Best Allied Gun in Game! M10 Achilles – War Thunder 1.53

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. I want the cruiser because like you said i love playing it and i want to
    have it

  2. good video, looked like a good time too

  3. i want the tank cuz i cant buy dollars here in my country (argentina) xD,
    so i cant get it by myself :P

  4. BARON! I love you…


  6. I thought you said you were going back to RB… AB is shit please get out
    of it :(

  7. What should I play next from 1.53?

  8. I want the British Cruise Mk II because you are giving it away.

  9. If you want to win a Cruiser Mk.II British premium tank…just let me know
    why you want one.
    You also still have a chance to win one using the instructions in this

  10. #prayforparis

  11. I want a cruiser because I do not have any premium vehicles and it seems

  12. I want the British cruiser Mk 2 because I got no money to buy it

  13. The old man needs a new old tank, sir if you please?

  14. “It is a British tank”
    Welp, time to wipe that off my list of tanks/planes that I will never buy

  15. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    I want it because it’s beatiful, fast and powerful so I can have fun :)

  16. Jai “FARMERdoesTANKS” Farmer

    I’d love the cruiser because the british tanks are closest thing I have to
    Australian tanks. Thanks baron!!

  17. I wish i had the cruiser so i could transport large amounts of the finest
    tea in my armored tea cup trough the battlefield to drink it with me old
    chaps and m8s

  18. Hate arcade ….

  19. 25th

  20. i love the british tanks , i play wot and the british tanks are one ob the

  21. I want the cruiser MkII so I can consume large amounts of tea whilst using
    the 2Pdr fruit cake launcher to attack the unenlightened axis

  22. Paddynoid Tradanoid

    I would love this tank because I had family who actually used this tank in
    the Second World War, or at least a variation of it. Therefore I would love
    to play in the same tank that my grandfather fought in, and at least have a
    glimpse of what it was like to be him

  23. B17 low flying ! :D

  24. Liam the dark angel.

    “It’s wonderful, it’s British” as pretty much everything we make is.

  25. i want the cruiser is that i dont need the tog II’s space to drink my tea

  26. I would like to have the cruiser so that I can do stuff with it and brag to
    my friends about it

  27. I want it because I’m still in their 3 and its nice to have it

  28. I want it because I’m still in their 3 and its nice to have it

  29. I want the cruiser cause it is on of the sexiest tanks I have ever seen

  30. I want the Cruiser mrk II because who doesn’t? I would buy it myself but I
    am dirt poor :(

  31. I really want this Cruiser, because it cruise so well !!

  32. because I’m batman

  33. I want the tank cuz I’m British and only a brit can use it to its full
    caperbility govan.

  34. hey baron, i’d love to have the cruiser mk 2, so everytime i kill something
    i can sing rule brittania and have some tea and biscuits 😉
    and love the videos, greetings from belgium :)

  35. i wand it becous it britichs

  36. I want the British Cruiser Mk.II because I love British war history. When
    GB was staying alone in the war ageinst Germany in 1940-1941 you
    understand. They where alone, to fight Germany still they was strong enogh
    to wait for US and Russia to help. It is a fantastic story, and I would
    love to get my hands in this early war tank from GB.

  37. i want the cruiser cause i just want to freaking cruise al the entire map
    with that 40mm gun m8
    Greetings from Argentina chap!

  38. i want it becouse i dont have so many tanks. it would be awesome to
    have:D:D:D PLS

  39. i would want one becuase i spent all my money on a used laptop and my
    family is poor

  40. I would like to have the cruiser cause my dad is british and my mom is
    german…. I have allready Got my German Tanks but i still dont have the
    brits :(

  41. I want the queen cruiser because I’m the queen’s slave and she wants a new

  42. So victorious and glorious

  43. I want The Cruiser MkII,because it is one of the First british Tanks

  44. I want the cruiser because I’m british, I want to be patriotic whilst
    drinking tea, and I can’t wait for the next patch

  45. ayyyylmaooo can I have one cruiser?

