BATTLE OF KURSK! TIGER OWNAGE! War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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  2. am i first?? probs not

  3. I’ve got nothing

  4. It’s 1944.The Allies have landed on Normandy beaches. You have a M4A3E2
    (76) W Jumbo and P-47M-1-RE at your command.
    Bring your nation a victory and liberate Europe from evil tyranny of Hitler.
    Play also AcDc – Back in Black and/or Shoot to thrill

  5. British tank combo when it comes out!

  6. The March to Berlin Combo:
    M4A3 76 with the P51D

  7. love your intro music

  8. Tiger 2 with arado

  9. The audio pain is because of the massive quantity of brain power, bursting
    forth. No headphones are made to fit that tremendous noggin.

  10. Tiger P
    Tiger Porsche

  11. it’s fun until you get 6.7+ teammates and IS2s with ”balanced’ post war
    ammo that can destroy KingTigers on a superior range

  12. Ad-2 with the m41!

  13. PHLY what do you think of object 279 and TV-8 Tanks? Kappa

  14. Mien Fuhrer

  15. Hi Phly

  16. Hey what is your name for war thunder

  17. How about a stolen goods campaign? German KV and German IL?

  18. Mmmmm, Sennheisers…

  19. The March to Berlin Combo:
    M4A3 76 with the P51D :D

  20. It’s time for the anti-tank gun!
    Play the “Baby Tiger”: the Panzer III M and the once formidable but later
    obsolete bomber: the He 111 H-16!Phly, you are awesome!
    I hope you won’t get as big as PewDiePie.

  21. Tiger tank! You guys didn’t say nothin bout locking horns with no Tiger

  22. Super hellcat and p51D

  23. Tu-2 and IS2 needs to be done you need to do tier 4s in this series!

  24. I find the tiger 1 the most op tank at that br. just from my experience

  25. WalkerBuldog + P51D

  26. Oliver Hahn (GermanUnity2304)

    Best intro Music :D

  27. Song name ?

  28. Hey Phly, let’s do a premium combo! The (X)BTD-1 DESTRUCTIONATOR and the
    Cobra King! The BTD needs some love, all it’s known for is torpedoes, but

  29. Barrettslayer Windom

    Lol loved it

  30. you know something’s wrong when a video that is 30 minutes+ long has 90+
    likes only 25 minutes after being posted…

  31. Christopher Dempster

    get ready for desert maps and the British do the Africa campaign dude. use
    the m3 Lee and p40 both in Africa skin and on a tropical map of possible.

  32. Armor close range doesnt work, but from longer ranges it can save your life

  33. I know phly has given the link to the intro song a lot of times, I just
    can’t find it. Please people of the internets (or Phly), give me the link
    to the song…

  34. Phly you got a new headsets cool and can you do the p51 and German IL and
    the p39thanks

  35. Deutschland sind stolz auf sie!
    Vorwärts panzers!

  36. I understand, in fact I’m like that right now!!!. Need some sugar before
    going to work…

  37. The Tiger a Beast!? NOOOO, the Box Tank is a Beast!

  38. Alright phly,lets go for the tiger II with the 88, and a bomber of your
    choice. You pick the bomber for once.

  39. If you play the americans, you know that armor definithly matters. None of
    the shermans can penetrate a tiger in the front armor except the apcr
    rounds of M4A3 76mm.

  40. the fuck Balance combo
    IS-2 mod 44 and IL-10 standard

  41. Play the T – 34–85 with the LA – nine

  42. Great choice in headphones! Sennheiser really do have great quality sound

  43. I don’t care if you are salty, I watch your videos because of Baba.

  44. Is-1 or the revenge for the her brother is-2. And the Russian p-63 aercobra

  45. Singh DoesGaming (Singh2006)


  46. Hi! I have a question. How can i use that “scout” mode?

  47. 3 Star General Thoka-chan

    Phly please make the Jagdpanther and FW-190-D9 or D12 your choice then

  48. H1 is always the best!!!

  49. I bounced a tiger round In my KV-2 side shot :D

  50. Yeah the shoot first policy rules in War Thunder.
    Kinda realistic tho.

  51. What song intro???? plz

  52. Henrik Bloch Helmers

    Can I use binoculars in rb on ps4? How?

