^^| Battlefield 1 Meme Compilation

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  1. HAHAHAH, “Hello…its me….”!

  2. This was fkn hilarious

  3. Seems to me like this game is a complete spazzy mess !

  4. DarknessInferno15

    I’d rather have watched this as it was, with live commentary, without all
    the unneeded editing. You know, like your stream highlights.

  5. Can anyone tell me what music is being played around 2:06 part?

  6. LMAO…. especially the Austin Powers quote!
    One of your funniest videos Circon! ….. is there any game that you are
    crap at?

  7. what’s the music that starts at 2:05 ?

  8. Circon, Rank your scout lvl to 10 and get the Kolibri gun. And go Rambo
    mode with it.

  9. nice although the music was very loud

  10. Jesus, Jawsum did an awesome job on this one. I am dying of laughter xD

  11. Crazy Dutch bastard was hilarious

  12. Is that Kevin Smith saying nope? Sure sounds like him.

  13. Properbly one of the most amuzing uploads, i’ve seen from anyone in a long
    time ^^ :)

  14. The new Dutch John Rambo my friends.

  15. The Joker Channel

    This is the best video ever

  16. That was nice video. Grat job Jawsum. And nice memes Circon.

  17. BF 1 is better than WoT just do yourself a favor and quit WoT like I did

  18. These are fantastic! Love it so much! Might even say that I enjoy them more
    than the WoT stuff :). Great work Jawsum and Circon!

  19. u fuking legend just found ur channel

  20. whats the song called starting at 5:15 ? please help out

  21. Great!
    What is the music at 8:02 ?

  22. This is amazing

  23. very nice editing and clever music choices!

  24. great vid, and damn, your editing skills have jumped forward by miles.
    Awesome job!!!

  25. Michael “Black Baron” Wittmann

    Editing is on point, gg Circ!

  26. stream volume is a tad bit too low compared to the music imo, butt other
    then that, pretty friggin sweet edit

  27. 8:50-10:10 SirCircon was playing kampy World of Tanks XD

  28. Nice memes as always Circon.

  29. That freaking edit is gold xD

  30. This was awesome

  31. Nice video SirCircon! Must have taken you a long time to make it!

  32. Jawsum edited this together for you guys to enjoy! If you wanna help her
    with her art etc. check out https://www.patreon.com/jawsum <3

  33. 8:53 reminds me of a certain game with tanks. Beep-boop.

  34. Excellent. You put a lot of work into that and it shows!

  35. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Pretty Good Video since a Long time 😀 Also we want another Memewhile :D

  36. nice vid circon and nice editing the best i have seen this year

  37. Musketeer32Gaming

    Nice frame rate tho lol

  38. This was great, plz more

  39. That was awesome :D.

  40. So what was the issue with Copyshite last vid?

  41. Nice memes!

  42. Circon got the sawtooth knife?!

  43. I loved the part where u killed that LT in like 3 seconds

  44. thats hilarious

  45. Great video with great editing Circ!

  46. battlememes are the best memes

  47. eyy dat copyright tho

  48. lmaoooooo of course circon gets in the tank lol and here with have circon
    in his natural habit… the tank


    i love to spam gold in WOT :)

  50. That ok #SirCircon I watched before youtube deleted it !

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