  46. I have only one premium aircraft and no premium tanks. I would like the
    British Cruiser because honestly i cant afford anything! I am not the best
    tanker in war thunder, but having the Cruiser would amplify my tanking
    ability by a factor of 2 billion! (that is my Donald Trump reference)

  47. Pe8 – the russian fortress!Also i would love me some tea-makers!

  48. I require a cruiser so that I may participate in the act of “flanking and
    spanking”, for the queen of course

  49. why I would like a M10 Achilles. For the QF 17 pounder :D

  50. I want the cruiser because its a tank XD

  51. Why do I need the Mk. II. Well that story started when I was just a little
    lad. I was having my mornin’ tea and havin’ me a crumpet when all of the
    sudden a German fellow busted into my house and kidnapped me mum. I was too
    little and weak to do anything then, but I swore to the Queen that I’d have
    my bloody revenge. Please support me and getting my revenge by giving me
    the Mk. II so I can go save me mum and give her some tea. Many thanks and
    God Save The Queen!

  52. Rens van der Hoeven

    The Mark IV A13 Cruiser Mk. II seems like such a fun and good tank, That’s
    why I want it.

  53. are you having trouble with the ground forces in the new warthunder update?

  54. I want the British Cruise Mk II because i love the britz and never bought
    GE so its hard to advance in this game

  55. i want a cruiser so i can drive it in a circle in spawn the entire match

  56. Team battles with british tanks plz! My fav battle is the team battles like
    when you and Phly did the flatpanzers.

  57. I want a cruiser because I really like tea and what is better than having a
    Moving tee kettle while playing War Thunder

  58. I want the Mk II because why not !!

  59. Did you know that qf tank guns stand for quick fire?

  60. I want one

  61. i don’t mind to have the M10 Achilles as a gift because i have much more
    important things to spend on my hard earned money 🙂 btw i love your videos
    keep them coming

  62. I’ve been playing warthunder for 3 years, I live in London and well I want
    to kick ass British style. See it’s unfair that the Russians get vodka and
    I believe this is why the play crazy ( and good ) and so with a cup of joe
    the British will destroy the German bear lovers with grace from her

  63. Baron Tiger II(p) wanna see this tank pls!!!

  64. +BaronVonGamez i cant afford a premium account so i have to deal with
    grinding for months just for one vehicle so it would be titties cool if i
    could get one of the brit mk.2s

  65. Hey baron don’t you have the M8a1 from the event from last year?

  66. I would like a cruiser so I can boil my tea whilst shootin dem Germans.


  67. Baron why should I get a tank ? i’m just love blowing shit up ! however I
    suck becouse i love to lead into the battle. Lots to learn just need a good
    tank to start Cheers from the white cliffs of kent, Blighty

  68. When i looked at a documentary about el alemein i truly realised how the
    crusader was so bad

  69. Respect to Paris from Hungary!

  70. i want a premimum tank in game can i have the {Cruiser Mk.II}. Reason=im
    guy from iran i love ur channel, love warthunder but cant pay for golden
    eagles or buy the preimum packs cuz iran dont have that shit to do pay
    pal!! stuff so ill lookin forward to get one those MK.ii again love u baron
    do some tiger ii :XXX (my bad english ^ ^)

  71. I hate the new advance on Rhine map its unplayable when everyone spams

  72. please baron the British tanks all cost money and I don’t have any I am
    10.the British tanks are the best that’s why they won the war.

  73. for Britain donate to me yeah baby!

  74. i think that the british tanks are brrrrtischly engineerd anf they areeee

  75. Baron, I know everyone has a reason to get one of these cruisers and its
    just a small chance, but I’d like to add my comment. I attend a military
    college, and as such the updates often get blocked from downloading and I’m
    preventing from playing the game with friends for months at a time. I’ve
    played war thunder for awhile and its really disappointing to not be able
    to play for something like that. having the British cruiser mark 2 would be
    a great way to finally get back into the game again (been month and a half
    now) and I’m really excited about the new British tanks. love the content,
    carry on good chap!

  76. IvanDoesRandomStuff ivan

    Plz i need it its cool

  77. He says leave a comment and get a tank. Where’s my tank Baron? Where is it?

  78. i want a cruiser because i would rather win one in a contest then buy one.
    im not going to be one of those guys who try and get sympathy i want you to
    know that i have more than enough money to buy one myself but i would like
    to win one. it would be much more rewarding to win it

  79. #prayforparis

  80. U know whats make me happy when i pen the Bt-7s with my beutiful 40mm on
    his face XD bloody op=Cruiser Mk.II

  81. I want the Cruiser mark 2 to rek in arcade!

  82. The British accent though XD

  83. baron i would enjoy a cruiser because i have no good tanks and i really
    cant experience the greatness of warthunder’s amazing realness i hope you
    pick me thanks

  84. T o kill people with the british accent

  85. the reason I want the cruiser is for the sake of Tea and tanks. Meh old
    chap, get one for the lads.

