BATTLE OF KURSK – Tiger Sniping! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. In Sicily to defend France? What?

  2. Damn Phly, getting seriously good at the editing! I remember when ground forces came out for WT. Watching your uploads on it was something I looked forward to. Be well and keep it goin’!

  3. Freakazoid aka Ben


  4. P_quack Crafter

    Phly play the Cromwell mk5 and hurricane mk4 rp3:

    Hurricane: down tiered but still kickin.
    Attempt #6

  5. hey can some one tell me what button should i hold to use the Range finder at 13:39 plz ?

    Bt-5’s together and the sturpanzer to shoot through the side of one of them and see if you can get a double kill

  7. *Inside thought
    Germans may have lost WW2 they better not lose this Match :V

  8. I feel that the MG spam lately has been a bug where for them they are not firing, but for you it looks like they are

  9. and also soviets had so many tanks that s whye they lost them so many

  10. the statistic is about the REAL battle of kursk. before people are crying.

  11. Hey spaghetti can you use the music from King Baldwins death in kingdom of heaven i your next video? Same as the opera before the Patsy was killed in the hannibal movie

  12. balance or reality?

  13. this song text at 6:50 you you hate me you hate me

  14. am I the only o e that my turret locks in place of I try to shoot mgs to mark someone

  15. how do you get the germans to speak german?

  16. Really well made video, I can tell you put a lot of time into it, thankyou on behalf of all of us!

  17. The hell with the zebra

  18. Challenge for today: Drive a Raketenjagdpanzer while learning how to pronounce the word “Raketenjagdpanzer”.

  19. the rammstein scene was my favorite 😛

  20. phly i git a double kill with the 88 flak in arcade without solid shot, just the ammo you star with in germany

  21. Fourthy Blank Clutter

    lmao such a ridicilous opening ! more content like that plss

  22. One of the better videos in my opinion!

  23. That intro ??

  24. The_Alpha_Raptor

    Hahahahahah omg, nature documentry.

  25. Funny thing is, right after Phly called his girlfriend Rammstein sings: “Will you live in fidelity until the end of time?”‘ (like a reverent would say at a marriage) women’s choir: “Yeeeeeess.” Man’s voice: “No!”

  26. 03:40 Hitler pulled out troops to Sicily to defend France? WHAT????? Phly, oh man! You are really giving credit to all the statistics which show that the average person of a very specific country knows nothing about geography and history! …to defend Italy from an invasion! Italy, which Winston Churchill himself dubbed as the “soft underbelly” of Nazi-occupied Europe.

  27. whoa how do you use the rangefinder?

  28. Phly why do u always use Tiger H1 but not Tiger E?

  29. i wonder if the reason why the Germans lost Kursk is that they ran out of ammo to shoot the Russians?

  30. Luke's The Bomb!

    When the bea calls you when playing video games

  31. Phly, can you use my current favourite tank the T-34E (shielded) and as a backup the Russian Matilda Mk. II F96.

  32. this episode made me laugh so loud ??


  34. Yuri aka russia

    comrad plydaily
    many battles are fought on the eastern front
    Its 1944
    the beginning of operation begration has started
    you and your crew have been task to drive the New prototype T34 85
    fight and crush the nazi basterds
    and remember, dont step back or tavarisch stalin is going to send you to gulag
    (im a big fan, pleas read this)

  35. fuck what a good intro <3

  36. Stop saying Russia. Start saying Soviet Union.

  37. Phly I dont know if you watch anime but you should check out the anime named Girls und Panzer

  38. whats the documentary vid link in the intro?

  39. You should take out the Ha-Go and japanese sabre, since you have done this for all the other countries already

  40. “Tiger Sniping!” – almost every shot made under 800 meters, and 2 kills at point blank range, cuz the average Soviet driver is retarded…

  41. Half my matches are with my team shooting against the 2 guys 3km away and not the obvious 6 guys shooting at them at 700m IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD! D’:

  42. I was just laying in my bed, watching the video, but in 6:00 i had my metalhead duty to headbang becouse riff started.

  43. Rammstein! FUCK YEAH!

  44. who in their right mind would want to play kursk?

  45. i love the new style of editing Phly!

  46. World'sFame Play'z

    dude, that intro is so fucking namazing, zebras omfg xDDDD

  47. Du
    Du hast
    Du hast mich ! 😀

    oh my god phly ^^

  48. german tanks are the only tanks i will run out of ammo and let someone kill me for free RP

  49. The documentary was all I needed to see XD

  50. Monk4ever93 Mk4

    german panzer + Rammstein = german heavy metal metal?

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