  53. M26 and the p51d30

  54. Take the all mighty M103 & and the P-40E

  55. Play the mighty T-10 M and the IL-28

  56. Tiger2 plz Phly^^

  57. T-50 and IL-10(1946)

    T-50 can actually kill Tigers lmao

  58. sorry for being late I was busy watching matt Damon survive on mars lol

  59. sorry for being late I was busy watching matt Damon survive on mars lol

  60. allied soldiers are pushing into ze fatherland the fuhrer as ordered the
    1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler into action… FOR ZE

    Pz. Kpfw. V Ausf. D (panther D)
    Bf109 G-2/trop and Fw 190 A-5/U2

  61. Premium combo : SU-100Y and Russian Thunderbolt :)

  62. one dislike from – deez nuts

  63. After that movie Fury you’d think more people would want to see this sexy
    looking machine

  64. That’s what happened to me

  65. sexy headphones b*tch

  66. Play the Fredinand Barons Fedex tank with the me 262.Awesome german combo!

  67. Sennheiser has poor bass but really good and accurate sounds. it’s just the
    way sennheiser headphones are.

  68. Korea combo
    M47 and F9F-5 !

  69. you want interesting combo? german KV-1B and the German IL-2!!!

  70. warthunder was alot more fun before SABOT and Fin stabilized HEAT rounds
    were introduced especially in the is4m

  71. Phly it’s pronounced “Zen-high-zer”

  72. Phly out the Venom FB.4 cuz why not! :D

  73. I do come to your video to see you salty

  74. T-35-85 and BB-1

  75. How I use a camera of commander

  76. So you like the tiger?

  77. that f4u that was shooting down that b25 with you is one of my clan mates

  78. The La5-F that you hit didnt die lol it put the fire out aund got a kill
    and then the 190 got him…

  79. FYI: At the end that was a IS-2, only the IS-2/1944, IS-2 Revenge, and
    SU-122P got the 122mm upgrade to post war ammo.

  80. mmmhhhhhh…… maybe try a DT990 or a DT770 from beyerdynamic next time. I
    have a pair of both and its what, 140 euro’s max? and i prefer them miles
    above the sennheisers in long-term wearability and bass and general sound
    (had a few higher end sennheisers in the past and they hurt my ears)

  81. IS 1with the Il 10, or Il 2 (Whichever you want)

  82. Since you called the jagdpanther a jagdtiger play the jagdtiger

  83. phly pls play more armored warfare

  84. take the amarican tier 2 or 1 apache

  85. Phly do the il-2M and yak9t with AP rounds! This combo or gulag!

  86. My favourite youtuber is driving my favourite tank..

  87. +PhlyDaily sennheiser is pronounced “zen-heiser”

  88. Wunderwaffen Combo : Protect the fatherland using glorious marvels of
    German engineering and stop the Americans that are trying to destroy the
    Ruhr industrial area, Or defend Preussen from the marauding Russians. The
    weapons at you disposal : An Arado 234-c3 and a Panther II heavy tank. Viel
    gluck und lebe das Vaterland!
    (Translation for those of you who don’t know German: Good luck and long
    live the fatherland!)

  89. my name is not Max Ström



  90. You could always just shoot your MG at them lol… if you get points,
    they’re alive. no points, no life.

  91. Phly: Armour is useless in this game at certain point. 😀

    *Tiger bounces a shot*

  92. Drive/Fly the Porsche Tiger (P) and the ME-410 B2 U4.

  93. Knew you would crash tryinf to fly through the brandenburg gate

  94. Phly why u have heat in tiger h1 the ap is bether at all ranges and all

  95. What key is binoculars, please?

  96. Attempt #2 for this combo.
    M4A3E2 Jumbo “Cobra King”
    BTD-1 Destroyer

  97. 26:03
    “Ok lets try to find thoses bombers”
    *IL-2M flies right under him*

  98. *The Glorius Panzer IV/70*(V) *And the illustrious Me-410 B-2/U4*
    *Don’t Let down the Fatherland* !!! *And definitely don’t let Hitler Down*
    … *He’ll Cut your balls off m8* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  99. You should get a headphone from Razer. Its way more comfy for extended use.