  86. tits m8 giv cruiser

  87. Well. I’m sittin’ ‘ere with me cuppa, an’ I jus feel like a Cruiser would
    not be too shabby in me collection. Pretty smashing tank overall mate, with
    a spiffing 40mm gun, right?

  88. Why would the Queen be proud when there was a King and a Queen Mother? 8^)

  89. TiberiousThe Labrador

    i want one because it is op as fuck.

  90. I would like the premium british tank because my grandad was a British tank
    commander in the Second World War and I want to see what it was like for

  91. i want the a13 mk II because i always play agresive maybe a little to and i
    cant really find a fast tank with a realy good gun
    accept te m41a1 but that has just to bad armour you get killed within the
    first two shots

  92. I like tea and crumpets, they are just smashing. Also tank would be nice

  93. i want the cruiser as i am British and as a professional British person i
    believe that tank can only be driven correctly by a British person

  94. I want the cruiser so I can squirt the finest British tea on the Krauts
    with the glorious 40mm, drowning them in pure ecstacy.

  95. Hey Baron ! I’m French and i live in Paris. I was between Bataclan and
    Charonne when it begins. It is chaos here and everybody is going crazy !! I
    heard people screaming and crying it was terrifying. I watched your videos
    and it makes me smile 🙂 Thank you for what you’re doing you’re my Favorite
    youtuber ever 😉 Thank you Thank you thank you again for making me smile
    while i thoutgh everything were going down 🙂 Don’t pray for us because we
    don’t need more religion we’re tired of this shit. But thank you so much
    for the support everyone !! We will never forget/forgive 13-11 as you do
    for 9-11 where you lost more than we lost last night. I love you all <3

    Ps: we will do our mourning and then we will rise as one stronger than ever

  96. becues i love it

  97. I would like a Cruiser Mk 2 because have absolutely no prem anything also
    because I’m a huge fan of British tanks. I do love cruisers and crusaders
    so if I got a Mk 2 I would be very very very happy thanks baron love your
    vids by the way

  98. Music “For” Hell

    I want the cruiser Mk. II because I want to destroy those bloody germans
    and russians

  99. Estion Terrariagaming

    I wish I could have the cruiser so I could add it to my collection of tea
    transporters and add the crew to the chaps so they can also have tea, plus
    I am poorer than I need to be so I need a tank that’s fun and amazing.

  100. Play the pe-8 next and I would like a cruiser 2 because it’s a cruiser and
    it would be a good start for the cruiser line

  101. Because it’s dam British just need this!

  102. Am I one of the only people who is waiting for the Tetrarch to be added for
    the Brits?

  103. Harry Vaughan-Johnson

    Pray for Paris?????? like for a prayer

  104. the third best tier 2!!

  105. I want a Cruiser because I love collecting things and I am on a quest to
    own most premiums in War Thunder but it’s pricey due to ZAR/USD exchange

  106. What I found interesting about the British tanks are how robust but few
    designs they made…. maybe were they were more focused in the air.

  107. I would like this tank because I like the game and would like to have the
    experience of using a British tank.

  108. The cruiser mk 2 looks awesome with such a high velocity gun at that low
    tier, can’t wait for some non premium vehicles to come out

  109. +BaronVonGamez u should play whit the is 4 for stallin ,

  110. I want the cruiser because it makes me moist

  111. I would like the cruiser because I don’t have any other premium tanks :'(

  112. bit off topic how much do ship slots cost on warships real money ?

  113. Supreme Leader Snoke

    i want the cruiser mark ii, because its british. do i have to say more? :D

  114. I need the Achilles because that gun sounds AMAZING!!!!!

  115. I would like ze cruiser because I am British also tits m8;D

  116. I want the cruiser because I can take it out in RB with my British premium
    Havoc. Plus maybe you could do that load out in a video?

