Batman was a Nazi? (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. first one to like

  2. Armando The Commander

    Hello Baron

  3. Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht


  4. third do the m103,and the spitfire

  5. Armando The Commander


  6. Hey Baron Can you give me a shout out!

  7. how much is war thunder on steam and I love Ur world of warships videos

  8. do the Leopard 1

  9. King Tiger that is all

  10. T-10M Master Race!

  11. play as Nazi batman

  12. Leopard 1 das Auto (wat)

  13. What tank should we take out next for the next episode of the TANK REQUEST

    If you want a plane to go with the tank, make sure it’s at an equal or
    lower BR.

  14. what about the conqueror British tank for the series?

  15. crusader mk 3 and Wellington with the cookie the struggle bus

  16. silent thunder (silentassasin798)

    Pandy omg no this can’t be happening noooooooooooooooo I thought I ended
    him but no he rises again dam you panda dam you

  17. Baron what would you think of a HO 18 being added to war thunder?

  18. yas bitch,yaaaaaass!!!

  19. Now that patch 9.14 came out for WoT this game sounds out of date.

  20. Yoooooo Barrooon

  21. Άκης Γκεμίσης

    Hey Baron why do u fire both of your guns (primary, secondary) with the
    same button? don’t do that, waste of ammo

  22. You should try a ZSU against a tier 1-2 swarm

  23. Hello Baron!

  24. Do leopard 1 you quick little kitty

  25. Can you please stop referring to the title as ‘something something ‘nazi”
    everytime you play as the Germans. If you know your history, not everyone
    was a Nazi in wartime Germany, civilian or military.Thankyou

  26. Michael DePelteau

    “You know nothing, T-54 Snoo!!” xD

  27. Ace Michael Wittmann

    Nazi Batman xD lol

  28. Supermanguera Bruh

    use a mexican ho, and watch spodermon in civil war :v

  29. +BaronVonGamez Please use the Ho-229 properly. Don’t attack the tanks from
    the side. You should rather attack from above so you can pen every tank.

  30. When patch 1.57 comes out you should take the super pershing and the AD 2
    sky raider with all of the rockets

  31. I Don't Understand Math

    Play the IS-3 with support IL-28 both made out stalinium >:D

  32. Po-2 and t-50 combo

  33. Gentleman's Gaming. A proper channel

    hey baron could you make a video telling us what you use to record and edit
    war thunder videos. I’ve been trying to record some and they just don’t
    want to work

  34. The Tb-3 With the BT-5

  35. T32 and bearcat with x4 20mm cannons plus tiny Tim rockets.

  36. m3 stwert with mustain

  37. Proficient Disc Golf

    what ever happened to that piolet

  38. crusader

  39. Do you need to download it from the net, or from a pc disk

  40. Jeremy GoneHunting

    only American tier 4 tank with good armor and a good gun. The mighty T-32
    for MURICA’

  41. kv2 il2 simple

  42. Can you play the M60 and a plane of your choice?

  43. Jonathan Silveira

    bat aircraft nazi

  44. cheiftain and venom because 1.57 is proba gonna come out before the next

  45. The Master Chief 2000

    Take out the leopard 1 and cl-13 cold war

  46. The adapting Hanz combo

    Panzer IV F2, Panzer III M, Marder III H, Wirbelwind, HS 129B-2 with the 30
    mm autocannon, BF 109 with 8×73 mm rockets

    Use this combo to adapt to your enemies movement and strategy! Use
    apropriate vehicles and aircraft to support your team and increase your
    german efficiency!

    It would also be great if you maybe played this together with Phly and
    maybe Slickee

  47. Leo 1 hesh only and me 262 50 mm

  48. Ah the good old days. When the Maus was a German t-10m. I wouldn’t know
    that though :p

  49. Just fly the duck with 30mm HVAP. It is centerline-mounted which helps with
    aiming at the tank’s weakpoints and br is much lower.

  50. IS-3 and IL-2 plz and thnk u. -Sexy Stalin

  51. Leopard and Me 163! German agility!

  52. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    light the batman light !!! we need those 30 mm

  53. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    How about m60 and saber

  54. win you going to be live streaming?

  55. hey baron how can i get free eagle in wt ??

  56. Hypocrite in a bush

    how do you get chevrons on enemy tanks. Do you need to press a button or is
    is autmatic?

  57. M3 Lee paired up with the 20mm American Mustang equid with max bomb loads!

  58. Wtf Internet 17mbps of download and I can’t watch a vid in 1080p 60fps

  59. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Some british tank. Doesn’t really matter which, all of them are kinda
    unappreciated atm.

  60. They did na zi batman coming

  61. Again for like the 400th time, T44 and IL101946

  62. Leopard 1

  63. Batman wasn’t a Nazi…he was an orphan. Duhhh!

  64. Nice Dennis green reference

  65. IS-4 and Il-28 or Gulag.

  66. barooonnn why did you lower your graphic settings :(

  67. take out the tiger II 105 and the arado

  68. Tiger II H and Fw-190 a8 with rockets show them some good german

  69. t-28 american TD and the b-17G flying fortress

  70. I was in this game!!! the first one!! baron you should have died, I didmt
    knew that was you but I was behinde you killed a centurion mk.10, 2 leos
    abd that tortoies, than you disapeared I was looking for you… bollocks!
    My name is LudiKruc… got 5 kills man… that game, didmt even reize you
    were in it…

  71. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    The Conqueror and Hunter, the Empire Strikes Back!

