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  1. Remember guys You can take down pretty easy the chat 2c with one shot with the 75mm of the Panzer IV, 76mm of the T-28 or almost gun above 3 inches 🙂

  2. we need @Tacomarauder to comment already!

  3. Can you do an video on the crusader aa mk1

  4. France fell because of the war fatigue of the politicians and commanding officers. Otherwise there was soldiers that fought very admirably and there was designs getting drawn up and built that would have been very potent.
    Like did you know oscillators were already getting drawn up around the time of WWII?

  5. I will forever play low tier and keep commenting that I do because I love it so much. Keep up the awesome videos

  6. Day 10: use the M6A1 again

  7. hey phly, please take out the chinese cm11 and f100—attempt 004

  8. aside from tiers they could also add eras

  9. I have an idea for WW1 vechles. There should be a separate tree just for WW1 and games for only WW1, so ww2 and ww1 don’t cross over cause I feel that will ruin it. Plus this leys gaijin do BRs based on the ww1 vechles them selves and not comparing to the vechles already In game

  10. There is American English. And then there is Phly English.

  11. Underneath the metal shell, a tank is filled with a dense carbon and liquid filled layer. Dotted here and there, this fleshy man armor doesn’t just stop projectiles that enter the hull, but also operates the vehicle 😀

  12. That M3 was a boss.

  13. Talking about adding WW1 tanks and I remember when talking about heat FS possibly being added for ground battles

  14. I was literally watching Fly Boys and the Red Baron lastnight. I wished they would add WW1 planes and tanks

  15. Guy watch out for the scammer they use the @phly_daily name and tell you that you just win the big give away

  16. I love how a Polish lake covered with ice can support 70 tons of French military engineering

    I love War Thunder

  17. I don’t know why this one is 2.3 while the derp premium is 1.7, the he shell can at least 1 shot anything in the game lol

  18. Please use the trumpet!!!

  19. Riddle me this, what if I put my hoodie up, and laid down on the ice with my arms and legs out

  20. Day 10: play ikv-91-105 and saab 105G combo

  21. We need WW1

  22. its INTERwar

  23. Phly, just phyi. 2m is more like 6’8″

  24. attempt number 2 please play battleship duilio

  25. Radlerstriker🐣

    Fun fact: if you got the timing just right you could steal the Lossing team’s behemoth on the French maps in battlefield 1. I did it several times back when I could play the game decent

  26. Laughable to compare to the maus

  27. 💖 Fun-Sized Femboy 💖

    What is the 60 degree angled penetration of a 450mm human bean?

  28. *Drives a train in the middle of open ice and gets hit”
    Phly – How did he hit me ?!?!?!?

  29. You just see Gajin add fricken a variety of zeppelins in the next update

  30. The french ww vehicles all look like france just wanted “to be special” and do things “different”

  31. Can you play the new churchill mk4 na!
    Its very special as it has APHE in the british tree!

  32. 2c bIS UNSTOPPABLE. 2c Everyone kills it first 🙁

  33. 12:44 killcam had some issues

  34. Day 4 of asking for a different tank class masterclass

  35. When are you gonna play the yak38m

  36. I love this video! With the Battlefield 1 soundtracks in the background while talking about the Char C2 which is a behemot in Bf 1 is lovely!

  37. Phly, keep an eye, on my last comment on the f104 video there is a reply by a scammer, delete it, and advice people

  38. 2c dont fit in WT

  39. Airships confirmed 2023!

  40. Erik B. Grosschmid

    low tier fun tier xdd best phlideo I’ve seen in a long while

  41. please WW1 stuff will be amazing

  42. good history in the beginning phly

  43. Play archer

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