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Source: Vadact

Today in War Thunder we battle for north Africa in our recreation of the battle of El Alamein filmed with the Vadact viewers during our War Thunder custom game!




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  1. (Caseopening guy ) vlad remamber me ?

  2. Proud to have defeated vadact twice and featured in 9:02, though in return shot down by vadact once

  3. CheesyFromIndonesia

    Italian tanks suck at that B.R the medium tank for that B.R was a Pz. 3 L with a short 75mm gun on it, the M19/40 has better rounds like APHE and APDS or so but you could just get the P40

  4. CheesyFromIndonesia

    @whyarwelikdhis I mean CV-33’s could work but pfft fuck that one guess or the tank destroyer with the short barrel could work since it’s just Crusaders

  5. Rayrockout🚀🚀

    me the sick kid still not felling well nd i have cancer its horrible

  6. DogeZeVolvoDriver

    16:43 damn is that a tiger

  7. I love how vadact missed to put at least 1 group of Italian tanks or fighters

  8. war-thunder gamer and lego pro

    love your vids

  9. Hornet Cinematics

    Jesus thats a LOT OF ******* TANKS

  10. You should do the battel of kusk

  11. Or moscow

  12. Andrew Montgomery

    Well since I have the same surname as Field Marshal Montgomery I approve of this

  13. thank you vadact i really appreciate the experience you provided me with (im domino_thing9977)

  14. Wow i cant wait to be verified

  15. You forget the Italian

  16. Day 4 asking for a MC rp

  17. more WAR THUNDER!

  18. BF 109 = Best Friend for 109

  19. Does anyone know how you can buy the Flying Fortress in war thunder

  20. thank you so much Vad! <3

  21. you should totally do some videos in enlisted, it’s a free to play shooter with tanks and airplanes set in ww2, and its made by the same people who made war thunder.

  22. Were are the Italians

  23. Holy shit can’t wait for stalingrad.

  24. vad pls stop aiming so far forward when your behind them while theyre banking

  25. Accidentally shot your plane during the cinematic filming sorry bout that lol

  26. AverageAirCraftLover

    Wish I could take part in it

  27. As a person who takes Adderall, I can confirm it does make you a better pilot.

  28. Gib me Berlin Crisis 1961 event

  29. Panzer IV Kampfwagen


  30. Yor gaming ps4?

  31. I put captions on and at 0:34 he said vadact viewers but instead it said fat viewers

  32. September 8th, 1995, ur a virgo, and Polish, huh David?

  33. You should do the battle of alimean in enlisted

  34. why everyone forgets that even the Italian fought at el Alamein

  35. @ilvendicatore75 I didnt

  36. 14:39 what you lost were your ailerons

  37. I loved this historical content.


  39. North African theater without a single Italian tank/plane… that’s a shame , people keep on “forgetting” that Italy fought the war too and that THIS was the main theater for Italy.

  40. Riley does stuff

    One my Favorite ww2 battles

  41. Riley does stuff


  42. how do you create these battles i was trying with ai but i couldnt figure it out

  43. I think make more fair is to have fighters planes as fighters planes and attack carrying bombs both sides. Also addition of various tanks both time round that time. But still good game

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