BATTLE ROYAL – So Much RP (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. winner winner fidget spinner lol

  2. Phly i request the pilot killer, He-112 A-0, for old times sake

  3. {___/}
    ( • – •)
    ( >?> Wanna Cheeseburger? It cost 1 like

  4. Thomax-Xavier Guimont

    #phly you should try battlefield 1943 airsupperiority

  5. Love the new logo phly

  6. I feel like the m18 is cancer for enemy teams and the Americans

  7. Winner winner diesel dinner.

  8. i like the new JPG phly

  9. Mmm. Hrmm hrmm. Phly, how many cameos have you unlocked for the M18? Hrmm hrmm.

  10. Phly: PhlyDaily what can i get u.
    Me: Hi i need need a Zis-30 with extra vodka and a Yak-7b with RBS-82 rockets. Be careful with Ivan, he is a gentle lamb.

  11. shoulda just shoot the turret lol

  12. Koalas in the house


  13. Anderson Oliveira da Silva

    Play the Churchill in Battle Royal XD

  14. winner winner fidget spinner

  15. Nice to see you still using Boris’ sound mod Phly!

  16. Guten tag mein Freund, Phly. The Eastern front has stalled out and your Panzer has been knocked out. You have commandeered a T-34-747 (r) but unfortunately the gunner sight has been destroyed. You must become an ace from the zoomed commander seat only, during the entire battle. Luckily for you, legendary pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel is providing air support in the AO from his JU 87 D-5.

    Thanks for all the videos and good hunting!
    Attempt #3

  17. Winner Winner Steel Dinner

  18. winner winner my dear fidget spinner

  19. hey yo what happened to your logo man??

  20. waw this was really fun to wach! u should think about posting another id love to see!

  21. i win 1/6 battle royal with the tiger h1

  22. Love the new intro!

  23. CheeseCoatedChopper

    Take ANY tank of your choice with any 1 shell of your choice. Your only hope is the free reload in cap circles. Bonus goal, get an ace.

  24. M5A1 ought to be good too.

  25. did they change the sound quality of the tigers gun?

  26. What sound mod are you using it sounds like you have one? I tried to install one from your older videos but could never get it to stay even when starting the game from the exe the launcher would override it all.

  27. I only got 4k for winning with 4 kills

  28. Winner winner, psycho spinner..!!!

  29. neznama osoba z marsu

    fastest combo ! 😀 Puma or RU251 and german Sabre (i know it isnt fastest 🙁 )

  30. Hey Phly, I like the new graphic change and I’ve been subbed for a while so it’s cool to see the changes over the years <3

  31. this may sound stupid but how about. winner winner tanks for dinner

  32. WHAT?!?! phly… with no premium! how could he!

  33. finally war thunder learning from other games

  34. hey phly, little question, where is loving the unloved??????

  35. TestUserPleaseIgnore

    Exactly. Sometimes my Tiger is just too slow I can’t outrun the map

  36. Its Challenge time
    take out any variant of the P-39 airacobra, But you are only aloud to use its cannon
    No machine guns!
    Good luck and hope the bullets might go straight Attempt #8

  37. scored wins in tiger and m18
    will start blaming team for losing normal games xD

  38. in this Game mode Its Kill or Be Killed

  39. winner winner Butter fingers! try this Phly

  40. Looks like a good game mode. But seriously that map shrinks too quickly. Put another 15-20 seconds on the clock for people who don’t necessarily want to play just quick tanks have some variety.

  41. was that a sound pack? because i want it

  42. @PhlyDaily Have you got a sound mod for War thunder cause planes and tanks seem to sound ALOT Different to what i hear when playing this game…

  43. mr phily pleas do the Kv1 L11 for next

  44. Winner winner high octane dinner

  45. Winner winner panzer killer

  46. Orbiting Thunder

    Pz IV/70(A) and Do 217 E-4 German Stealth Attack #Attempt 10

  47. I think i will try the panther, good frontal armour good gun and mobility

  48. are there any German tanks it would be OK to use?

  49. Thất Bình Tôn

    A new sound mod?

  50. ASU 57 is god tier in this mode

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