BEAUTIFUL CHAOS! | Challenger 1 | Armored Warfare Assault

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Source: Schwalbe

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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  1. I clicked faster than the tank could shoot

  2. Schwalbe is my Fav Youtuber in the world. Dope Video Btw! Lol

  3. Can you play different games plz

  4. TheTog Landbattleship

    Finally here and not late

  5. 1 one y tuber

  6. Hey is there any ark survival video today one you uploaded and removed

  7. Let’s all be chill
    Because Schwalbes is here still
    I’m gonna pray
    That Schwalbes reaches 100k

    – Smug dance kid

    You the best Schwalbes

  8. Yeah SchllaDemocracy

  9. Bro can I get ur opinion, which one is better…this game or world blizt

  10. I have a glitch with this tank. When i face it there is not any sort of lock-on and it makes it even harder to take out(as of it was not already very hard with the résistance to HE, the AP dealing less damage and the health régénération…

  11. Can you show your crew pls

  12. Arcade version of WOT Blitz haha

  13. Awwww man not tank games again :(((( :((((

  14. Sees tank video by schwalbe


  15. What is the shit game?

  16. Schwalbe i dont usually watch your tank videos, can u make ark vids everyday? Just asking, i get bored on tank so i dont usually watch them.

  17. wwoowowowowowowo good

  18. Schwalbe go to play new ark dungeon

  19. Hey I saw you in battle! For about 4 seconds. You came. I saw. You froze me with some kind of crew skill and killed me.


    Edit: In fact I think you did the thing to that T-64BV at the start! Whatever it is, sucks to be on the other side.

  20. Lol, Chally is so hard to kill it’s absurd.

  21. Plz give me name the game ??

  22. The bootiful chaos is now ON!!!
    Also i have a question,if i join ur server,ur Titan will die after about 30 minute. But,if i join and leave before 30 minute,will the Titan die?

  23. @Schwalbe Pegomastax are now in ark mobile… just sayin. Found a Dossier of it
    Please all tell him/her

  24. Baby shark, dodododododo

  25. Big fan ?????????

  26. Sooo what your telling me is that you should just charge into like ten tanks with this thing ???
    Fair enough

  27. Huh so that was you in the challenger the other day, didn’t think you still played this game and thought it was a fake. Ign is NEINEINEINEIN

  28. Great video man, saludos

  29. you guys should play the pc version of the game

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