Best and Worst New Skills 🔴 All 35 Skills! | World of Tanks New Crew 2.0 Rework 2021 – Sandbox

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework Review, All New 35 Crew Skills Review and Explained, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 and Overview. Which New Skills are Good and Bad. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Announcement
03:06 Announcement details
04:15 Tactical Training Skills
09:35 Gunnery Training Skills
13:15 Technical Training Skills
16:30 Driver Training Skills
19:25 Operational Training Skills
22:30 Conclusion

Yesterday I gave you an overview of what this second round of testing for the Crew 2.0 has to offer, but today let's go all the new, 35 skills this system comes with. Which are good, which are bad? Hopefully we can answer to that question!

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Only new Crew action!


  1. Many skills that have a lot of potential to be very good, toooo good.. Which are your favorite and the worst ones in your opinion?
    Also, for better surfing, here are all the chapters:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:55 Announcement
    03:06 Announcement details
    04:15 Tactical Training Skills
    09:35 Gunnery Training Skills
    13:15 Technical Training Skills
    16:30 Driver Training Skills
    19:25 Operational Training Skills
    22:30 Conclusion

  2. I think the stealth and concealment skills will make some over powered builds. The torque skill seems pretty worthless

  3. Best Skill: Operational Intelligence
    Worst Skill: Radio Range

    Rossignal NA

  4. Richard Robin Paukson

    I’m not sure which of the new skills is best but an interesting one is “torque”. On heavy tanks or vehicles with bad power/weight it will practically be a permanent boost to mobility.

    Username: wartank9999
    Server: EU

  5. Best Skill: Operational Intelligence
    Worst Skill: Torque
    Name: risujumala
    Server: EU

  6. Best skill: BIA
    Worst skill: Torque
    Username: K0SKENK0RVA
    Server: EU

  7. Best skill: Operational Inteligence
    Worst skill: Torque
    Username: succath
    Server: EU

  8. so with someone who has less than 1500 games im screwed
    Best Skill: Being able to actually understand what is going on
    Worst Skill: The release of Crew 2.0

    Username: Bradley ando Anderson
    Server: Asia

  9. Best/most op skill(s) – all of the combined camo and view range ones.
    Worst skill: old guard.
    Username InfernoJack server EU.

  10. I think the best skill is thrill of hunt
    And the worst skill is rationing
    Nickname : honza_389
    Server EU

  11. Best skill: Ramming Tactics
    Worst skill: Old Guard
    Username: suckms
    Server: Asia

  12. Surely WG can’t make battles to end any faster?
    WG: Hold my -milking stupid gamers- booklet.

    Where is the SPY-skill? Maskerating as enemy tank till you shoot.

  13. Best Skill: Operational Intelligence
    worst Skill: Need for Speed
    Username: Sponge_bot_pl
    Server :EU

  14. Best skill: Operational Inteligence
    Worst skill: Torque
    Username: Geraj
    Server: EU

  15. Loris Marchignoli

    Best skill: bia
    Worst is for sure torque.
    Id: dogsoldier98
    Server: eu

  16. Most liked in the new system: Still Brothers In Arms
    Least liked in the new system: Torque
    BloodRave31 on NA Server
    With the camo and speed skills I want to see just how wicked the E25 can become!

  17. Best skill: Thrill of the hunt (medium tank wet dream)
    Worst skill: Need for speed
    Username: dragon2105
    Server: EU

  18. Best skill: Operational Intelligence
    Worst skill: Torque
    Peter2006P on the EU server
    Lots of people say these skills are the best/worst but really it is just facts.

  19. Best: operational intelligence
    Worst: radio range
    Server: EU
    Username: AbsoluteStuD

  20. Best skill: Stealth
    Worst skill: Torque
    Username: necrocz
    Server: EU

  21. Best skill: Anything that increases the camo/VR values of tanks (I recently started playing light tanks and boy o boy, when you shoot and flank players and they have no idea where you are is so fun/OP in my opinion)
    Worst skill: Old Guard (reducing stun by only such a small margin does not seem worth 10 whole skill points)

    Username: Mando_Kabazo
    Server: NA

  22. Best skill: Fighting Spirit
    Worst Skill: Quick Start

    If you want something to try with Crew 2.0, please make a super accurate FV4005 Stage II.

