Before it was Nerfed – VK 28.01 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. During 2013 in updates 8.4 and 8.6 the was nerfed twice here’s some epic games from BEFORE in 20 when it was a MONSTER!



  1. I wish Wargaming could bring back World of tanks classic. Like they did a few years back when they powered on the older servers from way back when the game was fresh and new. I would much rather play that than the game as it is today.

    Love this old content!

  2. james andrew luego

    Oh yeah quickybaby, those were really the best days of WoT. The players were skilled thru playing alot, the tech tree tanks were awesome, the clan wars the best AND none of those premium tanks crap. I miss the early years of WoT(2013-2016)

  3. Arywangsa Adhiraka

    Would love to see those OP KV-1S replay’s qb

  4. What is the technical requirements to replay these games? I cant replay a 4-5 months replay file from my replay folders.

  5. Underrated T9 Soviet TD, please.. The infamous SU-122-54..

  6. I know many will say “hell no!”, but thing i miss the most is “Tab chat”.
    It made the game far more engaging for us who don’t mind a bit of toxicity.

  7. I would recommend op period of IS7, Type-59G and finally WF-100. 🙂

  8. God I haven’t played Wot in years but I was in FILO, great to see you remember us!

  9. Test_name Test_surname

    graphics look awful. How people played this in 2012 I cannot imagine

  10. Ahhh, Good old days, where WoT was fun to play rather than pay to progress i hope WG launch WoT Classic once again 🙂

  11. I really love this WOT :<

  12. Foch155

  13. what about hellcat it was so op you drove one you can single handedly destroy half of ennemies team easily

  14. Would love to see some ELC gameplay it is still my favourite tank

  15. This is great fun. I reminds me of when I started with WoT on Xbox before migrating to PC. Quite a difference that was.

  16. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    it was funny day’s, just find 1

  17. QB you should show people how absolutely broken the Japanese heavies were

  18. QB back then i seven better than me now XD.

  19. Autoloading bulldog or Sp1c!! Maybe Fv4202 T10? Og Hetzer?

  20. OI exp with old gun

  21. Some feedback is that this gameplay was kinda booring, but your talking helped it

  22. i wanna see again a wolfpack of type 59s 11 years ago

  23. In hoc signo vinces

    KV2, KV1S, Hellcat, T29

  24. Oh i miss the good old days of WoT. I had so much fun with that.
    I still remember the time when i one-shoted an IS-7 with a GW Tiger. Oh it felt so dirty. I actually apologized to the guy =)
    When you still could talk to the enemy team =(

  25. Stavros Kallimanis

    Pls do KV-1S mister quackybaby

  26. Hello mister QuickyBaby i really liked this video it gave me the nostalgic vibes and i want to see more of these tanks example: su-122-54, is4, the awful panther, kv-1s, wt auf E 100 ,t-50-2 and more i liked these tanks and i would be really happy if u would make a video of them 😀

  27. Don’t forget auf panther, tier 7 light tank at some point.

  28. YES Show the KV-1S!!! Also please show the old KV2 and some of the old TDs

  29. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    Back in day, VK28.01, T-50-2 and Chaffee have “weight point” same as tier VI and their stats nearly same as tier VI, and also: you will LOSE credit if you play them without premium day. They are considered the TOP tier LT back then and top tier always has bad economic coefficient.

  30. These old sfx hits hard on my childhood man, thank you for this awsome blast from the past!

  31. moreeee of that please

  32. Then to think, they get rid of OP tech tree tanks, then add OP premium tanks. Nice…

  33. talk about old times , I miss a lot of your old opening
    World of tanks with quickybaby

  34. Old maps which dissapeard and the old school Hellcat 😁

  35. 12:45 Give it a thumbs down XD

  36. I want to see the kv1s

  37. Oh yes, i want to see the kv1s replays

  38. You seem excited about games from vehicles that aren’t the same anymore from all those years ago, I’d be up for watching more

  39. Lets see some filthy WT E100, games.

  40. is-4 as a tier 9

  41. kv1s on Severogorsk or Windstorm would be a trip back memory line.

  42. In one of my battles (22.3-2017) I had 11.797 spotting dmg in this tank. Prokhorovka map…..

  43. Tristan Puttkammer

    Vk3601h in its original form as a medium with the special gun with higher damage on gold ammo.

  44. KV-2 or O-I

  45. Oh my, old Sand Riverm, times when SPGs were taking their last stand on A9 square xD
    Consumables nowadays are for sure more comfortable to play, but I think they also speed the game up. Back then almost every battle lasted at least 10 minutes. Today average battle time is probably somewhere near 5 minutes xD

  46. 3:04 quickybaby doing the quack sound involuntary :)))

  47. rayproductions backup channel

    i miss old world of tanks

  48. I do wanna see the wtf e100 with 6 round auto loader and with 150mm gun firing HE

  49. The sound when shots are fired…bring it back please!

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