  117. I have been watching your videos for quite some time now, starting with the
    Ju88 secret mission! You even persuaded me to start playing WT. So yes I’d
    like to call myself a lad. That’s why i should get the British cruiser Mk.

  118. I would think that i want because i am british and live in germany and Cant
    See any real steel ones in bovington or so

  119. I need the cruiser mark II!! British design superior!

  120. Awesome youtube channel !! Play with me war thunder mr baron :)

  121. I’d love an A13 Baron cos nothing raises morale more than knowing you have
    the firepower to crush the enemy but you can also provide tea for your
    entire team at the same time. Let me have one and i’ll make you a cuppa!

  122. pls may a have the British tank because my great granddad drove one

  123. Watching baron trying to ammo rack tanks when he is firing AP shell is like
    surviving cancer… srsly you need HE filler in your shell to ammo rack a
    tank as Gaijin said many times, welp if you look at all of his kills, none
    of them were ammo rack

  124. I want a cruiser so i can shoot a KV-2 in the side ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  125. I want a british tank cos you ar awesome and put this on the vidio

  126. What better way to drink tea with milk than in a bloody tank? For the
    Queen, and other gibberish like that

  127. Baron, I’d love to have the Cruiser Mk. 2 in WarThunder because my
    favorite, by far, low tier tank in World of tanks is the Cruiser Mk. 3, the
    Mk. 2’s brother. Not only that, but my very first tier 10 in WOT was the
    British tier 10, the FV4202. As for WarThunder, Britain is one of my
    favorite air forces to play as and I would love to have some British armor
    to have alongside my Spitfires.

  128. baron take out the black prince :-)

  129. I would love to have the Cruiser Mk.II because it will help me prep For the
    Cruisers that they will soon add, That and the British tanks are just so
    damn beautiful to look at and enjoyable to play in, i just like the British
    cruiser series more than any tank kind that i know of, that and the 17
    ponder is amazing with the sound that they added with it, its just

  130. Hey Baron, i would love to have a British tank because, 1 the gun is
    amazing, 2- i just got laid off work for the winter and am not allowed to
    spend money on the game for awhile!.;. keep the great videos coming…

  131. I want it because titty fish!!!!

  132. It’s those surprise butt sex 17 pdrs I love da MOST!

  133. British tanks are just smashing

  134. I hate British tanks only tigers and t 34 85

  135. Oh tits mate I want that 17 pounda of pawnage I think it would just be
    wounsava! If you gave me that smashing cruiser mk.II, I want them Germans
    to hate me In all ways. Thanks for your awesome vids there so wounsava!

  136. I would like the cruiser so I can fire tea bags on ze Germans. Like your
    vids. Freedom!

  137. I would like the cruiser so I can fire tea bags on ze Germans. Like your
    vids. Freedom!

  138. I want the British tank simply because its… Wait for it… SMASHING

  139. i love british tank cause im a brit

  140. I want the Cruiser because I’m gonna need a crumpet carrier!

  141. AirProduction - Airbajan

    The Cruiser MK.II is an hell of a tank with the guns…can wreck any low
    tier tanks….that’s why I want it… Also I want I to bring hell to my
    enemies and bring glory to my team…lol xD

  142. I would like to get the british tank cuz its one of my favorite tanks in
    world war 2 and I have no money cuz I’m young.

  143. Well I played WarThunder for almost 1 year and half now, and I’ve waited
    the british tank tree for so long that now I’m super excited. The problem
    is that, those premium are a little too expensive for me and this cruiser
    is a beast in low tier, powerful gun, awesome armour, great mobility.. And
    if we play as good as you do we could easily defeat the enemy ( like you
    did in your Cruiser video). My brother already have a Cruiser but he’s
    actually in America (and I’m in France) and the only game we can play
    together is WT, so that would be fun if I could play in a Cruiser with him
    but I can’t.. Sorry for that long long boring story ^^” Keep doing that
    awesome work and make my days each time I watch your videos. Peace !

  144. I would like to have the cruiser so i could have a truly British tank.
    Think about the other 3.. 2 US tanks with a larger gun and a
    papertank/prototype… I would love a Matilda! (depending of BR.)

  145. I can’t wait for non-premium British tanks to come out. My squadron wants
    to add a British tank unit and I’d love to command the Cruiser.