  72. only americans call germans nazis for some reason

  73. Tiger 2 p and the duck with the 75mm

  74. APCR armed Wirbelwind (To kill tanks) and Me-410 50 mil (to kill planes).
    Using things for what they’re not meant for.

  75. Do Elefant and He-111-6 (I think that is the right tier for the Elefant and

  76. Leopard 1 and F-86 Sabre


  78. Its 1943 and the war is raging in the east.
    Take out your T-34 1943 to wage war on the ground while providing air cover
    in your

  79. 2nd attempt: M4A3 76mm and F-82 Twin mustang 14 .50 of Freedom ? come on
    boys we got 132 likes last time!

  80. juan david uran acevedo

    maus in the haus

  81. drive the queen of the dessert and the Hurricane Mk 4 with the 40mm cannons.
    For King & Country!!


  83. Beef cake mantlet T32 and the zippity zappity thunderbolt

  84. panther d and 105 cm tiger 2

  85. next shall be M103 with the F-84 fully decked out with tiny Tims and the
    other rockets

  86. russians loll op

  87. Do th Sherman PLEASE

  88. Let’s go for the Super Pershing and the Skyraider!

  89. T44 & IL10 1916

  90. Well Batman is a symbol of peace through power, meaning he is a fascist.
    Not the same, but have similar connotations.

  91. play the chieftain! wait fu… I mean the conquer!

  92. T10M with IL-28 or Mig17?

  93. Would explain why Batman had all that fancy tech, his grand father was a
    brilliant Nazi Scientist. *evil smile*

  94. that speech at the end of the video was the most understanding thing i have
    ever heard from a war thunder player
    A++ baron

  95. Baron more heroes and generals plz

  96. i want the the vodka eater t45 85 and the la 7 or la 5f

  97. MrImmortalityPrince

    What is the music in the beginning of the video? I’ve heard it many times
    on Baron’s vids but never realized that it sounds like a jrpg song.

  98. Leopard 1 m80!

  99. Doritos Nachos PrePadous


  100. Someone tell me what’s so good about getting a premium account?

  101. Baron I’ve had that skin for a looooong time. Even paired it up with the
    blue flame. You should try that

  102. Matthew Chischnijak

    I know this is not a request but in heliborne can you please use the
    Chinook in both Vietnam and Afghanistan

  103. plez baron do the op combow po2 and t35 plezzz

  104. Matthew Chischnijak

    +BaronVonGames please

  105. t97 and fi6 for murica’

  106. Doom turtle ! and an American jet bomber

  107. T25 and AD-2

  108. t95 and b29

  109. Thank god you’re playing RB now. Only pussies and new players play AB…

  110. Just say German or National Socialist

  111. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    You need to rebind your coax controls so you can fire the 75mm separate.
    When you switch the reticle switches to the ballistics of the guns.

    I dunno why, but it bothers me. :P

  112. BARON don’t fire the 75mm and the 120mm at the same time. The recoil might
    mess up your aim and you waste your 75mm ammo.

  113. Logan Parrish (Prussian J3T)

    Year 1950, World War Two is over, but the world is now in the Third World
    War as conflicts between the Soviet Union and NATO forces. The USSR has
    pushed deeper into Germany and partially into France and Belgium. This
    called for and instant reaction from NATO. They pushed the Soviets back to
    Berlin but now a tough Soviet defense stops the assault cold. Now glorious
    Tank Commander Baron, you are tasked with defending the Motherland with
    your ISU-122-44 and your La-15 jet fighter. The Kremlin is counting on you
    Tank Commander Baron. You have also been given the option to call for Tank
    Commander SlickBee and Flight Leader PhlyDaily to assist in your defense of
    the Motherland.

  114. PLEASE BARON: Australia combo! Drive the Thunderbolt and fly the Wirraway!

  115. Tortoise and Spitfire or tempest

  116. tiger 2h and me 410 b6 r3

  117. why is everything german Nazi in your opinion? Arround 10% of the
    population were nazis . the designer of the ho 229 was no Nazi too . and
    again the plane was no “Nazi”aircraft IT was just a plane Made by germans

  118. leo 1 and me262 pulkzerstörer pls

  119. ArcticPanther New Zealand

    M4A3 (105) and PBJ-1H – massive cannon time

  120. Leopard 1 and CL-13 please

  121. Please go with the stuka and a soivet tank. Thank you!

  122. Shut up jacob saeger.

  123. Baron, Baron, try to use binoculars in ground forces – you will get better
    zoom and will be able to see over obstacles. Binos are priceless in RB,

  124. leopard l

  125. T-10 and MIG-17

  126. gasblowbackkid (aaron)

    m60 patton and f86 sabre

  127. “I thought we were dead”
    Ah yes. The is3s terrifying 230mm of pen @ a minimum of 20 seconds reload.
    I’m sure that was a major risk in a maus. lol.

  128. Sebastiano Branca

    LOL @ ppl getting salty over the “nazi” thing.

  129. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  130. Adolf Hitler was a Nazi?

  131. for 999.999th tries. M103 And B57 Plez.

  132. valentine Xristov

    Can we see some more H&G Gameplay? <3

  133. Maus or e 100 with me 262 with 50 mil on it

  134. Why do you have both the primary and the secondary gun on the maus on the
    RMB and not on different buttons? It’s just a massive waste of ammunition.

  135. SPAA preferred targets? You know they were designed to kill aircraft right?

  136. Does baron post stupid titles to get views?

  137. Holy shit baron im in one of your videos Im the dude who accidentally
    uptiered myself and I was playing the tortoise

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