Battle Pass, Rewards, Frontline 2020 and More! | World of Tanks Update 1.8 Patch Review

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World of Frontline 2020, Steel Hunter 2020, Daily Missions Reawrds, Session Statistics. World of Tanks Battle Pass 2020, Rewards, Review, How it Works. World of Tanks Bounty Equipment, New 3D Styles, Special Commanders. World of Tanks Update 1.8 Patch Review.

► Update 1.8 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks./en/1.8/

Today I am going to about our newest update, World of Patch 1.8 Update.
At first it doesn’t bring us too many new things, new daily missions, session statistics update, but soon we are going to get Frontline 2020 + maybe something else, for example Battle Pass?

They tested it in update 1.8’s test server, but it wasn’t launched with the first go, will see.

What do you think?
in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. So, did i grind jagdpanther 2 for nothing ?

  2. I’m so not looking forward to steel hunter if they don’t do anything against teaming. Issue some real bans and man the fuck up WG. Clear evidence of teaming inside steel hunter solo mode? Permaban on your acc, goodbye all your premium tanks! But no, we need to keep the wallet warriors in the game even if they cheat, who cares, we get more money! DA DA KOMRAD, BRING MORE VODKA!

  3. For my its beter i play 10 batles per day ond get 7 rewards.Before this i didn’t see the point of playing because this reward was random now i have reason to play (:

  4. Whent starts the Battle pass ?

  5. BBB…battle pass..?

  6. So no streamlining of the tech trees then? So all those that did the mad scramble to the AMX30 and T62 was for naught…

  7. What a horrible update, made the game a lot worse. The Random rewards were really nice when you had a bad game and were feeling frustrated with the game. It made the game much more playable.


  9. Mr. Sister-Fister

    spot X vehicles is an absolutely terrible mission.

  10. Who will win 1vs1: EBR105 or T100LT?
    just straight fight in open field

  11. How the fuck do I get universal fragments now?

  12. I would like to co vert fragments to universal on a nation i already got to tier x with

  13. Got ae phase 1 last year. Grind the hell out of it last year. Just used some pto and now said that i cant grind reward for merit anymore. Now the russian heavy or french medium i should get at june?

  14. more smoke more crap that doesn’t deal with the crap servers or gameplay, WG just isn’t going to get the point lol

  15. I’d love to tell you what its like, but i couldnt log into the servers.

  16. What madman is going to pick a CHAR FUTUR 4 over The Object????

  17. Hi Dez,

    I can’t understand something and I read mixed messages about it from you and from WG about Frontline.
    In the video, WG said at 1 point that instead of 30 stages it goes down to 15 but also that there is no more Prestige.

    So do I understand that right? Its just one-time grind to lvl 15 or what its called (tier I think) and that’s it?
    OR you go like last year to the final tier that it’s 15 now and reset?

    Because in one week even if you don’t go to school or you don’t work it is pretty much I mean last year Frontline mode was spread throughout the entire year if I remember correctly so you could go for 2-3 resets and continue next time.

    Can you please enlighten me?

    • I’m not Dez but yes, no resets aka prestige. Meaning if you miss a week you cant make it up. That means you can’t get 2 tanks.

  18. This is worse than the merit system by a long shot.

  19. macedonia macedonia

    Help please how can i use tokens?
    And where can i find my tokens?

  20. Don’t want to be pesimist but letting totaly inexperienced players playing top tiers is irresponsible act of WG.I played 5 games today and found the game unplayable.I haven’t seen so many bad players playing top tiers for ages.I cannot play this game tonight anymore.I paid for a premium account.Lost money.Please read this WG.

  21. Going to be a hard pass for me as I’m just a casual player. Work and family take up much of my time. I play maybe 2-3 hours per week.

  22. This new daily missions seems much more easy to achieve for a casual player with few time a day.. I mean, with just 1h of play in a day you can easly do all the 3 missions (not the bonus thought maybe), while before in just 1h of play you couldn’t obtain so much rewards I fell..

    So, overall, since I’m one of those player that does not have tons of h a day to play, I’m happy with these new missions so far

  23. steel hunter… fuck yeah

  24. I wonder when they improve E100…

  25. Dont want to play frontline at all, or any things where playing tier 10 gives rewards. This game is so badly structured atm thanks to 279(e) and chieftain. You either have it or you stay away, this is wg not thinking again.
    If this is all they got to offer I doubt I will continue playing for very much longer.

  26. We get much less now. Not a good move.

  27. AE Phase 1 is hot garbage. It so was not worth the Frontlines grind.

  28. Haven’t seen the new Tech-Tree and obviously the Battle Pass yet

  29. Just buff the is 4 already, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR WG?

  30. Battle pass !?? A new way for WG to take your money boys 😂😂👍

  31. everynew patch by WG: ../.. players who’ve stuck around,
    “no new friends”-Drake . aka no new players joining cuz this pattern of behavior.
    I had 90% of all the tanks grinded AND with MERIT, now… prolly wont play much on my EU acct… no incentive.

  32. SO what? You miss a month and say good by to any rewards

  33. Daily Missions sucks ass, bring back Rewards for Merits!

  34. Dez, your bought and paid for by wg…Sell out

  35. Game is getting bloated and steel hunter sucks ass and frontlines is fun for a few hours. Diehards will get even better equipment wtf.

  36. Oh, I want the premium Emil.

  37. Where are all the Pc master race retards? BATTLE PASS LOOOOOOOOL.

  38. These assholes removed the T-44FL from my garage, took the 5 skill crew, all of the equipment and consumables, and gave me 30K credits?
    NOT EVEN CLOSE too the credits I spent on that tank to get it useful in Frontlines!

  39. rip random crew skin drop

  40. on the upside the Daily Personal Missions are fairly easy.

  41. WG definitely should alternate the expedition game modes.

  42. So you can now only get crew skins from tank rewards?

  43. Battle pass is the equivalent of premium account for games that do not feature premium account.
    But of course, if WG sees more money, they don’t think about that. They just go “hey, we can milk our players even more”

  44. Nikos Koupetsidis

    Me: Where are the Directives ???
    WG: Remouved – you need to pay for those

  45. Chieftains…..Chieftains as far as the eye can see……

  46. There no one Here

    Is it possible to download the test server on macOS?

  47. Do a video on ISU 152K

  48. WTF is this guys in WG gives us??? Every patch some retarding changes. You have so many problems u current game that needs to be fixed, but this monkeys in WG work on thinks that are not important. That is happening for the lats 4-5 patches. Who gives a shit about this changes if WG is not working (not even thinking) on fixing broken stuff in current game. But hey, if you have content to make your youtube video , it is not important what they do in every patch – they just need to do something. But to quantify what is that content, would be a difficult task for you.

  49. They ruined that merit system. They now have cooldown on missions. Bad wargambling.

  50. The reward system really reminds me of the one that Hearthstone uses. Three possible quests and you’re able to reroll one per day.. Anyways yesterday i activated an 1hour booster and before it ran out i was able to do all 4 daily missions. It’s actually less stuff for people who play 8+ hours ( or simply a lot) . But way more stuff in this one hour ( especially bonds) . So i welcome this healthy way of putting time into the game.

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