  146. Aleksander Nikolai Dahl

    i just love it my dad don’t let me buy it and i love the tank

  147. Baron my love I wanted to have some scons and mushy pees with the queen but
    they say that is aleagle so this is the next best thing Hellos from New

  148. Well Baron I’ll put it like this. Either you give me the tank or You ain’t
    comin back to my forge again. I’ll kill a chicken and tell the whole
    village you did it. All of Riverwood will be gunning for your ass. Even

  149. The reason that I want the mk. 2 is so I can sip my earl gray tea and shoot
    the bloody Germans!!!

  150. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    cause british are the superior race even when im spanish

  151. for iam love british tanks pls i love them

  152. Sherman Firefly

  153. Baron, you like our accents. ha-ha have you ever visited England?

  154. I’d really like the new Cruiser mk. 2 because Her majesty’s dogs need to be
    taken for a walk and it would be a splendid vehicle for that.

  155. The queen orders you to give me the Cruiser mk2 or you will be put in the
    prison cells of Towern my dear chap :D

  156. The Yorkshire Gamer

    I would love the A13 because my great-grandad was the commander of one I
    believe as one of the British 8th Army under Montgomery.

  157. I want to make tea with my Cruiser Mk. II

  158. I would like to have a cruiser mk4 so I could use the boiling vessel. Seal
    clubbing while drinking tea just the way the Queen intended to!

  159. The reason I would Love a Cruiser MK. Because I used to live in Britain and
    I had always wanted an British Tanks in Warthunder I am a true Tanker I
    believe and Hope to bring some good fights to the battle. I love you baron
    I have watched all your video’s ?Your my favorite!

  160. I love the British tanks I think there amazing for there time they
    represented British engineering wich I found really interesting and how
    they came up with the designs

  161. I want the cruiser because i was really hype for the british tanks but
    idont have the money to get

  162. I want the Cruiser mk 2 to have a grinding vehicle when the british ground
    forces get released

  163. American tanks have their maneuverability Russian tanks have their armor
    German tanks have their precision and British tanks have their tea

  164. I feel like I am not worthy to drive the new British tanks, but if Baron
    wills it, it will be so!!!

  165. I would love to have a copy of the british tank. I have just started
    playing war thunder and have only focused on the planes so far so starting
    with a “new” interesting tank would be a cool way to start.

  166. cause i wanna be the first kid on my block to have one :)

  167. I want the mk.2 because I just like tanks.

  168. I would love the british cruiser mk2 because I never have spare money to
    buy any goddamn eagles and aboslutely LOVE THIS GAME. I know, not the most
    charming, but it’s the truth 😐 And british tank, been waiting for that
    ever since tanks came out

  169. I need to stab those wankers where it hurts, and stabbing wankers requires
    that I acquire a Cruiser with wanker stabbing abilities. You are in
    possession of a wanker stabbing Cruiser, Mr. Baron, and I insist that I
    take it off your hands and place it lovingly into mine.

  170. i want a cruiser because i dont have one.

  171. i love the cruiser becaus egen i Was a Child my father to a britich
    tank museum and the cruiser Was the first tank that i saw

  172. British tanks are fookin awesome mate.

  173. Thanks for doing my request baron thanks

  174. Why should i win this tank? well, my dear Baron, as a genuine London
    Cockney, I am the perfect candidate to play along with you and Phly and
    educate you both on talking proper English proper like…and what better
    than to do it in a British tank…regards old boy ;)

  175. the m3 grant was actually an american tank built to british specs

  176. I would like it pretty please with sugar on top as being a Brit, it would
    be spiffing to play whilst having my crumpets and a cup of ‘Rosie Lee’.

  177. +BaronVonGamez i wan’t the British MK ll because im very interested in WW2
    tanks and the MK.ll i one of my favorit tanks in WW2 Right behind the tiger

  178. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    I want a Cruiser Mk.II for the glory of Shrek.

  179. I want the cruiser Mk.II so I can rock the british flag proudly! It just
    don’t feel right on my american tanks :(

  180. austin germain-rees

    barons war thunder videos = bae

  181. I want a Cruiser Mk.II so I can save the Queen like God XD

  182. As I said on the other video, I only just started playing War Thunder (just
    over a week now) and would love a free British premium :D

  183. I want the cruiser because I don’t have any money and I want to blow many
    TANKS and PLANES with the high velocity fast firing 40 mm cannon.

