Before it was Nerfed – WTF E 100 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

In 2016 update 9.15 of World of Tanks removed the Waffenträger auf E 100 here’s some epic games from BEFORE in 2014 when it was utterly overpowered!



  1. How long does it take you to find a decent replay in these series of videos? I imagine the list must be massive.

  2. You can still play it on console but you just dont see it all to often. I havent unlocked it so i have no clue what state its in

  3. This second map was my favourite

  4. Merry Christmas… I’ve had enough of them lmao! 🙂 🙂 thanks QB I do really appreciate your videos


  6. I prefer that tank over FV4005/FV215183 were u get one shooted …

  7. My best(or worst) memory of the WT auf is on the old Northwest map.
    7 Tier X heavy tanks too afraid to go push one the lower path because of that monster.
    I, a stock tier VIII Tiger II said f-it, I won’t be able to do anything either way, wrote in the chat that I will tank the shots, just push with me.
    I went out, the first shot tracked me, then three more finished me off, but we were able to push trough and win.
    0 dmg, 500 spot, with my 5x xp booster.(it was a sunday)
    You guys remember the time WG gave a 5X first win bonus every sunday?

  8. The only thing it was good for was horror, it was an amazing effect when you poked straight in front of the WT 100, complete brown trouser moment and you where so happy to just get away.

  9. Oh please there are more broken tanks now a days then this WTF E100

  10. South Coast was the sh%t.

  11. I miss South Coast

  12. If you are interested. I can provide you an account in the chinese server which has access to this tank in a nerfed state. Spoiler alert, it is NOT performing well due to HE shells lol.

  13. Do a video on vanished maps that you might want to see back in the game

  14. I love this whole line. Have you guys played the Pz.Sfl.IVC? That thing is a monster. However, by the time I reached tier X, this tank was already replaced…..I never played it… the Grille 15 though.

  15. South Coast Miss the Map was fun and pain in the ass

  16. This is sooooo nostalgic, the tank sounds, the graphics and the gun sounds were the best in my opinion. Wish they would run a server with any pre 9.14 version of the game lol.

  17. I would like to see an EBR running arround WT or any other tier X LT.Because back in days there were only tier VIII LT,and that ia the reason why WT auf E100 wouldnt be OP

  18. It’s good to see old versions of maps old fisherman’s bay was more fun than new version especially for mediums in mid so many ridges to play old steps was better before camping locations added in northern base some maps that were removed ate better than a lot me still have

  19. Loved that TD, both in my hands and when meeting it, HE did wonders against that tank 🙂 I hated WOT for removing it and convert to a Grille 15 baah tank I hardly play. Then they continued to destroy the Foch 155 too….

  20. I really miss South Coast. Never played it, but everytime I see it it feels like we don’t have nothing like it’s atmosphere in the game… Also old Ui was great with those invicible spotts you neeede to get pushed into, at least to view.

  21. My dad’s still a little mad because he worked for this and they took it out but I understood why they took it out but if they could find a way to balance it bring it back for those who had it

  22. Given current state of wot wg could bring the wt e100 back and it’d be fine. There so many other busted tanks now it wouldn’t stick out all that much. Yeah it’s burst was hellish but it’s not only tank like that now and it’s weaknesses were so bad it’s easy prey and it’s even more vulnerable now compared to then, gold, heat spam, snipers, poor camo, slow, large, horrid turret, ebrs, op tanks etc…… It’s sole advantage is burst dmg now and that’s not even special anymore. If anything it would come into wot weak.

  23. The time when people knows how to use consumables at the right time, because you can only use them once per game.

  24. Most of the maps that were removed, I really liked. Were they really so bad? I would take South Coast, Northwest, Severogorsk, Port etc over Minsk, Empire’s Border, Fjords etc any day.

  25. This máp looks better than Minsk and that new map( dont know name)

  26. Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas to you QB and to your community!
    What a nice retro memories recover video, you brought us today! 🙂 Thank you for that!
    That WTF-E100 was the enbodyment of the terror back in the day, not compared to anything today in WoT.
    And this South Coast map..! How many hardbreaking battles back there. The TD’s paradise!

  27. 16:40 The first game I ever saw of yours Quickybaby was you defending this spot in a T95 many years ago. Thanks for all the fun videos ever since. Have a great Christmas 🙂

  28. To be honest, I would like to play this version of WoT than the actual one…

  29. now there r so many toxic tanks like Buras, Progeto, VZs, EBRs it is time to brig back WT auf 100

  30. I believe on our days of WOT now, this tank wouldn’t fit as well as the old times ,in the game.

  31. Thanks for sharing. I just started playing shortly before it got removed. Merry Christmas!

  32. Back in the day when I was playing my AMX 13 90 light (at tier 8, with 6 clips in the magazine) I loaded HE and bloody destroyed a WT E 100 from full HP. It was one of the best feelings back then, to pen that paper thin “armor”. Too bad I could not enjoy the WT E 100. When I got there, they’ve changed it to the Grille 15.

  33. I miss this tank wish it was in the game again and all the older maps why they wont bring them back is kinda sad always play on the same 5 maps now a days

  34. You forgot it’s biggest ennemy at the time… the Death Star. One clapped WT100 for breakfest

  35. I once bounced an entire gold magazine from this thing with my Vk45B
    It was nice

  36. Although very scary i loved facing these in a 183 even getting very lucky and one shot a few of these

  37. Ahh yes the Alien Queen, good times

  38. i do miss south coast

  39. We need more of these nostalgia videos QB!

  40. AMX 13 90 as tier 7?

  41. Question: is WT E100 which can do 3360 damage in 10 seconds but takes 50 seconds to reload more OP or the VZ 55 which dose 980 damage in 2 seconds and will be ready again in 22 seconds more unbalanced?

  42. I miss my waffletractor…it was so pleasant to just shred through enemies….nerfs? Pff, Waffletractor ignores your nerfs and kills everything. Until they nerfed it into deletion…meh..

  43. I haven’t played WoT since around the time the WTF E-100 was introduced. It just feels like news to me: You can use medkits and repair kits multiple times? South Coast is gone? Crew 2.0? Equipment 2.0? Arty nerf? WTF is all of this?

  44. they need to bring this tank back into the game

  45. Oh, I remember… 🙁 I was grinding my way up to the WT auf E100 and was on WT auf Panzer IV when they took him away… I was sooo sad! Was my Dream-Tank. No Blueprints back then to accelerate, just grinding. Way too easy now. People don’t learn to play their tanks anymore.

  46. It’s a trap 6th sense was a master piece!

  47. just wondering do u looseall rour prium aamo if you get ammoracked? the onre where youyre turret flies of?

  48. That second map – Coast, was brilliant.

  49. i remember grinding this tree then having fun playing it just for WOT to take it away and say sorry here’s a Grille…

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