Before it was Nerfed – KV-1S – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

In 2014 update 9.3 World of Tanks destroyed the -1S here’s some epic from BEFORE in 2012 when it was utterly overpowered!



  1. Gameplay was waay better back then.. Tanks felt like tanks. Now its a racing game with guns.

  2. The old sounds. They were much better 😉

  3. What was reload time of this beast? My KV-85 reload 122 mm almost 16 sec…. But they should not nerf this tank, they can leave it with reall statistick from historical acurate vehicle and instead of nerf it they should move it up one or two tiers….

  4. Wot’s today’s idea of progress and fun is:
    Tier 1-3: What is it? What are you talking about? Don’t do that, please. It’s against our Happy Player policy.
    Tier 4-5: Oh, look. In 5 tiers you gonna have this or that!
    Tier 6-7: So what you need to max-grind them to have any chance in the game. That’s part of the fun, soldier! Keep getting 300xp per lost battle till you make it.
    Tier 8: Oh, look at our premium tanks. They are better than regular tanks*! You’ve made it here, have some fun, buy one and enjoy! Oh, yea, we also have regular tanks here, almost forgot.
    Tier 9-10: See, told you all our tiers and tanks in the game are awesome and fun!

    Old WOT was about the fun via gameplay. New wot is way more about filling up progress bars and unlocking colorful icons. Still possible to have the old fun, but then again, only with somewhat broken tanks in relation to some stats. Be it invisible light tank, some super derp, some wheeled mofo going 105km/h or a tank that can bounce a direct hit from Yamato main battery.

    * – Unless they are old prems 😀

  5. i thought the kv-1s nerf was in 2018 lol. time certainly flies

  6. I once platooned with my friends in three KV1S and we said we are gonna go to bed if we lose one more battle….

    And we stayed up until the sun rises.

  7. Make a video about O-I exp. derp gun before it was nurfed! i

  8. Airfield battle exactly 9 years ago (today). 🙂

  9. QB, I ask again. Where is the old intro in these blast from the past clips?
    Make the nostalgia complete, pls!

  10. Don’t forget it had acceptable accuracy for its caliber, alpha, and tier. I can’t count how many times my StuG would get spotted and immediately evaporate only because some KV-1S would snipe & 1shot me from the bushes.

  11. The old gun sounds were badass!

  12. M18 Hellcat. Slugger was nickname of M36, today called Jackson.

  13. I think I got my first ever Radley-Walters medal in the old KV-1S. It was so much fun. Surprising that WarGaming haven’t released a Premium version of it like they did with the ISU-152K.

  14. Insted of changeing KV-1S completly and putting it in tier V should’ve just put it into tier VII and that’s it… would be much less tier overpowered and still fun to play.

  15. The M18 Hellcat has always been the M18 Hellcat, the Jackson was the M36. You had the Hellcat and the Jackson back then, the hellcat being the favorite because it was ridiculously fast. Furthermore I’d love to see the old VK30.01H, it was my favorite tank back in the day.

  16. Heloo, m60 or 121b?

  17. I literally rushed to get this tank, shortly afterwards I started playing the game in 2013. This whole trio of t6 russian heavies was dangerous, the T-150, KV-1s and KV-2

  18. It’s good to see a realistically achievable tank here. Something recognizable that has relevance to something historical. The trouble with tier X vehicles is that you can only compare them with 1 or 2 lower tiers. This you can compare with near 5 tiers around it. Makes the game more tactical and is based a ww2 theme rather than highlighting tier X make-believe and blueprint only vehicles which bear little relevance to anything that actually exists. Sorry. Rant over. Carry on! 😁

  19. M18 is the Hellcat Quackybaby. It still has the M18 in its name today.

  20. 15:35 sillybaby. The M18 was the hellcat! The slugger was the M36 if I ain’t wrong 🙂

  21. the old KV-1S was my all time best credit grinder for the first years of playing. have like 1500 games in it. in the past there was a mission where you have to kill like 15-20 tanks and get 250k credits. you could repeat the mission as often as you want. so i played this beauty and clap those asses 😀 i made millions with this tank before i even consider buying prem tank or prem account 🙂

  22. old but gold

  23. Nice old video 😉
    Thank you!
    The sound in the first battle was so much better than it is today… It’s just brutal…

  24. I remember some of the old mechanics and metrics of WOTs as I started playing in Nov. 2013 in my first account. We still had tier 1 playing against tier 10 tanks, which was challenging.

