Becoming a BULLY (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: Slick


•Thank you all for watching!



  2. Slick i got penned by 50 cal on front of tiger 2 …

  3. War thunder has serios problems

  4. I personally think the long 90mm needs more pen than the 100mm

  5. Quick question, have you ever shoved a banana up your ass?

  6. Tanks also has feelings slick…

  7. They stealth nerf hesh wtf.

  8. Saw the title: “huh, that must be featuring the IS-6”

    Well would you look at that…

  9. slick you make me wet

  10. u r the first American i have heard say Twat correctly

  11. My name jeff

  12. >When you hit the center of the Tiger 2s turret plate and it completely fucks the transmission aswell as setting it on fire on top of completely killing everything in the turret

    Now that is just sad.

  13. i once ruined my pc desk with a sticky substance but it was much more whiter than a chai latte

  14. CrocodileTearsbro

    Didnt start in a miltruck while playing USSR? Why aren’t you playing efficiently

  15. Why is my baby the Super Pershing at 6.7 ?

  16. Play the Vickers MBT more!!!

  17. You’re not a bully, you are just pathetic.

  18. Duke a.k.a Slick Bee's dog

    yu m8 sl8 I st11I w8ing for 2-op gam3plah.

  19. Uncle_BenSsS Gaming

    Slick and the is6 rampage

  20. Luis Martinez Gamboa

    Dude please try the hardcore way, sim battles with no hud and manual transmission please

  21. i played with mcchicken bites and oxygen_thief today in warthunder, chicken saved oxygens ass

  22. Please M3lee and B36 or 34 please love from Turkeyyy

  23. The Duke of Norton

    Challenge achieved; you’re a massive twat! ?

  24. Play the easy eight and p51D with rockets don’t ask just do it

  25. kinda being a dickhead there…

  26. Cristian Bastidas

    Cool guys don’t loock explosion challenge: Every time you know you are goin to make a crazy medium to long shot, put the camera away of the target, because cool guys don’t look at explosion.

  27. i dont get how ur videos feel so short it feels like they are like 2 minutes when they are 10

  28. So wrong it makes me sick

  29. you always play with a squad and team speak. why don’t you play a couple of games with no team speak or squad like a lot of us who aren’t privy to either. it’s one thing to have someone warn you of enemy movement, and another to have to find the enemy by yourself. an awful lot of us can’t use t/s because we aren’t in a squad. you don’t actually represent a lot of us.

  30. Dang these 7.3 Russia games are almost boring. It’s just roll after roll.

  31. Why did (((jewjin))) add the is-6? It is a pain in the ass for every nation.

  32. hey do avenger or challenger

  33. StrelnikovGaming

    Damn Slick, loved it, keep the Russian vehicles coming. There’s never enough Soviet Tier V gameplay.

  34. Crusader Mk 3

  35. war thunder looks like so much fun. Just press W and one shot everything which comes across while seing everything bouncing off you. oh wait, that’s only when playing russia 7.xgameplay videos become boring at this BR with this nation.

  36. outro Song?

  37. This is why I have NO REMORSE when I slaughter Soviets with HESH in the Leo 1. It’s time for Gaijin to add the American T30 with 155mm HESH.

  38. the IS-6 needs a speed nerd, it is unrealistic how fast it is compared to other tanks at it’s tier


  40. I critted a T29 in my Ru 251. Knocked out his breach up close. And the guy just machine-gunned me from front.

    These IS-6s and T29s have it going for them !
    (What do you think Slick. Do you think you should also talk about such things on your channel ?
    I am not talking about being salty, but what we can make better in the game.

    BTW, this is a clear thing on how the Gaijin has buffed 50 cals for italian air, but turned a blind eye on everything else)

  41. Put me up cunt!

  42. I did this exact thing yesterday, to a leopard 1

  43. Can you play the p108A italian 102 next time?

  44. Italian props is literally a little less autistic than the Japanese props but its still all a bunch of people who keep AB skill *TURN* TURN*

  45. Mirza Şahinkaya

    T92 got fucked up by a god damn 122mm d…

  46. Apocalyptic Knights

    Russian bias ruined this game.

  47. 2 games out of how meny , when i play it i get up tierd 8 out of 10 times ,and it can be killed from the front by tiger2 no problem you yust have to know how to aim

  48. this streamer is such a cuck

  49. Stalin apoints you commander of the tenk bulling society comrade

  50. Why can’t Americans pronounce _twat_ correctly?

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