Bath of DOOM – S35 CA – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The bathtub of DOOM something..


  1. It’s really good to see you actually somewhat enjoying the game again and having fun

  2. I think you forgot how broken this thing is.

  3. They have autism

  4. So Circon, what gun are you choosing to run in that puppy? Is there any reason to choose anything besides the 17-pounder?

  5. I like to drink cherry coke. Cherry coke is so good man.

  6. Most people dream of that DMG in T10.

  7. ELC, ELC … click … FU!

  8. tier 5 tds are so fun to play

  9. The bathtub still is by far my favorite chill out and rend some tanks a new one vehicle to this day.

  10. I like the bathtub of doom too , such a magnificent gun , when it behaves , its almost like driving a su 152 or isu 152 , taking aside the wide gunarc from the s35ca its a little monster on t5 ^^

  11. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    Duvel, what else?

  12. The most clubby of bathtubs

  13. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    1500HP Tanks meeting 330HP Tanks in the same Match? Sounds legit!

  14. why the APCR spam?

  15. the bathtub of Dooooom!

  16. Tea Earl Gray hot.

  17. ye gods Circon the game will now be littered with French bathtubs . ” Circon said it was an awesome td blah blah blah “

  18. I wandered what the bathtub tank was now I know lol

  19. 8:04 that is the proof that the scouting system is broken since the new physic update.
    Am I the only one who noticed?

  20. it’s balanced that the APCR do 20 more damage than the AP

  21. Chris_The_Autotech

    Those 2 tigers went on the forums and complained about gold spam right after this match lol

  22. Ze Tub of Terror

  23. Don’t worry Circon, I can handle gold spam 😉

  24. i fuckin love these cheery videos where youre talking mad shit and having a ton of fun. more pls

  25. Love this tank.

  26. Glad to see you in higher spirits again with the game Circon. Hope your mother is doing well also as well as yourself.

  27. Finally the bath tub getting some love. It was my first tier 5.

  28. My liquid of choice was coffee today. It had way too much sugar and cream. But I need that caffeine.

  29. 18oz hot choco + ICE 101 6oz…2 and yo goto bed..

  30. 75mm cannon with .40 dispersion.. at FUll map that is a circle 4 meter round. TANK AT 6′ TALL AND 10-12 FOOT WIDE.. CANTER THE TARGET, AND ITS OVER 1/2 FULL…
    and you can still miss?
    Forget the Aiming circle, which says if you fire early…you hit the moon..its stupid.

  31. *Water water coke water water Pepsi lemon water water tea water water*

  32. This tank is so badly underrated. A fucking beast in tier 5.

  33. Damn man , the most entertaining streamer for WOT easily ,( IMO ) not to say that other streamers are bad or anything they’re all great , but this man right here has the memes to go with the beans if you know what I mean ’cause I have no fucking clue it’s 5am good night ly <3

  34. AT 7 is really hard for arty to hit because it’s so small and fast.

  35. Stalin using those magnets to pull your shots into the ground. Proof!

  36. 2:21 that’s a pretty solid new Sixth Sense soundbite there

  37. in the tub you have to aim a little high when shooting at distance. I always aim pixels above the target at long range & rarely if ever does the shell go over.

  38. Is like ISU in tier 5. Except it does more damage with APCR kappa.

  39. Going over the hill, looks like a beached whale.

  40. That bush in the beginning is a very nice bush to be in

  41. I mean yeh the gun is shit, but its like Fv4005 on tier 5, 330 alpha on tier 5 tank, it can one shot a lot of tanks it meets. Still doing more alpha than heavies two tiers higher.

  42. S35 CA – Hot tub

  43. This guy sounds like an APE on speed

  44. Why use all gold ammo? I forgot you have these morons to pay for it. Lol

  45. Missile warfare killed the open top

  46. I’m sorry Circon but here in Germany beer can also be Breakfast, supper or dinner, there’s no wrong time to drink beer IF you don’t have to drive. 🙂

  47. Mile WorldOfTanks

    French Bias!!! S35CA OP PLS NERF!

  48. Downhill it’s the bathtub of haste (2:24)

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