BEAST-100 + Highrolls = RIP Enemy! | World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

E-0, Tier 10 Super-Heavy Tank. E-0 Big Gun, 150mm Gameplay and Equipment Setup.

Today I decided to take out good-old E-0, tier 10 superheavy tank with big boomstick…

What do you think?


  1. E 100 one of my favourite tanks

  2. Speaking of high rolls. I accidently loaded he in my 704 once, and I ended up penning an e4 side for 1000 DMG. One of the best feels ever.

  3. Just Your Average Internet User

    Wow I’m early for once, nice video tho 👍

  4. E100 reminds me of old nokia phones so much 😀

  5. 60TP is a better version of E100

  6. Face reveal Dez plz!

  7. When I play my T30 with that 750 alpha all I get is below 660, 700 and the most insulting I get as low as 500 something ….

    I like the T30 but the gun really pisses me off …

    • I don’t think the T95 is any better. Especially when there’s some players somehow easily pen the front.

    • T30, T34, E4, E5 all crazy lowroll tanks. I calculated my T34 avedage damage over 15 games at 330dmg. Did the same with T30 and got something like 630-650 (it’s been years, i forfet exactly). Not including low dmg kill shots.

    • @tr0n And usually tanks with weak armor it can easily high rolled.

  8. The e100 gun accuracy not stable with big stick and had very long load time per shot I prefer the 12.8 cm Kw.k. ausf k gun because low load time were I can get more shot off each time just me

  9. E100 loves ❤️

  10. Dez, you should play the Churchill III decked out, it’s basically an infinite autoloader

  11. 12:09 this WG bullshit is going on forever now and its quite frecuent…shots just dissapearing into the nowhere and they just do as if not exist

  12. The only time i get high rolls is when i miss.😕

  13. nobody fires standard rounds……its all premium ammo….you know this !!!

  14. I don’t play WoT any more but I do still support Dez, and I do think some of the recent skins are awesome – historical accuracy be damned! go for style.

  15. Amx 40 stock when? 🙂

  16. Do you have another channel called night shift?

  17. Highrolls in German tanks?? What kind of sorcery is that???

  18. DezGamez casually hitting highrolls always brings a smile to my face

  19. sometimes seems like this tank can work but the turret is still weak against every medium and heavy tank in the game. I think wg must buff this tank’s turret again leaving the roof as weakspot and lower plate but the cheeks less penetrable to 340 heats pen.

  20. Today on World of Dipping Shots.

  21. Do a video on object 274a, it is my favorite premium tank

  22. Alexander the great

    Dez, can I ask your nationality? I have seen so many things about this, i am confused

  23. 56 sec in, you called it JPZ E100. Nice 1 Dez. JPZ E100, now with a turret, coming next patch lol.🤣

  24. レインボー・ターボ・ガトー将軍


  25. Dez hiding the fact that he told skill to contact his dad at war gaming to get some gifted high roll ammunition

  26. Eonehundredfull

  27. Luís Augusto Panadés

    German accuracy is a joke. In my Grille 15 with 6 skills and all field mods for accuracy I have 1 in 10 shots going to the middle.
    I wanna put Grille 15 and other german tanks into the asses of wot balancing team.

  28. Justin justintheman

    E 100 he high t

  29. Gerhardt Von Scharnhorst

    Are you drunk again Dez? 🙂

  30. At 12:10 that shell must have been a ghost shell

  31. I completed HT 15 for 260 with e100 on this map 🙂

  32. Hey dez i think its called patton outpayed us not outplayed us using heat lol

  33. What German high rolls? My Grille 15 can’t seem to shoot a 700 for the life of it, it’s either 600’s or nothing; and when I load HE, I roll for average AP rolls…

  34. what is the name of that mod where you can see the tiers on top of the screen ?

  35. E 100 is putting its best foot forward for its first feature in a while

  36. German tanks can high roll? Sounds like feak news.

  37. Dez videos gime me gl charm dez dont let you down….may rng be with you….

  38. i’ll take any non-historical styles instead of more broken lines and premium tanks any day of the year.

  39. Sorry will not play that tank again rigged to die

  40. I would have rage quit on the 3rd battle just because it was fisherman’s bay straight after having Siegfried line and Studzianki. 3 very shitty maps in a row.

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