  100. You will play my noble combo

    IS-2 (1944)

    IL-10 (1946)

    You will do well my son.
    Use you stronk tank and Stalinium clad plane
    to destroy the German Scum.

    Good Luck son.

  101. Phly how do you get Access to an Press account? I really want one.

  102. p51 (rockets) and “jumbo” sherman;murica power

  103. Panzerbefehlswagen VI Tiger (P) and Ta 152

  104. I guess I’m always salty against Russian players…killing them is my

  105. In my opinion, this facecam is ruining it.

  106. Yo phly that first IS 1 that you shot at was a KV 85
    I know that because that was me
    I went behind the ridge because i did no know where i was getting shot from

  107. awesome video

  108. The bulldog and the P40

  109. Stuart and dauntless

  110. name of the intro song?

  111. Play world of tanks.. War thunder is so easy to get kills

  112. They made that weakspot better, I too bounced several hits with my tiger H1
    and E from that spot. They are screwing this game up really hard. The
    Tigers need that spot to be able to compete with the likes of the first
    IS2. The sides of the body front are still a weakspot though if the tank is
    angled and the spot thereby not angled

  113. P51 and patton

  114. phly play T-50

  115. i think ill never get tired of that intro song xD

  116. the tiger h1 is very fun when you play against 4.7 tanks xD almost nothing
    can pen you from the front

  117. Phly! Russia called and they need you to speed things up! T-34 and IL-2 is
    what they have in store. Now go show what Russia’s made of!

  118. hey fly, have you ever heard of the Strv 103? Its a Swedish tank; basically
    its a turret with tracks. You traverse the gun by turning the tank, and
    elevate and depress by adjusting the suspension. It was designed to be a
    defensive tank, so it has a very low profile in hull down. It’s a really
    cool tank.

  119. what the intro music???

  120. forget combos when are u gunna verse baron.he is not that good really.but u
    are.Would love for u to woop the shit outa him.

  121. Phly, muscle shirts are for muscles, jus sayin’ :P

  122. Get that T-44 and Tu-2 for glorious Mother Russia.Or gulag ofc.

  123. Tiger II H and Ta-152

  124. m103 and the PBJ-1H for MERICA!

  125. it really annoys me when people shoot dead tanks. use the machine guns to
    check if its alive. shoot the tracks with the MG and it will tell you right

  126. Francisco Ontiveros

    you look like Blake Griffin

  127. the opening is the best :D

  128. Everyone who says there is no rusian bias is lying or is to dumb to believe

  129. Sennheiser hd558’s with 100$ disscount?! You got my dream headphones for so
    little money!!!

  130. Robert Mcpherson (MrThatARMAGUY)

    How do you get the scout thing to come up?

  131. Phly the F9F-2

  132. Can you remove webcam? Also, what’s the intro song

  133. Play da jag panzer and de FW 190! For ze fatherland!

  134. you should remove the border around the facecam, or find a smaller border

  135. Phly was salty today, His clan tag is SFB, SFB = Salty Fucking Bitch, LOL I
    love you Phly.

  136. take 3, IS-1 and IL-4 combo plox

  137. Urban Fighter Airsoft

    su122 54 top tier Russian TD the red headed step child..

  138. Try the Horten 229 and Leopard I

  139. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    much bad compression very foliage

  140. @Lars Sassen actually, german tanks are way better then russians, i played
    both (now i’m with is-2 mod 44 and panther d)

  141. the americans irrupt in berlin combo: m4a3 76w + p51 d with bombs and
    rockets. please do this fantastic combo pls….

