“Battle for Arachis” Crafting Event / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The traditional spring marathon almost upon us. As usual, you can expect unique prizes, and all you need to do is claim your right to them with some skill and dedication.



  1. This grind is absurd and you know it

  2. is the yamato in the game

  3. That random Guy on the internet

    Question : Is it easier to work 6 hours at a job or grind in the game ?

  4. That random Guy on the internet

    It’s so sad i can only play the arachis mode to get chest because im new and pros are also playing that mode

  5. How much rows of enemy is there???

  6. Ľudovít Bradovka

    i want the tank bc it has a Slovakian logo (the t72m2 moderna of course)

  7. Onestly didn’t expect it to be that hard i thought it was gonna be a bit easyer like 3 rows

  8. Looks like im not getting the moderna i dont have enough time and im on ps4 so i can’t buy it on the market place after but ill still try to get it

  9. The Maderna had to have the good ammo for the 30mm and better everything!

  10. How many battlefields are there

  11. Remove events

  12. i would love to know how many rows of enemy basses there are in the crafting event.

  13. bruh you have to pay for these soliders and the vehicles

  14. Look, another sht event

  15. So you actually thought for me to dump my wallet into this event as well as my mental health in grind for at least eight hours a day for a total of 44 hours yeah no thanks

  16. Playerbase:can we just have a medium grind?
    Gaijin:yes!here 4 hours per day for one sht vechile

  17. is it possible to get all of them or there are limits?

  18. Serious question y’all think it’s plausible to get the Alteco with a minimum grind?

    • it’s possible if you dedicated a whole weekend. Remember to build units thru the ‘barrack’ instead of using the mercenaries cuz it costs triple the coins.

  19. vinicius martiniano

    why do you guys continue to do events that people wue work just can’t complete or receive any rewards? I work 9 hours a day and I just can’t play enough to earn anything don’t you think this is unfair?

  20. Gaijin is getting Nestle levels of evil

  21. Rachel Abrante gil

    I agree with Kim, this game is becomming a big pay2win ripp off, just so they can earn money on us

  22. Did i see slovakia flag :D?

  23. Why can’t we just do it one time and get a good tank kinda lame that we get a shitty 1.7 for all that work let alone doing it 3 times to get anything worth it

  24. Its called T72 Moderna, cuz war thunder’s got covid.

  25. Xi Jinping's Personal Channel

    Honestly stopped playing because of this. Unbearable level of grind.

  26. 1 Token from all of that? How can I get 3?

  27. Bruh why only 1 victory point

  28. Normal persons with jobs and family have no chance to do this sh*t. Also, why no tier 2 ranks? This is where the most fun is.

  29. Wait you need to beat the entire thing 3 times over?

  30. So one whole board defeated= 1 victory point?

  31. its says that there is a small chance of you getting the heavylasgun after a battle. is it a 5% chance or what?

  32. how many squares

  33. How to get more than 1 pointi?

  34. hi.. WHY is that T72m2moderna wears a Slovakian emblem ???

  35. killer queen Bites za dusto

    Barely made it to brown dirt battles in 2 days lol

  36. killer queen Bites za dusto

    Wait how many victory points do you even get

  37. When will there be condemnation for the murders that are happening in Mariupol? Will Belarus condemn Moscow for the invasion?

  38. define “fRIENDS”


  40. ITS litterally like working for 3 weeks for your paycheck, then the govornment decides to give you less money, because its “fair and balanced”

  41. If I’m on Xbox can I sell those vehicles on marketplace?

  42. =MAHOK= Xydrogen22 100% aimbotcheating pos!!!! proveb in replay no doubt about he is cheating!!!

  43. [CFKK] M_a_G_A exact in maga manner a fvckn cheater pos 100% proof of cheating in replay!!! absolute no doubt abput it!!!

  44. This is a scam, straight up

  45. yey another broken event that can’t be done without spending a whole work week on the game 8 hours a day

  46. AWSL – Pumato 100% aimbotcheater!!!

  47. Hello, i hate this evento, i have a job, wife, and university, 8hours dialy gridn si ridiculus, i try… I love Jets and kafir si good for my colecction, but, today 12a i don’t have one victory point.
    For me is more good events of task, You do 3 dialy task and gg.

  48. if I was asked to do the voiceovers for this, I would research the pronunciations of any words or vehicle names before recording. Also I’d be epic as I have an epic voice.

  49. What’s the point of upgrade points to speed up the attacks when you still need like a week to get the superweapon, which ultimately blocks you from progressing?

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