BATTLE PASS HAS A BATTLE BUS – Breda 90/53 in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

Breda 90/53 is an Italian Truck that's the top reward for the Battle Pass Tropical Storm. The Breda has the exact same 90mm cannon as the Breda 501 but it's just on a much worse truck!

The Breda 90/53 only has -2 degrees of gun elevation making it very difficult to fight on hilly terrain. Couple this with the low engine power making it literally impossible to drive up a hill, it can be pretty frustrating.

The good news is, the 90mm Breda is a really good cannon meaning when you do hit something, it's going straight back to the hanger! Very handy for those full uptiers against KV-1's and the like!

Pretty fun! 🙂





  2. 12:40 “wahoo”

  3. Taken out of context, the speech and its sense from 38:30 to 39:00 is my favourite!

  4. Its good not have depression:):)
    Realize add this to WOT..

  5. 32:22 Its called balance:)

  6. The Bredas are the most toxic vehicles in the game. Prove me wrong

  7. I truly wish I could get the clueless enemies you get in your matches. My games always seem to get the most alert/best enemies and I get slaughtered 90% of the time. Anyway great video always. Cheers!

  8. Day 4 of asking for the Big Boy american T95

  9. 32:16 Odd so real for this 🙏

  10. The second guy in the cab should grab an mg and be able to shoot

  11. Day 4 of asking u to play the asu 85

  12. This is absolutely in the so goofy its great category for me. I might actually be grinding for a BP vehicle for a change.

  13. War Thunder is the only universe in which russian combat vehicles are effective; as Ukraine has proven. So they are compensating.

  14. I think spatial awareness comes only with practice and there are many kinds. Those who drive a car lots tend to get it. Other type of spatial awareness is of other people and your body, sportsters get this type mostly. It’s almost precognition in sports and motorsports, one would use experience to figure out other guys next move.

  15. 30:53 I am surprised that Russian fuel tank didn’t eat all of that lmao

  16. Bro was thinking naval gun on truck

  17. I’d love to see you play the grant 1 prem in the USA tree. It’s crazy for its tier. two lethal guns with quick reloads and its fast.

  18. A pizza platform 🍕

  19. rams into another player then claims they have no spatial awareness… sure..

  20. OddBawZ I correct you on something you said, this is not a milk truck, but a pizza truck.😁😂🤣

  21. This guy laughs, we all know Gaijin gives his stuff for free and puts him in games to fool actual players in believing your going to be in a good position to use this thing!

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