  142. Use a Tank and a Plane 😛

    (Ive never played this before lel)


  143. What is this type of battle is this called in war thunder????????????????
    Also, how can I play just one country against another in battle

  144. eeyyyy just bought the same pair of headphones

  145. “put me in the fucking game coach” Phly daily – 2015

  146. so you said armour does very little, and I get that when you are at a 5.7
    to 6.7 game or even 5.0 to 6.0, but believe me, when you face a tiger in a
    4.7 to 5.7 battle that armour is fucking insane.

  147. Nice to see you using proper (open) headphones phly. Open cans are known to
    be a bit lacking in bass, but chances are, you will get used to it after a
    few days.

  148. lol the manoeuvre in Berlin with the k4 reminded me of the schnellbomber
    episode xD

  149. Senhizers have a very neutral sound they’re for music appreciation so it
    doesn’t have bass boost or anything like that but you’ll have great
    frequency range…. Get an equaliser on your computer and boost the lows a
    tad if you really want that bass but it will probably sound a but muddy not

  150. What’s the point of the face cam?


  152. you should do the m46
    tiger patton and p-47

  153. Since when does airfield AAA not instantly murder anything within 2km of
    it. Especially in GF. I get within 3km of an airfield in GF and I can
    guarantee I will be dead within 30s even if I start moving away. And an
    La-5, a plane with a WOODEN AIRFRAME, surviving being fireballed by 20-30mm
    HEI-T, with a fireball trailing it 2-3 times the size of the fuselage?
    Freaking War Thunder logic is insane.

  154. Go 1945 and do King Tiger and Ta-152

  155. Taledaga Flights :P

  156. Do any Panther and it’s matching BR fw190

  157. Dude I got the same headphones! Those are great for the price, but they fit
    my head fine.

  158. ZENNHAIZER!!! say it LOUD Phly (i´m german i know that shit ;-)


  160. How about a medium 2 and a p51 mustang

  161. What’s your intro song

  162. Yeah, salty days happen to me too.

  163. 16:48 :3 Dat IS 1 has 1 crew :3 :3

  164. The German superiority combo!

    Mighty Jagtiger and Ho 299 V3 (ground attacker)

  165. no h8 m8
    but pls remove facecam.. I really like how WT looks and then there’s some
    guys blank expression slapped into the middle of it. it’s not you, but i
    just don’t like them in general… Imagine if youtube makes a facecam
    option, you can adjust size, location, transparency etc…

  166. those are nice headphones, i have them, they will fit better after a week
    or two. :)

  167. Holly crab first time saw phly face, he is so handsome

  168. sennheiser is best for the price. the bass you don’t hear is a good thing

  169. nooooo webcam its dumb

  170. I dunno if it’s just me or what but I really don’t like that pingy rattling
    noise that comes out of them German planes. Would rather listen to a
    griffon growl all day ;)

  171. That t44 did nazi that coming.

  172. phly plz play the Tiger 2 (p)

  173. Yes tiger

  174. play the Maus and arado next :D

  175. hi 🙂 in next video, u shoul play Messerschmitt BF109E1 in realistic(of
    course 😀 ) thx

  176. Fly the yak-9 U and the T-34 (don’t care about the type) Phyllis has to get
    clubbed for once

  177. attack, Attack, ATTACK! ATTACK!!!!
    That’s the kind of fighting spirit that I was talkin’ about!

    Get in the Sherman, and the B-25!

    Come on now let’s get this army of mine back in the war!

  178. RemlapEntertainment

    watching phly push the engines to those temperatures hurts to watch

  179. Sennheiser is known for making great headphones and microphones in the
    pro-audio/music world. Great choice, Phly!

  180. SuperMClone - Revival underway

    T-34E STZ and IL-2 37 :D

  181. dammm u got few extra pounds since the last time I saw you. and every day u
    look more and more like blake grifin. 1 luv

  182. you pronounce it “sen-high-ser”

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