Battle Pass: Strength Athletics / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The third season of Battle Pass started on the 12th of May. As always, it includes a lot of exciting rewards that you can get for clearing seasonal challenges, including premium and event vehicles. of them can be unlocked after purchasing the Battle Pass for 2000 Golden Eagles… and one of them can be obtained for free. Let’s take a look at the prizes, shall we?



  1. Please. Gaijin. Stop trying to make naval happen. We can’t even exchange the ship on the market place, it’s a wasted vehicle for us non-naval players.

  2. richard williams

    A lot of us cant even get to play the normal game let alone the events.Players like me with old PCs and video cards have to use low graphics but at the moment since the update all ive played is the bloody test drive,the servers are so overwhelmed and need a bloody good upgrade that this game is now only playable for those who can afford more high teir computers and cards .For god sake please fix the servers adding more stuff is like turning the gas on high under a saucepan of water sooner or later the whole thing will over flow with awful results:(

  3. Pls fix the problem I quit after half the games I play make me lose money

  4. Anton sure loves his buff furries

  5. Thicc m6 gonna come to your house tonight. ;p

  6. sorry, but this time the battlepasss prize is not satisfying, it needs something more unique

  7. Information about the top prize is wrong. That variation of the US Heavy was made for use against anti-tank obstacles and dug in positions, not to fight german late war tanks. This reason being a Tiger H1 could easily destroy (from the front) the M6A2E1. Slow to move due to the weight of the turret and additional armor plate at the front it would bombed heavily if it didn’t get stuck in the mud and abandoned.

  8. stop acting like a bunch of crooks and changes battle pass every 2 months for the worse.

  9. Sorry War Thunder but the changes you have made for season 3 of Battle Pass are pretty much universally derided by the community.

  10. Please add the o-i series for the Japanese tech tree

  11. Oh, yeah! Lovin’ this!

  12. Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel

    take out epairs ples 😀

  13. Paul-Hendrik Groenewald

    Are you going to be any South African tanks such as the G6 or G5 pls answer

  14. This battlepass was dirt, the only tank thats new is the m6a2 thing and that looks horrendous. The toldi is just a swedish tank and the p63 is already in the game just on another country smh

  15. Tommaso Monestier

    Gonna pass this one

  16. Metodije Trajanovski

    Question. How to set graphics on ps 4?

  17. Question: can you kill a vehicle using the concrete block, hanging from the crane in Alaska?

  18. empereur empereur

    Nul se battle pass de pire en pire le premier était excellent

  19. Uģis Lielmanis

    Why can i get it for free? but only by buying the battel pass.

  20. Stop screwing Britain Gaijin, what did we do to you!? 💔😭

  21. Attempt 2
    I just got a pc, is it possible to transfer my ps4 war thunder data to it?

  22. Gaijin math: pay the money for BP + pay the effort for grinding = low br ugly tank

  23. Ain’t no event without grinding ☹️

  24. something for germany next time pls?

  25. Benito aka. Duce

    I want Turan!

  26. THE Wolf Damage

    3:18 a french plane destroy one english tank

  27. Im still waiting for 7TP to get for free at British, German, or Russian tree

  28. Next Time We need some German Things

  29. And no one notices the rollers sticking out at 4:03?

  30. Toldi IIA looks like a polish Tp 7

    Polish tech tree confirmed????!!!

  31. This monstrosity is in the game, but several of us have been asking for the M6 with the 90mm Canon to be added in for a while, now…

  32. * little happy American tier *

  33. They really trying to make it look good

  34. Ai Fadjar Aldiadi

    Battlepass are big no no for free player like me

  35. This is trash.

  36. Is that possible that you add the helicopter in Air SB. It could be useful to attack ground target and it will add some fun for this mode

  37. These BP vehicles are getting out of hand. That Toldi is a low tier shredder and the previous BP low tier tank destroyer was too.

  38. Mhh yes 2000ge for a reserve tank a boat that will never be used a copy paste plane and a heavy that will mostly likely be useless

  39. Fikri Adi Satrio

    i think toldi 2A should in sweedish tech tree .. because based on sweedish tanks ..

  40. Andrew Yonemura


  41. what the hell is that?

  42. I don’t have Twitter or Instagram but War Thunder is turning bad for me.
    I don’t like the cross plateform I play againest Player and Tanks 100% better than me.
    I can beat Other Xbox Player but I can’t beat PC plus I was in a panzer 3 and I was fight tiger tanks for some reasons.
    So War thunder is turning bad for me

  43. I bought the battlepass last month and I never got the silver lions I was supposed to get out anything.

    I was kinda pist, but it was ok because I was able to unlock more vehicles and get enough lions to purchase them.

    Or maybe I clicked and bought the wrong thing. Idk. I just know I love playing tanks and this is one of my favorite games of all time.

  44. Can They just remove the IPM1 after the M1 abrams so I don’t have to get a tank that isn’t much better than the M1 at all and can get the M1a1. Please.

  45. Bruh why is this company just about money and making the game frustrating now? They do realize that if the game was more fun that more people would want to play it. The only thing holding this game back is how much they want you to buy and how they blatantly make the game infuriating to extract money from its victims.

  46. Hey, that's pretty good!

    Warthunders battle passes are some of the worst I’ve seen. Such an empty battle pass.

  47. The decals are horribly gross and feel weirdly fetishy

  48. I have a great question. What is the most efficient way to bomb a base or an airfield, with many and small bomb or with a few big ones, and what is the best way to get to the base/airfield with a bomber if you are a bomber?

  49. I think we have enough of these Kirov classes lol

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