Bellissimo! – P.43 TER

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Source: Circonflexes

your here: !


  1. Sweden vs England

    My bet on Sweden

  2. Arty = Spazzatura

  3. Soap Rocks! Get your Soap Rocks here!

  4. Circon->Bamboozling T25 AT->Bamboozeled

  5. Hi I’m lil Timmy, when is the new stream highlights coming ?

    Please i can’t watch ur streams 🙁

  6. I watched this live!
    Soap rocks at D6!

  7. 99.666 subs
    Go circon go go go
    Circon be good

  8. That Ammo rack damage at the end tho.. saved Circon

  9. TheGamingWolf252

    I love learning what to do and what not to do with uncle circon.

  10. It’s kinda weird to read a title in Italian from Circon ?

  11. I think i did a pretty good job of explaining most of my thought process here, so i hope you enjoy the video a little bit more then usual! <3 Have a nice weekend! : )

  12. Thanks mate was the first time I have been able to get on and watch live and it was great.

  13. I like that you’re keeping track of the amount of time you get arty, top tier etc… maybe then wg will know they fucked up one again.

  14. Nice! Love games like this, way more fun than just rolling over the enemy for 8000 dmg

  15. good commentary on ur doing..very helpful

  16. I hate to do this, but I must say that Arty did a good job there. Proper kill securing, could actually defend themselves and relocate when needed. Lowe also did the best decision by not rushing after he cleared hill, although he made a mistake after that by following circon when T-34 was last spotted in south.

    Circon got lucky in the end but he earned it. However, I think he should have went for a shot and ram since he was not moving and he’s way heavier and more armored in front I think.

    • Only by 5mm frontal armor IIRC, and it would’ve been a pretty low speed ram. Tbh if I was the Lowe I wouldn’t want to be left alone against a tier 6 medium. The Lowe is too slow and the dpm is too low to fight mediums at close range

  17. what is the mod that lets you see the effective armour thickness i wanted to contact support and see if it is legal on NA

  18. You are hell of a tank player Circon. I take my hat off to you.

  19. Can we nerf Circon? He is too good! XD

  20. The Peter tenk ???

  21. what a game… and it’s not even your best of 2018

  22. jean-pierre rojas

    Daam this game !!!! gg circ

  23. justin santiago

    “stay awhile and listen” only hots players will get it

  24. 100k is clooose <3

  25. Hate this tanks gun. Bounces and misses

  26. @Circonflexes definetely morr enoyable!

  27. Fuck all the lubricated rocks in this game

  28. Yes yes.. well played Circon and Lurva driver.

  29. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Lowe took the hill and had a good score but seemed to almost throw the game near the end. Hard to tell.

  30. Michael Garofalo

    That was insane, alsome job Circon !!!! Very Enjoyable

  31. Circon what recording software do u use?

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