^^| Bat Chat T25 AP Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. I have a batchat AP with 80% crew and no skills kill me

  2. GOT HIM !

  3. why doesn’t Circon have XVM?

  4. Wow, most damage done was from allies, haha. I do find it really annoying
    that is you run a standard account and allies damage you, you get SOME
    credit companion. You only get full compensation if you run a premium

  5. circon, you know that you can pretty easily climb all the way up the hill
    from the position you were in at the first 3 mins.

  6. The Sanity Assassin

    “Now that. That was some perfect shooting, if I do say so myself” Circon

  7. I’m on YouTube on chat finally xD

  8. what? i can like a comment in the YouTube app?

  9. I see what you did there circon! Putting bchat T25 in the title as
    clickbait! ;)

  10. Bat Chat T25 AP. *FailFish*

  11. The memes! They are tasty!

  12. U wrote BC 25t wrong, “Bat Chat T25 AP Stream Highlight”.
    Anyways, nice vid, I was disappointed it wasn’t longer :(

  13. Clippening intensifies..

  14. it’s 25t not t25 :)

  15. lots of cool features added to 9.16, i don’t think you ill need XVM anymore

  16. hmm, I didn’t realise you could climb as high on the hill just there, does
    it work with the ELC and chaffee too

  17. watching this make me remember the AMX 13 75 in Jingles video : Giant

    “Come on you cissy!”

  18. Bat Chat T25 AP confirmed? New tenk new tenk?

  19. are there any researchable tanks that you havnt unlocked?

  20. M53…pretty good. Only needs slight buffing.

  21. loving the great work Circonflexes :)

  22. i heard if you are early the boss will reply

  23. That T57 got rekt by arty and nobody seems to notice

  24. When I read the title I thought you were playing in the T25 haha

  25. Mopar or no car Mopar


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