Before it was Nerfed – M41 Walker Bulldog – World of Tanks

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In update 9.20 of World of Tanks removed the autoloader from the M41 Walker Bulldog here's some epic games from BEFORE in 2014 when it was utterly overpowered!



  1. eyesun still plays the game but he became a clicker as his only tier IX tank is an arty

  2. i miss stalingrad i hate recent wot maps all covered sniper bushs and open field

  3. How do you watch old replays???

  4. They need to bring the bulldock back mit the 10 round autolaoder

  5. The old light tank match making, oh I miss it.
    No this is NOT the greatest light tank in WOT back in the day! The best was the original French ELC, god I love that little tank and doing the heavy tank side scrap.

  6. I want to see the old MT-25 and 59-16 Autoloader

  7. Damdinsuren Ganbaatar

    I remember watching these exact clips back in the day on youtube

  8. Remember tier 10 artys when they could 1 shot 1 tier 10 tank lol. that was so annoying lol Or the insane splash dmg

  9. Buldog and what is the name of 4 autoloader tier8 american were just wright comparing the tanks today,,if this was op then i can say what these tanks today are,,everyone cried its op its op but look what u have today smh..buldog was amazing

  10. Tbh i kinda Hate the new meta comparred to back in the day :/

  11. Ho i miss this one!!!!!

  12. omg, i forgot the max view range was a sqare

  13. I’d love to see an episode about Type 59 and how it evolved through the years, because a complete history of its nerfs and rebalances was something I could never find.

    Oh, and some Dragon’s Rigde gameplay would be interesting as well.

  14. old walker bulldog was like miracle of the five loaves and two fish story in bibles five shots at HTs and 2kills of spg still 3 shots left in mag

  15. Eyesun has played recently, his top 7 tanks played include 6 artillery lmao.

  16. Longbranch Olivetti

    I do miss the detailed mini map.

  17. They should give its autoloader back, the M41 currently as in game is really really bad, low HP, a crappy low alpha gun with meh DPM, its huge and easily gets outspotted by most other lights. I don’t think that autoloader now would make it anywhere near OP, just would make it interesting.

  18. Back when this game was still fun.

  19. Didn’t remember that mark of excellence are so old !
    M41 was OP but strangely I’ve never been frustrated by playing against this tank. So fun to see the game back in the days with all the old mechanics.
    And please WG bring back Stalingrad, Windstorm and Port 😉

  20. Pen a Tiger2 with standard shells with a light…good times

  21. I use to love this tank

  22. “People hated arty more ” is the understatement of the century. I had games where people lirterally teamkilled their arty cause they didnt want to play with that shit, and who could blame them. Arty was and to an extend still is a bad game mechanic.

  23. Stalingrad was a great map.

  24. I remember this version of the M41. Probably why I still have a place in my memories for the Bulldog, even tho I don’t really play it much.

  25. i remember when i got to the bulldog after grinding to it and i loved the autoloader…………..2 month later the gun was removed

  26. Actually. The best possible matchmaking would have been just 1 or 2 T8’s on either team and then maybe a T5 light on either team at the very bottom.

  27. global chat was fun

  28. Back in the day it wasn’t just a light tank. It was an assassin and it was so much fun

  29. they nerfed it way too much for tier 8

  30. Do you possibly have an old clip from the map where there was some building complex where if you parked something like a maus in it nobody would be able to get in or out?

    cant remember the maps name sorry.

  31. Sadly you cant Teamkill the arty anymore 🙁

  32. I was really hoping this year’s well deserved reward would be a super bulldog at tier VII, WG really missed the mark with their stupid KV-1Sa

  33. more?=KV1S+SPIC

  34. Thanks for this, loved it. Never played this tank again after they removed the 10 shot autoloader.

  35. Console got the 10 round auto loader back as a premium. It’s now tier 8 but has has +2/-2 mm. So effectively it’s the same tank and still is great fun. I hope WG also release it on PC in the future.

  36. Got my first Hall of Fame in this back then. With the auto loader. lol

  37. This still looks better than my game today lol

  38. As I’m no longer an active player in WoT. I’d like very much, to see more of this “nostalgic” content.
    It would also have me watching your vids again. Which I also once enjoyed a great deal.

  39. Is it just me who thinks the this map colors back them were more realistic that this “yellowishhh” sand we have now?

  40. I miss the days when there were no directives and only handful of premium consumables. Now it all seems too complicated to get back into…

  41. Man i miss stalingrad

  42. i think what the tiger was trying to say by “suck red pigs” is that he enjoys pork

  43. I’m 22 and looking back gush darn it this makes me feel old remembering play wot for many years

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