  23. Retropaintball clips

    35 skills to confuse players with! How many players aren’t gonna make fail crews now???

  24. Best skill: BIA
    Worst skill: torgue
    Username: sampleri91

  25. Best : BIA
    Worst : Torque

  26. Best: Operational Intelligence
    Worst: Torque
    Username: ExiledOblivion
    Server: NA

  27. Best skill : thrill of hunt cuz i can get rid of vstab with something else specially if it has good gun handling to begin with
    Worst skill : torque
    Server EU
    Username : bado3a

  28. Great video!

    Best skill: BIA (still)
    Worst skill: Torque

    Username: Cameron321
    Server: NA

  29. Best skill: Operational Intelligence

    Username: markovic_dm84 (eu)

  30. Best: operational Intelligence
    Worst: torque
    Name: XtRa_x
    Server: NA

  31. Stealth seems to be OP. I also dont like those snow balls. Top players dont need bigger help. Esspecialy in theris Ebolas and chieftains.
    Oldguard seems to be irrelevant skill.
    Reventoo, eu.

  32. Best: Operational Intelligence
    Not so good : Torque
    ASIA! HK

    Ther needs to be a cap for certain vehicles/vehicle types.

  33. Michael Treppelin

    thrill of the hunt perk is broke, hiden enemies not detected still tells you you hit them etc….

  34. Best skill – operational inteligence
    Worst skill – radio range
    Keep up the good work bro

    Eu server

  35. Best skill: situational awareness
    Worst: concentration

    Username: M1Abrams45
    Server: EU


  37. the most over powered skill would have to be intuition for the ability to switch shells fast and the most under powered skill is sound detection cause no one uses it Tiquan_12 NA server

  38. Best skill: BIA
    Worst skill: Torque
    Username: gbagaxx
    Server: EU

  39. Best Skill: Thrill of the Hunt. It might be overpowered, but it seems too good to not take.
    Worst Skill: Anything that improves mobility, concealment, and spotting through concealment.

  40. Michael Treppelin

    Best skill: Torque
    Worst skill: Operational Intelligence
    Username: The_Soldier105
    Server: NA
    i only say this cause Bobject is now a monster…. but besides the bobject yes OI is better all around.

  41. Best skill: Operational Intelligence
    Worst skill: Torque
    Username: gustakh013
    Server: EU

  42. OP skill: Fighting Spirit
    Worst skill: Torque
    Username: Styrfoem
    Server: NA

  43. Best skill BIA and worst is Torque

  44. Huuugggeee thank you for your commitment!

    Best skill: Brother in Arms still, it seems everything is more balanced now
    Worst skill: old guard, you would sacrifice too much by picking it and the effect is not so high
    username: Mattilovesbeer EU1

  45. Best new skill: Thrill of the Hunt
    Worst new skill: Old guard
    Sv: Eu

  46. For some reason this new system reminds me of system that is in War Thunder and I kinda like it. Now only we have to wait if it will break the game and go with the flow.
    For best and worst skill I don’t really want to guess because we have to try them first for specific tanks. There are multiple options suited for every single tank which I really like.
    Username: T_a_n_k__T_i_g_e_r
    Server: EU

  47. Best skill: Brothers in arms
    Worst skill: Torque

    I really wish WG nerfed EBRs and slowed down the pace of the game instead of wasting their time with this crap… All and all i feel like they are trying to fix something that works great already. Instead of small tweaks, they are destroying the current system to create bigger gaps between losing and winning teams during battle…

    Name: Jigglypaff
    Server: Ru

  48. Best skill: Operational intelligence
    Worst skill: torque
    Username: Grafophile
    Server: NA

  49. For WG to read:

    Best Skill: READING, example: Don’t touch things that are working / no one asked for being modified.
    Worst Skill: BORDOM, example: “Let’s mess up / fix things that are not broken or require fixing.

    IGN: Nenadc89
    Server: EU

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