BDR G1B / Fjords / “Doubling down”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

All I’m going to say is, Gandhi was right… but that never stopped him declaring war on me all those times in Civilisation. What a jerk.


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Mods list: J1mB0’s , Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun (9.4 and prior)


  1. Chuckles Bachelor

    Take a look at this on Youtube- ” Tanktoon: Long Surprise. Ranzar.” TOG
    drivers may get a kick out of it.

  2. What is really weird is that I got my first “an eye for an eye” award and
    then right after it I watch this video and saw the two in one battle…

  3. this tier 5 heavy may have the highest damage per shell at tier 5 right now
    but in 9.10 according to this:
    the new japanese tier 5 will have a 130 pen 120mm cannon with 300 damage
    per shot but the downside is that it will be massive with the same armour
    as the kv1 on the hull but its not russian so it will inevitably be much
    worse in that respect and it will have a much worse turret considering how
    legendarily troll the kv-1 turret is.

  4. Haven’t been in your comment section for a while, hello!

  5. I’ve noticed that Jedi has a mod that counts received damage at the bottom
    left of the screen. Does anybody know the name of that particular mod?
    Recently my received damage counter mod has run out of date (after 10+
    patches) and i need a new one, please help.

  6. Chuck Norris got two “Eye for an Eye” achievements in one battle. People
    still do these, right? .. No? I’ll show myself out..

  7. EmperorNefarious1

    You can also make money in tier 6 tanks if you consistently decent, and
    tier 7s if its the right tank and you do good constantly. you can even make
    money every battle in the JP E100 if you do 3k damage and don’t miss to

  8. I’ve got 13 of those atm and I have played just over 6k battles…
    For me “lucky” medals seem much more rare 

  9. Lol!…wanna make money in WOT?, got no prem account or tank?…just roll a
    BDR!, so u too can make nearly 19k off a 5 kill top of the team in xp
    The economy in Greece! is better than WOTs

  10. Personally, for earners, I prefer to run my KV2 and T150, cause there fun,
    and in particular, I can play my KV2 all day long with no objection.

  11. “I’m not going to sit in front of him while he does Matilda things to my

    mmmm, sounds so dirty. :3

  12. The upcoming Japanese tier 5 heavy tank will beat the BDR in alpha damage.
    300 alpha!

  13. I play the KV-1s quite a lot these days, having found it to be unexpectedly
    fun…and I can confirm that no, the howitzer doesn’t make much money due
    to as you pointed out: armored targets need HEAT for full damage. Or even
    reasonable damage, in most cases. HE just doesn’t cut it if you’re forced
    to face off against other heavies, they’ll quickly out-DPM you.

    Still, again, it’s fun and Soviet-stronk. For actual moneymakers, the t67
    comes to mind, and due to people sometimes considering it unimportant and
    ignoring it, the Crusader does alright.

    • Dirty, Stinking, Raging Liberal

      I play my ELC as a moneymaker. Easily 30k a game, and it is fun as hell.
      I’ve never really found a premium I enjoy playing, but the ELC works well

    • +Septfox I love t67s. A part of a balanced breakfast for a growing howitzer
      Sherman. Always makes my day.

    • +Septfox Crusader, good call. Dirt cheap ammo and ridiculous DPM and camo

  14. I dont know… I really don´t like the BDR G1B. Its ok if you can shoot
    someone, but for something with so few armor its way too slow.

  15. Why did you keep al frensh heavys in your garage (except50 120)?

  16. charlie johnston

    Civilization has a “z” not an “s” just saying… :D

  17. Mighty Warlord Gandhi doesn’t approve of your Banana-plantations… prepare
    for your doom!

  18. Ghandi was a jerk, but not because of Civilisation. Sid Meyer is a
    sociopath. 🙂
    (this ends this useless comment)

  19. Oh wait. Whoops. Didn’t notice that KV-1. Good thing he’s on your team.

  20. Wait. WTF? That Churchie was shooting APCR in a T5 match with no KV-1s in
    it? What a wanker.

  21. The BDR *would* be a good tank…if only it didn’t move like a slug with
    crotch rot, have virtually no armour, and a HUGE fucking wart on it’s
    turret that screams SHOOT HERE. If you don’t have a gold tank then the T5
    to use is the KV-1 seal clubber. That or the SU-85.

  22. Under 20 club, how tough are you? :)

  23. Hell yeah! 8 views”
    How’s caption guy doing nowadays?

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