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  1. Stupid fak wg…. 263 s funny fun, plz dont take fun away from us.

  2. Variety makes the game more interesting, ive always been interested in Obj 263, having the 268 i was always envious and curious how games were driving the 263, awsome video Congrats the player, my Highest Dmg is 7.4k lol

  3. the tier 9 performance stats like gun handling for this vehicle are really bad and I wont play it. It WOT wants to replace it I would prefer that they made this a special vehicle (like they did with the Foche 155). Would be very sad to see it go for the same reason Circon advances…it is unique

  4. The reason why this tank isn’t played is not because it’s a bad tank, it’s because the tanks leading up to it are shit. Imo why should keep the tank as is and just change the previous ones

  5. Man, firstly I have to say that you are definitely one of my most favourite content creators, the videos are really like chill and well served (if that is possible to say) and the streams are just a bunch of fun and chill too! I definitely don’t regret watching your content. And now to the tank… I will say just one thing… WG is trying to make this game more and more boring… I think that is everything what’s actually needed to be said…

  6. Other dmg numbers are pretty cool im don’t have much tanks and only 250 or 390 or 400 is weird im hyped to do 320 on the t-54 (will unlock it soon) becouse its smth new

  7. Obj is a good tank, tanks leading to it not so much. give armor to everything, make people spend more money on ammunition, WG wins.

  8. Alexander Sonnenberg

    Honestly the changes WG has made in the past year or so have dissapointed me they keep changing takes to cookie cutter tanks there is almost no unquie tier 10 tanks anymore they could have done a way better job with the S. Conq and now change perhaps the most unquie TD this makes me not want to play the game anymore

  9. Hands off my 263 wargaming I don’t want your bs same old 750 alpha tank I have e3,e4,268 and foch 155 for that. I like my 263 because it’s unique and different from all the tanks.

  10. Circon do you have some sort of speech impediment xD xD . Or are you ‘trying’ to sound American

  11. I saw Skillz4ltu playing one on Stalingrad, luckily he was on our team. He just stuffed in into their faces and kept pressing the left mouse button.

  12. i love 263 and i refuse those **** changes

  13. How do you make a living making videos about ONLY once a week ?

  14. Quite agree, there is no reason to ruin the Yolo Wagon like this. Like you say it’s a totally different breed, and the new one isn’t going to fill the void.

  15. Good guy T54 🙂

  16. Why don’t they just add the new tank as a side grade similar to the way the t-54 leads into 2 meds. Just give people an option instead of removing variety from the game because I like this tank as well, its unlike anything else from the game and possibly one of the most balanced tier 10s in the game.

  17. I wanted to go down the line, yet felt like I was held back by the su-85, seeing what war thunder did with the ASU’s I suppose we could have something similar that branches from the su85b and into the (current) su100-m1 so that people don’t have to drive though the su85 and su100 (that have similar playstyles to the other branch. I just hope that wargaming doesn’t go ahead with any of the proposed changes to this branch. Even the down-tiering of some of the tanks results in there previously unique playstyles being shattered.

  18. How did the move go? Hope it went well.

  19. So many replays/vids are coming up about this tank at the moment!

  20. Bravo to that T 54 for allowing Jesha to get the Radley-Walters!

  21. don’t change the object 263 WG. it’s perfect as it is!

  22. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Don’t change the 263, change the tanks leading up to it so I actually have some interest in grinding to it…..

  23. Make me wait so long for a video again and I’ll make more idle threats.

  24. They can change the 430- and the 263 line, if they give the tier 10’s as premiums to who have them.
    Fuckin bullshit if i spend time and money to get a certain tier 10 and they just decided to revamp it to something diffrent

  25. They should give this tank siege mode. Need more crutches.

  26. Is that an illegal mod that shows your pen and enemy armor values

  27. It was my first tier 10 love it to death will stop playing the game if that change goes through.

  28. Marshall Allshouse

    I really like the concept of this tank (I have never played it)
    Ive seen this tank post really good games, so it’s definitely usable
    I do not want to see this tank moved around the tree, I do want to see the line before it reworked however

  29. You can’t safely facehug in 263 though. As soon as you do then anything with a gun larger than 90mm will autopen the engine deck.

