Battle Pass: Firepower / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

On the 26th of January, we introduced a new battle-pass season: “Firepower”. By completing missions simply playing War Thunder, you can get one premium vehicle for free… and there are three more rare vehicles to claim if you purchase a battle pass for 2000 Golden Eagles. Needless to say, there are all sorts of other prizes and rewards including backups, boosters and more!



  1. Please add SH-5 Harbin, Amphibious Chinese bomber

  2. *taiwanese M-64*

  3. Question: When do we finally get Czechoslovakia tech tree???

  4. Great, Gaijis is improving. You stated that this premium ship is the fastest and most firepowered vehicle in his BR. Thank you for being honest.

  5. Makes a battle pass but still can’t optimize consoles for anything more than a slideshow. Thank you Gaijin, very cool!

  6. Turan II is my new favorite tank

  7. The M64 isn’t as good as the M18 in my opinion.

  8. Will you give ps4 players maus?

  9. gimme some silverlions pls im broke

  10. Another Soviet aircraft to shoot it down !

  11. Now that’s the right music!

  12. I like the Turan and the Toldi, only problem is they speaka Italian! It will be awesome when they speaka Hungarian!

  13. Koca yrkli bir insan

    the best tank here is type 64, period. because it is wot tank

  14. when are you going to add a romanian tank?

  15. Gonna wait for the end of the month to buy the BP

  16. perfect repair change very depressing

  17. Could you please add the merkava mk 3 or mk 4 to the Israeli tech tree?

  18. Денис Шуригін

    Купил Breatish Starter Pack в Steam . В игре не получил набор.


  20. this is about money, dont let these devs trick you, the community is hateful. this is geared for them to get rich off of you

  21. you will spend years working at this. if you dare play this do tutorials first to get an edge over the company, they are geared to make you spend money. if you play it right, you can beat them for free! otherwise STAY AWAY!

  22. Gabriel Alex Osinaga Yujra

    i still hate repair costs, since today everything went more expensive


    when is there going to be another world war

  24. nnext cheater player level 21 cant get any damage at all: – TUGAL- MiglasGOD420 pos cheating bstrd

  25. Will you ever consider balancing Germany in air rb, they are unstoppable In just about every game

  26. The only reason i clicked on this video is it bas the hungarian flag on it

  27. Nice Battle Pass !

  28. “The top reward is a bane to tankers everywhere”… NOT A PE-8 VARIANT WITH AN EVEN BIGGER BOMB! ANYTHING BUT THAT!

  29. i am not getting any of that

  30. With the recent economy update anyone looking to play top tier jets like the Mig 21, F-4 Phantom or Mirages Etc should just give up, the game is designed so that every game bleeds Silver lions from the players, 16k repair cost avg across the board, that’s 3 kills to break even in Air RB

  31. Bro the pe-8 is nasty that it can shred holy cow I never seen a plane can do that.

  32. gajin please fix the servers my plane keeps on chrashing I’m losing my mind please fix the servers that’s all I want.

  33. decrease repair cost or the game is dead

  34. Chad Mc VirginCock

    Give gaijin narrator voice some break bro

  35. if you guys see this are you able to do a surface to air missile guide for players who are new to that

  36. what about p-7 its good or m-5

  37. Any news on a possible Naval battles overhaul?

  38. Why my Leopard 2 PL costs 7k of SL? Wtf

  39. Oh, yeah! My body is ready! 💪

  40. Where Bob Semple?

  41. Kind of a sht Top reward.

  42. Albertovik ProLeague

    is there a way to get golden eagles without buying them like in free battle pass or something?

  43. 🅱️enis armor

  44. Когда будет режим танковых сражений, без самолетов?

  45. Battle Pay To Win

  46. Add the mareşal tank the romanian tank that looks like more armored hetzer

  47. Turan2 in hungary is turán2

  48. Literally catering to Russia again

  49. Can i hope in the future to see a battle pass with a rank 5 italian tank?

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