Battle Pass 2021 and NEW Reward Tanks | World of Tanks Battle Pass 2021 – Update 1.12

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 4, New Reward Tanks K-91-PT and Kunze Panzer. 1.12 Patch Review – Buffed Premium Tanks, Battle Pass 2021 Season 4, Mods for and Interface Changes. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2021 and Blueprint Fragments Exchange. World of Tanks Update 1.12 Patch News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
01:17 Battle Pass 2021 New Progessive Style
04:15 Overview of Battle Pass and What’s New
11:50 Battle Pass System and Rewards
21:55 New Reward Tanks
25:55 Conclusion of Battle Pass 2021

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  1. i was just browsing patchnotes, then i randomly opened yt and here i am

  2. 69 seconds ago

  3. absent-minded goldfish

    nice, just in time after baboon lord’s vid

  4. When us the giveaway gonna end 🙁 i want achance to win

  5. Thnx ..DEZ for all the vidéos.. best youtuber

  6. Dez voiz 🥰

  7. Thanks for the info Dez! P.S. you ever gonna do moto vlogs again?

  8. Just A smol knight passing by

    Currently at stage 6 of my referral, Should I go for the T 54 mod 1?

  9. Ayyy quite early here today👌🏻

  10. well HELLO THERE o7

  11. Dez the German tank is the gunz panzer not the Kunze Panzer get your facts right XD

  12. Do we know anything about black martket ?

  13. Very helpful I cannot wait for battle pass and rankeda

  14. where I want download test server please?

  15. Hey bro my mom took my pc and i cant play wot because i dont study 🙁
    But i still watch you on phone and i maybe today get back pc wish me luck 😀

  16. God that transition is so good man. Its like i’m in sportscenter 🤟

  17. Мой Папа сталин

    Yey… Another battle pass where mine breaks and not get my reward cuz i get stuck at ONE fricking stage for a month…

  18. Bait shoots with those wide tracks ez

  19. Guys what u think about Premium subscription model ? Like 9 euros a month for a premium account ?

  20. Those tracks are *T H I C C*

  21. wargaming shittiest move

  22. Thx Dez!! The WoW’s port music needs to go though lol

  23. when is the update coming?

  24. I beg to differ, the Grille gun misses a lot, it’s not as you advertise it…..

  25. Holly shid all 3 3D styles looks crazy good 😀

  26. This is CommoNtest Right? Great

  27. Where do i find the battle pass ?

  28. I was going to say those skins look so half assed, and then suddenly that, like wow I love it

  29. wait are there gonna be universal blueprints?
    because i have 150 of each nation but i literally have 0 universal fragments

    • This seems to be common problem in my clan also. I’ve been greedy using them but most who I play with has zero universals. Hopefully those 100 credit placeholders will change to something similar like it used to be. Like the country specific blueprints with universal blueprints.

  30. I need German İtallian and French crew books and blueprints and WG makes 3 times with Soviet and USA tanks for Battlepass i am so dissapointed

  31. Thank you Dez! What would I do without my morning info fix?? 😉

  32. Welp my prediction about K-91 PT and kunze was correct 😀

  33. This is only for test server?

  34. I don’t mind using gold I got all this gold from Christmas boxes hey I get to finally use it

  35. Thank you for constant updates! I’m finding your channel to be the most reliable on WoT news and updates.

  36. Looks like (as per test server) no free tanks if you dont pay. That’s just Wargaming for you 🙂
    Another middle finger to free to play, players.

  37. Distroyer_Tm
    Server EU

  38. I guess Dez didn’t use any blueprints before, because he glossed over the fact we can choose blueprints nation now.

  39. For the algorithm

  40. That 121 style looks sick, can’t wait for it!

  41. Does anybody know, will there be at least one 3d style for free?

  42. THERE is NO uniersal blueprints? that makes the national ones literlly useless? that is obysmally dumb

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