Battlefield 1 Acquired, Requesting Fire Support (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – Acquired!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Ewen Sebastian Cederstrøm

    Sniper in bettlefield

  2. Anyone else find Tiger II P is super easy to kill?

    Even in the T-V (Russian Panther) I just hit the bottom slope of the turret
    and it ricochets into the top armour and kills everyone :S

  3. There is a mode called operations plz do that

  4. Oi! Turn that scope grass back on you cheater!

  5. I vote Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr anti-tank rifle and spiked mace.

  6. i want tanks please in battelfield one i have seen then before and the look
    so cool

  7. Guns

  8. Baron please don’t murder our Aussie accent again haha

  9. I want to see funny moments or drunks plays

  10. I want to see anything from planes tanks or weapons or just all ^^ it will
    be cool

  11. Renault FT in BF1!

  12. Nopeace Forducks

    Drive an AT 2 next

  13. I want to see you drive the land ship tank (Mark IV)

  14. You should play the Maus next. For the Fatherland ya?

  15. what type of ammo you use for ostwind?

  16. planes please

  17. lel

  18. Hitler's Lost Nut

    Bolt actions. Gewehr 98 would be great!

  19. Tanks!!!

  20. Merica WW Champions

    land ship

  21. Landship gameplay

  22. play bf1 with slickbee he is so funny!

  23. Insignia Insignia

    tanks and anti tank rifle

  24. Wong Jing Han Clarence

    Dog fight or tanks

  25. i want to see dogfights

  26. Love to see that big box german tank in Battlefield 1.

  27. realises he said panzer 2 instead of tiger 2 then says the tiger 2 is the
    panzer 6. *slow clap*

  28. Artillery game play plz if it even a thing.

  29. Hugo Amadeus Rusli Primaryschool


  30. do a good tank battle with battlefield

  31. infantry please :)

  32. do planes in battlefield 1

  33. I wanna see battlefield 1 tanks, will be great to see some old WW1 tanks on
    the channel!


  35. I play Verdun ;p

  36. ludvig mortensen

    I want to see the Dreadnaught

  37. Kristijan Kezman

    Baron play with german tanks

  38. I want taaaaaaank

  39. The need to do a video with one Tiger II supported by several Panzer IIs,
    with you in one of the Panzer IIs

  40. baron, use the scout class with the iron sight winchester rifle. You will
    not be disappointed.

  41. Baron – it finished without us knowing who fired the final shot.

  42. Nathaniel Wordley

    scout class with no scopes! iron sights only cqb

  43. Clownius Honk Honk

    I’d love to see you doing some tank busting on foot! Show people that being
    in a big metal box doesn’t make them invincible!

  44. I wonder if they add sturmtiger in warthunder

  45. guns

  46. Landship, Support, Aircraft, Zeppelin, Shenanigans, And Establishing A
    Temporary Truce In the Middle Of The Main Map. These Are Your Battlefield 1
    Tasks. Now Go Fourth My Son! Bla!


  48. Sharpshooter Gaming

    you should have all battlefield 1 categories

  49. I want tanks

  50. baron do rockets on battle field 1

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