BEEP BEEP CYKA BLYAT Russian UBER Here to take you to GLUAG

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Its interesting that phly thinks the br 412d is better than the br 412b, aphebc is still broken you know 😛

  2. J2M4 please Phly

  3. Attempt # 28
    Phly please take out the AMX-13 FL-11. You’ve never featured it.

  4. Enjoyed it again. A PhlyDaily vid rarely sets me down.

  5. Phly : This tank will send them back while complaining being 1 shotted in their Tiger 2s
    Me : peek* you mocking me?

  6. Stalin: YOU GO TO GULAG. Comrade PhlyDaily: Why? Stalin: Because I say You ago to gulag……… Comrade PhlyDaily died in the gulags from one of his Uber’s that he brang to that gulag

  7. Not saying I hate you PhlyDaily

  8. Intangableboss Rages

    Play the object 120 again

  9. how do use that distance meter help me please

  10. This isnt phlydaily. This is jackassery daily…and I love it

  11. “GLUAG”

  12. T-44-100 is one of the best tanks at it’s BR, and even then it’s underrated. If you’re looking to talisman one tank when on the grind, get it on this one.

  13. omg phly referencing avgn!

  14. 4:40 I cried

  15. Intro game is on point

  16. That needs gulag…….

    Actually *no*

  17. Hilarious how these russian shells tend to squeeze through places where they should bounce off…

  18. PHLY THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!11!! I havent seen a SINGLE AMX-13 DCA 40 video at all. You need to play this tank destroyer, this is the new Ostwind, and it EATS KV-1s and Jumbos for breakfast. Please consider this as a video idea! Franch truly suffers… ????? #1

  19. Sometimes i think that your plays are staged :< Mozdok - (rush) B (cyka) hill - when i drive there they shoot at me from every direction that exists even from orbit. Whole server focusing on me and i have heavy rain of iron 5s after i get there. Fulda - playing exactly as you did i'd be spotted by that centurion 5 times. Not even mention that T29. ps. and your team listens to pings when you mark enemy - thats not real, my friend

  20. wtf was that?

  21. I’m confused how can the t 44 100 pen a t34 turret the turret was able to stop the is 122 round in real life plus it made the t 54 useless with its 100mm but the lower plate was no match for the t 54 100mm

  22. …with map knowledge and proper setup/ambush…any tank is “good”

  23. Oh you finally played the tank i request for so long about “play T-44-100 if it is still relevant”

  24. Azamat Abdurakhimov

    ЛОЛ, сука блять

  25. Dear Komrades, all Russian players, this, what i see is worthy for one ticket of GULAG, AND NOT GLUAG


  26. Knock knock it’s your sneaky gulag uber Haha

  27. Revolver Yorihime

    Nice nice

    Now play the Tiger II P or H but you’re not allowed to stop driving forward

  28. Do maus phly attempt #12

  29. Do you play WT with a controller, keys and mouse or something else?

  30. more original nickname


  31. Phly at some point between 8:39 and 8:47 your video skipped the part where I nuked a Maus side on in my type 75
    *edit also at 9:36 my squad mate in the a6m5 who bombed you also said wtf how did that miss lol

  32. There is no uber in mother russia, they have Taxi

  33. Play the RU 251 Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee!

  34. Hey Phly I know this is probably a long-shot but would you be willing to take another look at the M36 Jackson or the M26 Pershing? You brought up the slightly older video you did on the T-44 and how it’s gun just doesn’t seem to cut it and that got me to thinking that the M36/M26 is kinda in the same boat(unless it’s been dropped in BR, I haven’t played in awhile)as the 90mm M3 just always feels like it’s almost enough but NEVER QUITE enough to compete with the newer tanks the M36/M26 see’s these days.

  35. 9:08 „Sector is clear.“
    *1 sec later* „NOT CLEAR NOT CLEAR!“

  36. Do you know what does it mean suka bliat? I like your videos, but these words in title sound crapy if you know what they mean ?

  37. I am the Tank that destory anime

    PhlyDaily is g A y he said “Balls on my mouth” :/

  38. op pls nerf to 7.7

  39. Had a “BLAST” with the t44-100. One of my favorite tanks ever in war tinder

  40. When you try to capitalise *GLUAG* but it ends up as a typo

  41. Make T44-122

  42. Phly confirmed for Jumanji!

  43. If the t44-100 would be a German tank it would be 6.7

  44. Perhaps one day Phly you could do a series where you are explaining us the different maps. I mean where are the good spots and points 🙂

  45. Loves to look at naked tanks heh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  46. johnkennethhaarr


  47. Hello there Phyl. Can you refresh video with T10 M

  48. Сергей Борис

    Hmm i see very bad video name dislike and report

  49. Can a bomb explode in mid air and kill tanks? Or planes

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