Berlin Trio – First Impressions – IS-2 – Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

First impression of, first game in, the IS-2.

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  1. Irish, thanks a lot, I love your reviews because unlike some big youtubers
    I have no doubt about your objectivity. I like them because you are not
    playing on press accounts with pimped up crews etc (No it is not a shot a
    Jingles, I respect Jingles and trust him, … as for few others, ehm not so

    IS-2 or IS-6? IS-2 wins hands down. One reason: crew with a first free perk
    and rate of learning as fast as the female crews from missions. That alone
    is worth more than a tank. In that respect all those Berlin premiums are a
    bargain. Especially for players who refuse to pay for a premium account
    (like I) and thus their crews rarely have more than two full perks.

    Having said that I am not buying any of these though. I keep telling myself
    to stop spending on this game … and I just spent 50USD on 12K gold for WoWs
    and bought Atlanta (epic) and Albany (epic fail but still fun).

  2. Procrastinator7

    Nice game and great preview by the way! I think I will get the trio pack,
    especially if this thing is newbie-friendly. I haven’t played many heavy
    tanks yet, I have played the Churchill, the Excelsior and the
    Durchbruchswagen 2 (not really a heavy tank) and I have the TOG II and T14
    but I haven’t played them yet (I had to get them before they’d disappear).
    The Soviet line of heavy tanks is usually recommended to newbies with so
    maybe it’s time to start that line.

  3. Procrastinator7

    Now that all of you blue+ player have your Ace Tankers it will be almost
    impossible to get one next week :)

  4. Hey irish nice video, I also uploaded an is2 ace, this tank is a good one
    to crew train in.

  5. Procrastinator7

    I did a closer comparison of the Chinese IS-2 vs this premium IS-2 in Tank
    Inspector and there are some differences. Visually they are almost
    identical yes but the Chinese version only has 90 mm front hull armor (and
    no 120 mm strip, not that it matters…) and with the sloping of the armor
    the difference becomes 20 mm effective.
    The side of the Russian tank is 10 mm thicker too (100 vs 90) but it’s not
    sloped so the difference isn’t that huge, unless you angle it of course.

    The gun mantlet area is quite different too. On the Russian almost the
    entire area of the gun mantlet is only 100 mm spaced armor. The Chinese
    mantlet is also 100 mm spaced armor but the hole behind the gun mantlet is
    much smaller so it’s more likely that you will hit another 90 mm regular
    amor if you shoot the gun mantlet.

    • +Procrastinator7 and the chinese 122mm performs much worse than the russian
      122mm, the main reason i disliked the tank, even though i liked the IS.

    • +osirish chinese IS-2 /premium IS-2 has worst accuracy on the move/traverse
      and its slower acceleration then the regular IS 🙂

  6. Dave Pawlikowski

    That KV got a Steel Wall for sure!

  7. Procrastinator7

    I’m really itching to buy the trio pack but I don’t know if I should… I
    like to have premium tanks to train crew and stuff but at the same time I
    already have a ton of them and I never seem to play them. Also, these are a
    bit too high tier for me. I’m only playing up to tier 5 currently except
    for arty but then again I will reach higher tiers eventually… decisions,

    • +Procrastinator7 Cromwell is rendering at the moment and should be up in
      about 15 mins, Rudy is being made at the moment, should be about 2 hours
      away. Spoiler alert! … all three are great tanks. I wasn’t expecting them
      to be, especially after the T-34-85M, and they are copies of tanks in-game
      … but they surprised me.

    • Procrastinator7

      +osirish Yep, I’ve already seen Quickybaby’s reviews of the tanks.
      Especially the Cromwell B is crazy, but then again in Quickybaby’s hands
      any tank looks OP.

  8. Procrastinator7

    According to Tank Inspector the front armor is only 100 mm but there is a
    very small strip of 120 mm at the very front of the tank! The turret ring
    is also 120 mm by the way.

    • +Procrastinator7 Historically, the whole upper front plate on the IS-2 was
      a 120mm single sheet, according the WG themselves, but in-game, it is
      100mm. I had to mention it, or risk being too enthusiastic!

  9. Horst Günther Ludolf

    its a quit good deal. iam one of these guys who thinking of buying an IS-6.
    but these tank only costs about 17€ compared to 37€. + u get 1 skill crew
    and the 5times special mission. so u can powerleveling a nice crew. i did
    this with my fury crew and it was amazing how fast it got 3 skills. was
    absolutely worth it.
    also i think its a big plus to get regular MM. so i can play with friends
    in standard tanks. fighting against tiers higher than u are, gets u much
    more XP. so the XP-farm-rate should be as high as the IS-6.

    • +Horst Günther Ludolf Yes. I can’t fault the tank. I thought it was just a
      copy, and technically, it is, but I found myself liking the tank a lot even
      though I didn’t expect to.

  10. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    How many times are you going to make me say this? First game. Ace tanker. I
    hate you. 😉

    Too bad you can’t review the new ISU. That one seems interesting.

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