BATTLE OF TITANS | CHURCHILL MKI.1 Exposed Gameplay (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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BATTLE OF TITANS | MKI.1 Exposed Gameplay ( Thunder)

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  1. *Hey phellas sorry about last week! This week is gonna be a good one…hope you stay tuned!*

  2. That arty hit, OOF

  3. I don’t understand why the M3 Lee’s hull mounted 75 is able to use AP rounds but the Churchill’s 76 can’t.

  4. Poor m3 lee

  5. That’s why I uninstalled this shit game

  6. Lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice, but arty does

  7. sad t-95 noises 0:52

  8. Probably the most fun lineup Churchill 1,3 inch gun carrier, hurricane Mark 4 with the twin 40mm 70mm of pen 😉

  9. This got to be one of his funniest videos.

  10. I hope this clip gets sent to @dita

  11. looked up jageur stats.
    M3 Lee

    Overall air frags0
    Ground frags / battle1.3
    Ground frags / death1.8
    Overall ground frags18

  12. the churchill 1, or the mist master, as I like to call him for his ability to release smoke charges both remotely and around him, nullifying the fighting ability around him so that the churchill can move forward or retreat unpunished, controlling the engage

  13. Funniest vid yet! You’re the best phly ?

  14. Bringing out the railway gun for the second time was too hilarious

  15. 7:01 F for M3 Lee player

  16. always forgetting about the big main gun. but great battles

  17. Why not try only smoke rounds any tank and annoy some snipers?

  18. T55AM1 please.

  19. Low tier is god tier

  20. “it’s got less armor so I’m gonna have to angle a little more.”
    *next scene*
    Surrounded by enemy team and no one can take him out.

  21. AjSliter Productions

    So, arty triggers happen in War Thunder, hmmm. Personally, as long as I keep moving, I don’t succumb to arty anymore unless I am super unlucky. To have it happen twice is probably so fantastically slim that you definitely got a lemon RNJESUS roll of the dice for where those arty shots landed. Nice footage of the K-5 Railway Gun and the classical music by the way. Those kinds of things with re-purposing classical music to the point of meme worthy content is absolutely funny to watch.

  22. 15:24 felt like “crew stowage emtpy”

  23. Challenge:”Use a Mig-17 shoot down 2 F-4 Phantom in AB”.
    I’m Vietnamese, there was a “ACE” pilot in Vietnam war name Nguyen Van Bay , who shot down 2 F-4 phantoms of US air force at the first time he flew on a Mig-17. So i make this challenge for you.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  24. Great video Phil. Love the music ?

  25. CovenantSlayer Gaming

    Has your good computer returned from the land of gulag yet?

  26. phly can you take out the dark class mgb with a 114mm howitzer

  27. Plhy complains about arty, yet think planes and helis are good additions on “GROUND” forces……. Consistency

  28. I just hit his skirt skin 😀

  29. What you get for your trouble”
    – A slow ass piece of shit that can’t get anywhere
    – A useless 75mm that can only load HE, and the HE is useless too!
    – A useless ass 40mm that couldn’t pen the broad side of a toilet bowl at 40 meters.

  30. You should try out the CHurchill Mk VII Phly, that thing is even more survivable than the 3-inch gun carrier. The captured german one isnt half bad either since it doesnt have to face german guns

  31. 7:01 everyones first RB game

  32. Hey Phly! Can you take out the Me 410 b6/r3 (mk103 HVAP) in tank rb? You haven’t done a video on it in over 4 years and there aren’t many vids on the plane in general. I absolutely love flying it out, it almost always seems to do fantastic as CAS with the dual mk103s in the nose + airbreaks to give lots of time on target.

  33. Kinda love to see ww1 tanks just for this kinda gameplay.

  34. sees Weeb,
    …..nEeD sUpPoRt! xD

  35. Survives 3 B1s + 5 more different tanks attacks, dies by arty

  36. I miss when Churchills can fly upside-down in Warthunder…

  37. Players with names like “PuntCuncher” and a War Thunder mod chat banned me my very first day for saying “no YOU’RE a dog” to someone else, shake my head

  38. Artillery needs to be removed from game. Especially now that we have quite a few “artillery” vehicles in game. There is no skill, ryhme or reason to artillery kills. I have aced crews and never get artillery kills, even when I see my artillery hitting directly on the top of open-top tanks and AAA. Yet I’m always killed by artillery that lands 10 metres away that somehow hits my track and detonate my ammo. Every time. Its full on rng, and it’s terribly coded at that. Why the hell should people be given free kills on people they don’t even see, half way across the map.

  39. Gaaaaaay

  40. @6:00 i can’t believe nobody tried to get your tracks

  41. We need artillery support!

  42. 1:52 “There is a spot I don’t know how it will react to getting shot…”
    Protection Analysis 101 😀

  43. I died at 700

  44. 76 mm OOF cannon

  45. The normal dude 1833

    Hey, Phly! I have a challange for you, Take a vehicle like the FlaK bus and put yourself on a street and stay there, just pretend your a stationary anti tank gun!

  46. can you play horten 229

  47. Boys after No Nut November

  48. The CGC is good for its BR, as long as it doesn’t get an uptier.

  49. Phly you should do a video about one of the squadron vehicles

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