have to do is burn clock time, and give arty a chance to finish him off, right? All our arty needs to do is just wait until he has a good shotBOOM…”
    I’m glad you reacted this way. This is still a game and uncertain situations like this one may happen, fine! Always makes me laugh even if I die. No need to complain again about arties or teamkillers…

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