Battle of the TOP GUNS – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today there's going to be a battle the top guns in World of Tanks! Who will prevail?



  1. First like and comment

  2. Nice! Qb uploaded

  3. No views but 3 comments already?

  4. Hi, 8th

  5. early <3

  6. Giga-Chad Giga-Approves this Giga-Contebt

  7. Nathan Vander Zanden

    Thanks for uploading great content on YouTube qb.

  8. Ксения Ковалевская

    This game is still so awesome and it’s the only game that got me so hooked.

  9. great game

  10. You know you did well when you did more damage in a light tank than the rest of your team.

  11. This was my first tier X tank. I like the tank in some ways but it has the worst RNG of any tank I have ever had. Shells with green indicator on side of SPG bounce, shells repeatedly go out of their way to shoot in gaps around tanks (like between back of auto loader turret and back engine area sort of crap). Even the team matchmaking RNG is terrible! It still stands as my worst win rate at 40.79%

  12. QB: “…it’s fast, it’s nimble…”

    *Proceeds to crash into pillar*

  13. You played way too safely in the end but else good game.

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