  30. That mod he uses to show the armour on the enemy tank is like a cheat no?

  31. Nice vid, fun to see the ones rarely used

  32. Glad you’re back, buddy.

  33. I personally won’t mourn, tho i would have them rather put in as a replacement something more than just another 750 alpha backseat camper with poor gun handling compensated by mediocre at best armor. But apart from gun, obj. 263 really is nothing special in the same way Kranvagn isn’t. It’s gimmicky and depends on opponent not really knowing how to handle the encounter with one. Everyone who played swedish heavy line back when it was released will know how good it felt to play one, from T9 to kranvagn it was a wonder if i did not average 6k-9k blocked on average per game, these days almost everyone knows that it’s pointless to shoot them if they are dug in, unless the shooters have massive amounts HE power (looking at you – Shitbarn and it’s more handsome cousin) The point is that 263 is only as effective as your opponent is ignorant, nothing apart from gun and maybe mobility is really any good about it. If you can, go for lower plate, if not, shoot HE at gun mantlet which actually might be more reliable because of the armor layout 263 has. I wouldn’t mind a rapid firing low/medium alpha 105/120mm turreted brawling td, at t10 that could be a change of pace for russian top tier td lines, i am sure they could make something up, god knows the whole chinaman tank destroyer line was mostly pulled out of thin air and few drawings of concepts at best.

  34. In my opinion all that needs to change is the traverse speed increase and buff the lower plate. Anything more and then you get the Swedish TDs but, completely reworking the branch just sounds wrong in this case.

  35. Shout out to that T-54 who let him do 10k dmg

  36. Totaly agree with you. They want make every td the same

  37. NOOOOOOOO SU 152

  38. Leave the 263 alone!

  39. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    The soviets already have a big gun TD, don’t chanel this line.

  40. it’s awkward but I truly love playing this td. I think the closed turret will be interesting if they change it. also will be able to use vents

  41. War gaming power creep, they take unique tanks like the previous brit heavy and change it by adding more Armour and shit,

  42. Destroyerman Fernandez

    Honestly Circon, WG’s nerfing of the 263 plus taking it down a tier and replacing it with Object 268 version 4 is the single dumbest thing they have come up with recently.This TD is a fun TD to play, it’s so different, so unique and so rewarding once you get the idea of how to play it. Also, it’s the perfect alternative to the Object 268 line, it offers high RoF and accuracy with excellent frontal armor, reasonable camo and mobility against the Object 268’s high alpha, high camo derp line. It may not be the best TD, but it IS a good TD nonetheless and i’ve had loads of fun in it, even in bad days.

    And now WG intends to nerf the beloved 263 into a shitty Jadgtiger ripoff and push onto us the Object 268 version 4, which is the poor mans version of the JpzE100, with a generic, boring ass gun, poor gun handling, shit RoF and as result, DPM and DeathStar level accuracy.

    In short, the changes to the 263 line make no sense and have to be rethought. The only problems with the 263 line were the mediocre vehicles that came before, the SU-100M1 and the SU-101 while the SU-122-54, a good TD, doesn’t fit the line. Buff the tier 7 and tier 8, give us a tier 9 that reflects the other rear turreted TD’s in the line with similar capabilities and give us some slight buffs on the 263’s gun arc and 1 degree of depression and we are good to go, that would definitely attract more players to the line and make old players happy.

  43. They are taking the toilet meme to a new level and actually shitting all over that line. I’m getting pretty tired of them screwing with my tier 10’s I worked [played] hard to get.

  44. While I understand SC replacing FV215b, FOCH replacement, and the future replacement of the Deathstar, this one doesn’t make sense. Same gameplay as previous tanks and above all a very good TD. Not including Deathstar and Shitbarn which are in their own separate group, I would say this is THE BEST TD in the game, because of mobility AND fire rate, even better than STRV, because while good, siege mode sometimes makes it awkward.

  45. Why you never mentioned it is fast? I am quite surprised with the speed of this machine 🙂

  46. The shit they want to introduce perfectly fits the WG meta, horrible gun stats (so you are forced to load gold/miss most of your shots) and unpennable armor unless you load gold, then it becomes cheese. WG it’s not even trying nowadays EVERYTHING they make is going in the direction of blatant p2winness, FFS Blitz, a mobile game (notorious for their p2winnes) is more balanced than the regular WoT.

  47. In that tank line, the only one that doesnt fit in a sense of playstyle is current tier 9 SU 122 54. It has a frontally placed gun, while others have rear position of a gun. Therefor i think that tank needs to be removed entirely from this tank line.

  48. Its a Good TD, not OP, and the plastyle is awesame, i do want them to dont change it. I have seen a proposal where the guy had a pretty decent idea, how to fit the 268 V4 in the tech tree and keep the current TDs in line, and i think thats the good idea.

  49. Why mess with a thing that people seem to like. Why change tanks that are different into a thing that’s more of the same old, same old

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