  184. I love english tanks because they are one of the only european countries to
    have held out and their simply awesome 17 pound gun. My fav is the black

  185. +BaronVonGamez i would love to get this Cruiser Mk II because i love the
    speed of this Tank the british tanks themselve the guns and I had the
    Cruiser mk III in wot and I loved it (sry for Bad english)

  186. Jaroslav “Hooky” Jošt

    I realized I started brewing loose tea for myself few days after British
    tanks got released. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  187. couse the queen needs me Q(yes thats a bond reference)

  188. British made first tank get last tank tier in game-_-

  189. In my opinion the best gun was either the 90 mm gun or the 32pdr

  190. i gosta have it i need the british tanks

  191. Which one is better the sherman firefly or the m4a3e6/e8?

  192. I would love a British tank so I can drink my tea and play war thunder at
    the same time

  193. BaronVonGamez, because it is a cruiser tank. Need I say more.

  194. I would like the cruiser because want to recreate the North African
    campaign in warthunder.
    Account: Endertricity

  195. Because even though the Brits were a bit slow at building good tanks at the
    beginning of ww2 they still managed to build some of the best tanks back
    then- also! teapots!

  196. Syed Ataullah Hossain

    Pls do the British mk 2 cruiser I’m thinking of getting it but ineed to see
    how it works

  197. cant wait to see tanks like centurion mk 7/1 and cheiften mk6….man that
    thing is gunah have the best tank gun in the game as it DID in realife and
    the gun that armed NATO

  198. What ever happened to RB gameplay?? I thought we were done with this arcade

  199. I want a cruiser mk2 because it’s the closest i’ll get to having british
    tanks until the non premium tanks are released.

  200. I would love to have the Crusier Mk.2 because I would love to try out
    something new and kick ass doing so Thanks

  201. The cruiser is one of the most unique looking tanks! and is a bloody good
    one too. So i would love a cruiser in my collection :D

  202. i want it cuz tea kattle

  203. +BaronVonGamez i want the cruiser because its one of my favorite tanks but
    i dont have the money to buy it

  204. British blue blood black blood blue blood black blood bloody hell i need a
    bloody British tank ,it would be bloody jolly smashing ,hunting jerry

  205. i find it smashing cuz i can not afored it so be a lad and plz give it to
    me old chap

  206. +BaronVonGamez I want a cruiser because I’m eating scones and tea right
    now, playing war thunder and love British tanks #truepatriot . Other than
    that the way the British tanks look is unique a bit more blocky I guess.

  207. I do fancy good sir, I would absolutely love an A-13 Cruiser Mark II! It
    will be indestructible! British engineering I do say. It’ll destroy
    everyone at low tier. Those blimey Jerrys won’t stand a chance against my
    teapot shooting cannon made by the hands of Squire himself!

    If I do not receive a Cruiser Mark II, I will be forced to call upon the
    forces of Squidonia, and shoot you bloody wankers with my .44 service
    revolver given to me by Squire himself. Anyway, TALLY HO!

  208. David “madindie” Dew

    Baron, I will tell you about Matilda, where the name came from and song
    about her sung by Aussie diggers(soldiers) from the boar war to Afghanistan
    and all campaigns in between if you give me the “cruiser” I’ll even sing
    the song

  209. I dont want a cruiser i dont like british planes and i dont plan on playing
    them :/

    but perhaps you can tip my fancy into trying something other than russian
    cause the cruiser is “neat”

  210. I need the cruiser because my computer sucks and I need another tank to get
    meh going again wen I get a new computer. Plz understand my situation and
    know that a cruiser will be greatly appreciated.

  211. Oj Baron my Mate, I would like a Cruiser Mark 3 because I would rek
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    the blues and meet Ted Cruz. Hope the fuse on the cruiser doesn’t booz.

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  238. just would like a British prem

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  255. BaronVon For the win! Woohoo!

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    cruiser tanks the whole war. They would have been very helpful during the
    early campaigns like Malaya and Singapore to counter the weak Japanese
    armour. We did get Matilda II’s though to great effect in the Pacific,
    sometimes alongside Yanks, and for which I’m really excited!
    As soon as British tanks are released I will be trading the Fatherland in
    favour of King, Empire and Country!

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    gun, and the gun of the m10 is already fantastic

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