  25. I miss the old ways, the KV-3 and Kv1S were old favorites for sure 😉

  26. The new kv-1s Is so shitty in comparison

  27. The KV-85 is still my second most played tank, guess why ? I remember playing tier 6 tournaments or companies of KV-1S and Hellcat, what a time to play WoT.
    Did you had Type 59 before it was nerfed ?

  28. I believe the M18 is now known as the Hellcat and the Jackson was named the M36 Slugger and now just called the Jackson. The M18 used to be an absolute beast when it first came out. I remember it being even better than the “Super Hellcat” that we all got.

  29. Dear QB as i got lots of Gold from the Loot boxes plus a T56, I like to buy a premium T8 medium from the offers coming out. Today is the SU 130 which is tempting but I have a Charioteer which is less alpha damage but more maneuverable. So I want to hold out for a medium in t8. What top 3 would you suggest?

  30. Show maus and super heavies qb

  31. its definitely a blast to grind this tank in blitz, which still retains its place as the tier 6with the 122mm… god awful reload makes you question your sanity every time you miss the side of a barn, though

  32. I had 69% win rate after 500 games. This tank is missed, lol

  33. Maybe some replays of the old Tier 8 T92 arty with some 2000dmg one shots

  34. actually quickybaby kv-1s is at tier 6 with its tier 5 guns(albeit they got buffed at some point apparently mainly penetration alpha still 160 on the 85 mm) , absolutely useless and i dont know why anyone would want to play it other than its required now to play to research the IS heavy line

  35. please make more of this series. it’s so fun and nostalgic to watch

  36. yes quicky.. back then premiun comsuable only use gold

  37. kv1s and hellcat the most populor tank in clan war..

  38. Hey QB, the M18 is the Hellcat, M36 was the Slugger

  39. Was the combined KV-1 and KV-2 (KV) at a time when replays where possible? If so, i would like to see that. Otherwise Techtree Pz- IV Schmalturm maybe?

  40. Time goes so fast i had one old account from 2012 and i dowloaded this game because of you i watched you play games before world of tanks i took many breaks from this game but still like to watch your videos

  41. I bought the Type 59 during the last time it was ever sold which I believe was in December of 2012. This was before it was ever nerfed. If that is the case you should be able to find un-nerfed replays and I absolutely want to see them. I have a very clear memory of playing the Type 59 on Prok and fighting solo against 5 tanks in the field. I died laughing as I bounced so many of their shots and killing 3 of them before I went down.

  42. Could you also cover the KV at tier 5 with the KV-2 turret and gun? I don’t remember when that was changed, but that tank was disgustingly OP.

  43. do you have any replays with the tier 6 KV-3?

  44. I really would like to see some plays from you with the original Pz 4 with the Schmalturm back in the patch 0.7.xx
    Love your vids from Hungary! 🤘

  45. Do a video on the T18 lmao

  46. Premium consumables were 10 gold per unit, yepp. And the M18 is still the Hellcat. The formally Slugger, today Jackson is still the M36

  47. Please make an Video in the old Type 59! Would love to see it!

  48. My god i still love the gun sounds back then bigger the gun is more satisfying

  49. is now a trash like most of the tanks.

  50. Ah yes the KV-1S… I remember the fun I had in this thing. Together with the old T49 tier 5 tank destroyer they were my favourite vehicles. They got both nerfed in the same patch and from one day to the next my fun in this game was reduced by 80%… I quit the game in 2016 because I couldn’t handle WGs bullsh*t anymore.

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